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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 12 Project Runway Finale Recap: And The Winner Is

Dom Streater, Winner of Season 12 Project Runway

This past Thursday was the Finale Episode of Season 12 "Project Runway". I've recap'ed the entire season for and even did a fun Live Chat for the previous week's "Part 1 Finale". You can click HERE to read all about that. But back to the Finale: this was when the top four designers of the season got to show their collections at Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. The actual runway show (and judging) occurred last month on September 6th but it aired this past Thursday.
Heidi Klum--"Project Runway Season 12" Finale Runway Show, Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week
Finale Judges: (left to right) Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia of Marie Claire and actress Kerry Washington--Season 12 Finale Runway Show, Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week

So lets get to the Finale Collections, beginning with designer Bradon McDonald:

Bradon McDonald: FIDM Debut 2012 Graduate Bradon McDonald was the first one out and I wasn't surprised. His collection was pretty but screamed "older woman", and dated. The combo of the lame with the pick-up organza, plus his print--which looked like hands as opposed to flowers--seemed a little confusing. He was Tim's favorite (as well as the judges) so it was surprising that he went home and created this. It was a slight miss. But hey, he just began his fashion design career so I'm sure he's got lots ahead of him.

Lame Boca: I wasn't a fan of the look that first came out--the lame and organza ensemble (left). But I did like the look on the right. It was still a bit 66 year-old woman in Boca Raton at the Happy Hour...but I still liked it.

Oh No: These were my two least favorite looks from Bradon--the supposed "Unconventional Look" (left) and the "Tide Pods Washable Challenge Look". No and no. Here's a question: who is your woman Bradon? Because these two ladies are very different.

Justin LeBlanc: His Finale Collection was one of my favorites; it was sharp, directional, and very edgy. His 3D prints accessories were definitely a highlight.

Test Tube Couture: Justin's "Unconventional Challenge" look ivory gown made out of test tubes and his 3D prints shoulder accents was my favorite look of his.

Alexandria von Bromssen: I think Alexandria was the surprise of this season. When she came into the Los Angeles Casting that I judged (along with Tim Gunn), she was all things bubbly, Euro-kooky and so much fun. When she was on the show, she was anything but. I'm not sure what happened but the Alexandria who came into the castings wasn't the I-Don't-Like-Anyone Alexandria I watched on the show. But her Finale Collection was fantastic. I loved all her pants and the relaxed-chic look of most of her ensembles. It screamed "Heidi Klum" (no wonder she liked it so much!). Here is my least, and most favorite of her collection looks:

Unconventional Challenge Look (left) and Pant-fab: I thought that when she opened her collection with that "Unconventional Look" of hers, it was a miss; it looked like it didn't belong in her collection and seemed a bit "Fashion School-y". However, this look on the right was so chic, effortless and Paris/Berlin fashionista...If I was sitting next to her in a First Class flight to Frankfurt I definitely would have been like "You Go Girl!".

Dom Streater: Dom's collection was--by far--my favorite. From the first look out, I was like "done and done". The bouffant hair, the fab prints, the overall styling...I got who this woman was. She was hip, stylish, and a Gay Man's Bestie for sure. I LOVED it. If she didn't win this season--just from this Finale Collection--I would have been very pissed.

Resort Goddess: A look from Dom Streater, Project Runway Season 12 Finale, Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Lincoln Center.

My Favorite Look: I loved this printed jersey dress with plunging cowl back; it was effortless and oh-so-chic. If I saw this woman at my next Santorini Greece holiday, I would A) SCREAM, and B) Have her come to my table and have Ouzo!

Washable and Unconventional Fab: Dom's "Washable Look" (left) was EVERYTHING. This look was Oh-So-Fab and need I add, washable! And then, there was her "Unconventional Look" made of door hinges. One word: Wow.

Congratulations Dom!!! And by the way, besides the fact that her collection was great and deserved the win, she is the FIRST African-American Winner of "Project Runway"...You Go Girl!

Here is my RECAP of this past week's Finale Episode of Season 12 "Project Runway":

The End Is Here

The end is here—well, at least for this twelfth season of "Project Runway." Now, before I begin discussing this finale episode and my recap of the collections, I have to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who tuned in and joined me for the FIRST EVER "Part 1 Finale Live Chat" here on I had a blast during my "Nick Dishing on the Web" session, answering fan questions about the season and "Project Runway" in general. I really enjoyed it and hope we can do it again next season!

Time to DISH on the Finale
As of last week, there were five remaining designers—with Bradon and Dom having secured spots at Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week and three having to "fight it out" for the coveted third spot. As it turns out, there were going to be four designers showing. Alexandria and Justin were in and Helen (and her "caped crusader" girls) was out.

Washable Redux
Halfway through last week's episode, we had the introduction of a final challenge, the Tide Pods Washable Fabrics Challenge. The designers had to create a look using only washable fabrics. The challenge, however, was derailed as a result of Tim's unfortunate subway accident. During my Live Chat, I talked about how great this challenge was since I think it is so important for "high fashion" designers to think of using washable fabrics in their collections. This was brought to my attention this past Summer while doing events for my NV Nick Verreos dress line; I heard from LOTS of women who told me how important it was for them to have chic garments that they can actually throw in the wash. But during last week's episode, it was only introduced and then...nothing else about it happened.

Step Away From The Bouillonne
The beginning of this episode solved my "Can we get back to the Tide Challenge?" conundrum and immediately showed the Top 4 designers at Mood, picking their washable fabrics and going back to their Parsons Workroom to create their a "washable look that pops" as well as finish whatever they had to do in their collections. Tim checks in. Last week we got a glimpse of what Bradon and Dom were doing through their home visits but this time, Tim got more up close and personal. He LOVED what Bradon's collection was looking like; but I didn't so much. Bradon was mixing prints and while that could have turned out to be good...

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