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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2013 GOWN REVIEW Part 2

Golden Big Bird Hi-Lo or Sheer Runway Gal: Which one of these girls (and their gowns) made it into my "Uh Oh!" section? Keep reading...Miss World 2013 Final Show, Nusa Dua Indonesia
(All Photos Courtesy of Miss World Facebook)

In one of my previous posts, I gave my "Nick Two Cents" on the "Miss World 2013" gowns--for the Winner the gorgeous Megan Young "Miss Philippines", as  well as the Top Ten Semi-Finalists...So now, it's time to discuss the rest of the Top 20 contestants, as well as the gowns/contestants that didn't end up in the Top 10/20 but I thought need a "good", naturally, my "What Was She Thinking?" group. And yes, there are LOTS! Shall we get started?

The Rest of the Top 20 "Miss World 2013" Final Show:
Miss Aruba Larissa Leeuwe (left): Larissa wore a red satin gown with a very busy (and very 1990s shoulder/neckline detail). The red gown plus that hairstyle screamed Prom..or at least a beauty pageant circa 1997.

Miss Belgium Noemi Happart (right): Noemi! What. Were. You. Thinking? This looks like something a girl from a tacky "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" TV show would wear. The "Miss World Belgium" stylists need some help. ASAP. Pink. Satin, Cut-outs. Too-Short. And too not on-trend. And that hair!

Miss Dominican Republic Joely Bernat (left): Beautiful gown. Simple yet elegant. Fits well and great top section. And notice: perfect tacky platform heels anywhere in sight! Muy bien Joely!
Miss Canada Camille Munro (right): Camille looked very pretty in this white lace over satin gown. The dress fit her well and it was the perfect length. Also, white is a good color choice against her gorgeous skin tone. Both of these women did well--gown-wise.

Miss India Navneet Dhillon: Navneet wore a very Runway Couture gown that reminded of something from Stephane Rolland or Zuhair Murad Haute Couture. But unfortunately that is were the gown should have remained. The ivory gown featured a see-through stretch tulle base with lace/embroidered applique at the torso and hem. While I give her points for being completely "on trend", this style didn't quite work on Navneet.

Miss Italy Sarah Baderna: Sarah's blue/turquoise/green satin/pleated chiffon and sequin trimmed gown, was an odd choice. I just didn't get it. It was part Cirque du Soleil/part something a fashion school student does for their "Graduating Collection".

Miss Netherlands Jacqueline Steenbeek: Jacqueline is a very pretty woman, I can see why she won the "Miss Netherlands" title. The gown looks a bit 1996 for me; the off-the-shoulder neckline, the silhouette, the fabrication (looks like cheap sequin fabric one buys in Downtown L.A.). But more importantly: why is it so short in the front??  This is a sign that this dress must have been store bought and not custom.

Miss Slovakia Karolina Chomistekova: I kind of like this gown--it was a very pretty pale pink organza A-line strapless gown with a one-shoulder draped detail. It was not something stupendous and "Oh My Goodness, She Should Get a Gown Award for", but...good gown, nonetheless.

Miss Ukraine Anna Zayachkivska: Anna wore a red column gown with a blue/lilac/red jacquard attached back overskirt. It looks a bit dated. This gown does NOTHING to her beauty and certainly does not give her any "red carpet" pizazz; she looks like the hostess at a Renaissance Fair Buffet.

Miss Unites States Olivia Jordan: United States' representative, Olivia wore this perfectly fitted strapless red mermaid-shaped gown. It was simple and without any Beauty Pageant "bells and whistles" but to me , it was definitely a Stand Out! She is Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"...for 2013!

The Gowns That Missed The Top 10/20 Spots...But Were GREAT on my List

Miss Venezuela Karen Soto: Now, this is A GOWN! Leave it to Venezuela to "bring it". Some of you might wonder what's the difference between this gown and one I complained about --"Miss Brazil" for example--that style-wise, looks similar. Well, Pageant Kids, it's all about the fit, choice of fabric and the fact that everything works. this gown is  made like a true Paris Haute Couture gown is made and it shows. This champagne colored gown is of silk ziberline with hand-sewn Swarovski crystal applique and featured a perfectly bias-pleated bustier section.

Miss Bahamas De'Andra Bannister: De'Andra wore a strapless gown with silver sequins and salmon pink colored satin asymmetrical flounces. The gown fit well and looked wonderful onstage in the "Miss World 2013" Final Show.

Miss Czech Republic Lucie Kovandova: Kudos to Lucie for wearing a very simple yet elegant ocean-blue off-the-shoulder strapless gown with gathered midriff that was so red carpet-ready and not tacky-licious. Whoever is running that country's pageant--and styling it's winners: Very good!

Miss Lithuania Ruta Mazureviciute: Ruta dared to be "different" at last Saturday evening's "Miss World 2013" Final Show. She wore an ivory sheer chiffon gown with a unitard underneath. This look is VERY RUNWAY. Did it work for the "Miss World"? I liked it, but what did you guys think?

Miss Cote D'Ivoire Aissata Ezzedine: One word--WOW! This multicolored sequined strapless gown is one of my FAVORITES of the entire night! And on Aissata, it was spectacular! How this gorgeous woman did not end up in the Top 20...or Top 10, if not the Final 5, is beyond me.

And now...finally...The "Uh Oh!"/"Girl, What Were You Thinking?" of Miss World 2013:
Miss Chinese Taipei Cinzia Chang: Cinzia! Huney: What is this? Dirty colored tulle full skirt and a mint green satin peplum bustier. No and no. It looks like a Fashion Student's version of an old John Galliano-for-Dior dress. Oh, and yes, I can see your shoes. Not cute. Unless it is supposed to be "tea length" (it's not) or Hi-Lo (it's also NOT!), then seeing the shoes are OK, otherwise, next!

Miss Malaysia Melinder Bhullar: Who is going to the Prom in 1989? Melinder is. Poor thang.

The Top Three "Uh Oh's" of Miss World 2013 Are...
Miss Finland Meija Kerisalmi: Meija--and her designer--have been watching WAAAY too much "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding:" TV shows. This dress is just plain tacky. Maybe this is considered "red carpet fab" in Finland...but I highly doubt it. This concoction is a Big Bird Prom-a-Licious Gypsy/Romani Wedding Mess.

Miss Malta Donna Leyland: Oh Donna, you are so cute. However, your gown is not. This ivory satin and chiffon hi-lo dress doesn't make any sense. I really only want to focus on why it is so short--and so close to her CHA-CHA--in the front??? Please tell me Donna? Please?

Miss Guadeloupe Sheryna can der Koelen: Sheryna...darling...please explain this dress to me? Sheryna wore a lilac colored kimono-inspired get-up as her "Miss World 2013" Final Show gown. Why? The dress looked like it was made from polyester satin, badly constructed (rippling seams!) and way too short, and then, if that wasn't enough, they had to add cheap trim on the edges. What's that saying: the Cheap Comes Out Expensive. Enough said. Maybe next year Miss Guadeloupe.

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