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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2013 EVENING GOWN Portraits: The Good


Miss Universe Gown Fab: Miss Jamaica Kerrie Baylis and Miss Chile Maria Jesus Matthei--Miss Universe 2-13 Evening Gown Portraits
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It's Miss Universe 2013 time and all the contestants are in Moscow Russia for all the preparations, sightseeing tours, fashion shows and photo-op events surrounding the international pageant and all leading up to the Finals which will be televised LIVE on NBC and Telemundo on Saturday November 9th. The "Evening Gown Portraits" have been published on the website so you know what that means: time for my Review. Now, as you know (if you're a Beauty Pageant Aficionado, or missosologist), these may or may not be the actual gowns the contestants wear for the all-important Preliminaries or when they are chosen as one of the Semi-Finalists during the live telecast. But sometimes, they are. Irregardless, it's time for my Evening Gown Review--I want to begin with my Faves of the Photos:
Miss Chile Maria Jesus Matthei: One of my favorite gowns of all the Miss Universe 2013 Evening Gown Portraits. This salmon pink colored chiffon gown with copper sequined neck-piece, waistband and shirred bodice is a stunner; very red carpet, very chic. Her high-ponytail hairdo makes her look rather severe but it works with this gown. I hope, however that for the Preliminaries, she doesn't do this hair style.
Miss Jamaica Kerrie Baylis: Now this is a GOWN! Mermaid-shaped black sequined applique with feathered bottom. It's a lot works. Diva Fab for sure.

Miss Indonesia Whulandary Herman: Love this red crepe gown with applique and nude illusion top section and fitted waist. It fits her beautifully and looks perfect for Whulandary. One of the best of the Miss Universe 2013 Evening Gown Portraits.

Miss Australia Olivia Wells: Sweet, elegant and "Elie Saab Lite" other words, I like. This off-white gown with side lace detail, sweeping train and metallic waistband is just right and very red carpet modern for a beauty pageant. Her hair style looks a tad "I'm Going To Lunch" but I'm OK with it. At least, she's not all bouffant "Pageant Betty".

Miss Colombia Lucia Aldana: This is a very nice gown on Miss Colombia. There's nothing extraordinary about this silver & lilac-hued sequined one-shoulder strap gown but there's also nothing wrong. It's "Pageant Safe" but Very Good Pageant Safe.

Miss France Hinarani de Longeaux: One of the favorites to win the crown--Hiranari, did not disappoint in her choice of gown for the Miss Universe 2013 Evening Gown Portrait. This blush-colored chiffon and sequined gown is both red carpet fab and very runway. It definitely sweetens her. I hope, however, that Hinarani VAMPS it up when it actually comes time for the Preliminaries and Final Telecast. This contestant needs to be ALL ABOUT SEXY Goddess! Maybe, she should think about borrowing this gown she wore at the Tony Ward Couture runway show:

Miss France Hinarami de Longeaux in Tony Ward Couture: Oui!

Miss India Manasi Mogue: Manasi wore this silver sequined gown with high side slit and side peplum detail. I'm NOT A FAN of the stacked black pumps but the gown is a Razzle Dazzle of a gown! Impacting, showstopper and sexy fab! If she did away with those stacked heels, the dress would also be the right length.

Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw: Simply perfect. A caviar-beaded ivory gown. Simple, great fit and perfect for her. It's not Couture-directional but THANK GOODNESS, it's not "Pageant Barbie" tacky either. Sublime.

Miss Philippines Ariella Arida: Ariella's gown choice for her Evening Gown Portrait is a safe but good one. This royal blue chiffon gown with silver sequined brooch accents is pretty and elegant. If there is any critique, those big ol' dangling earrings were so not necessary, especially when there were enough "jewels" in the sequined brooches. Say NO to over accessorizing. Please. PS: her hair and makeup are quite lovely.

Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez: Fabulosa! Monic chose this black gown featuring a charmeuse skirt, sequined applique top and ruffled peplum. It's two minutes from being a little "Figure Skating Costume-ish" but it works, especially with the entire styling, her side swept hair and gorgeous makeup.

Miss Thailand Chalita Yaemwannang: Chalita wore this teal-green mermaid shaped gown that was very Zac Posen/Vera Wang-ish in its style. This was very Sofia Vergara Va-Va-Voom. I liked this gown and all its details, I just didn't like her hair; A slicked-back chignon would have added A LOT of elegance to the entire look.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago Catherine Miller: This was a nice silver-and-nude gown choice for Catherine. The sequin detail is interesting and red carpet fab! On a negative note: it's too short. Note to all beauty pageant girls: I don't want to see those big ol' pumps! #Tacky.

Miss Singapore Shi Lim: I'm not sure what is happening in the front since this is a side view, but I like it nonetheless. This silver-gray jersey gown has a 1930s vibe in its cut and side arm detail that I appreciate. It's very elegant and right for her.

Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler: Miss Venezuela wore this blush colored gown with silver sequin detail. It's a very nice gown and I have no problem with it (that's why she's here in my "Great" bunch) but I feel she's a little too covered up. I also don't like her hair. Gabriela modeled in the Tony Ward Couture show...

...and this was one of the gowns she wore and well, she looked A THOUSAND TIMES better in this--especially with slicked-back hairstyle. I hope she "brings it" like this above when it comes to the Preliminaries and Final telecast (if she gets one of the coveted Semi-Finalist spots).

Miss Vietnam Tru'o'ng Thi May: Finally this was one of my favorite gowns form this year's "Miss Universe Evening Gown Portraits". I loved the color, the silhouette and the fit. It was very impacting, elegant with a stage appeal and need I add...

She looks so much like one of my favorite "Miss Universe's" Brook Lee, from the U.S.A.

**Up Next: My "Miss Universe 2013 Evening Gown Portraits" "Oh No She Didn't/Ayyy Mija!" Group...Stay Tuned!!

3 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2013 EVENING GOWN Portraits: The Good"

Pamela R. said...

I'm glad that you liked Miss Chile's gown and I agree with you regarding her hairdo is not the best for her, she is gorgeous and a straight hair is better. She has a see-through black gown that I'm not sure she is going to wear because some may think it is too revealing, but it is spectacular

By the way, you were my favorite in Project Runway!! Regards from Chile:)

Cheatahz said...

Amazing post! Love that you feature my Top 5 favorites (Israel, Philippines, France, Venezuela and Indonesia). I'm so excited to Watch Miss Universe 2013. I'm rooting for Venezuela and Israel for the crown!

Armaan Mebarak said...

Good post. Puerto Rico, India, Australia, Indonesia and France.....the best among this list...