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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Road to Miss Universe 2013, Arrivals and National Costumes Previews

The 62nd Annual Miss Universe pageant is well under way in Moscow Russia. the Finals will be on Saturday November 9th at the Crocus City Hall, in Moscow. 87 contestants from all over the world have begun arriving in Moscow for all the preparations, fittings, photo sessions, and rehearsals for the big night! Well actually, it might be day--since it will be shown LIVE.  So in order to air at 9 PM EST, it will need to be 5 AM in Moscow (Sunday)! They better have some strong coffee for those attending! (and the contestants!)...
To begin my "coverage" of this year's Miss Universe Pageant, I wanted to show some photos of various contestants leaving their home countries for the big pageant and arriving in Moscow. Later in the post, I will be previewing some of the National Costumes the contestants will (or might) be wearing:

Byeeee!!!Miss Philippines Ariella Arida and Miss Brazil Jakeline Oliveira take off from their home countries to go to Moscow for the "Miss Universe 2013" Beauty Pageant

 Too Many Luggage Fees: Miss Australia Olivia Wells

Did I Bring Enough? Miss France Hinarari de Longeaux leaving for Moscow Russia

Miss Netherlands Stephanie Tency (left) gets a colorful Dutch-style Good Bye, Good Luck and Bon Voyage; and Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw (right) checks into her Moscow hotel, ready for the Miss Universe 2013 Pageant

Miss Venezuela Maria Gabriela Isler, arriving at her Moscow hotel to compete in the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant
We've Arrived: (left to right) Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht, Miss Spain Patricia Rodriguez and Miss South Africa Marilyn Ramos

 Now, here is a Preview of some of the Miss Universe 2013 National Costumes:
Aruba and Bolivia: Miss Aruba Stefanie Evangelista (left) will wear a turquoise and white costume with a sequined bodice, bedazzled caged petticoat and lots of feathers. 
Miss Bolivia Alexia Viruez (right) is giving "Carnival Queen" with sequined jumpsuit and a huge colorful cape (naturally!). The costume is named Rosita Pochi and was inspired by a dance from eastern Bolivia with the same name. The costume was designed by Eduardo Ribera.

Miss China Jin Ye: It has been "hinted" in the "Pageant Blogs" that possibly one of these Couture creations above from Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei will be Miss China's national costume...either one is pretty FABULOUS!

Costa Rica and Czech Republic: Miss Costa Rica Fabiana Granados' costume (left) is all things gold and bubblegum pink feathers; very Pre-Columbian Princess for a fun Carnival!
Miss Czech Republic Gabriela Kratochvilova (right) goes the "Sexy Traditional" route with her blue, red, white and gold strapless and gathered mini-dress.

Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez: Constanza is going Pre-Columbian "Inca Goddess" with her brightly colored costume that shimmers with lots of gold and metallic details as well as a fabulous headdress topped off with peacock feathers. It was designed by Elvia Alvarado.

El Salvador and Indonesia: Miss El Salvador Alba Delgado's (left) costume features a stretch lace body suit with dangling white and red pearls draped throughout her front and back. It is topped off with a crown of the same dangling draped pearl detailing.  This costume is entitled Oráculo de adivinación (Divine Oracle) and draws inspiration from the Mayan folklore. It was designed by  Rosemberg Rivas with elements of the fire tree embedded in the costume. The fire tree, by the way, is considered as a sacred seed by the ancient Mayans.
Miss Indonesia Whulandary Herman's (right) costume is inspired by the traditional East Javan dance of Reog Ponegoro. The costume is a fusion of lion and peafowl elements which the dance itself symbolizes. I love the heavily jeweled headdress and those oversized peacock feathers: stunning!

Japan and Malaysia: Miss Japan Yukimi Matsuo (left) will wear this Japanese Kimono and Obi design with an oversized fan attached at her back. If there was a "Victoria's Secret Angel Wings: Japan Style", this costume would be it! The costume gives tribute to the sakura (cherry blossom) which blooms only once a year and for just a week that signals the arrival of spring. The kimono’s colorful design evokes the beauty and joy brought about by the sakura. The cherry blossoms are beautifully set in the huge traditional fan and are stylishly cascading at the train of the costume.
Miss Malaysia Carey Ng is giving a "Sultana Couture" look with this elegant black-and-gold brocade costume designed by Syomir Izwa. The costume is named Puteri Perak (Princess of Perak) and will feature the traditional fabric of songket from the Malaysian state of Terengganu.

Miss Mauritius Diya Beeltah: Diya's costume is a variation on the traditional Sega dance costumes worn in her island nation. The multi-tiered skirt features a sexy side slit and she finishes it all off with a matching umbrella. The costume features Les Quatre Bande (the four bands of color): red for the blood spilled during colonization and slavery; blue for the Indian Ocean that surrounds the island nation; yellow for the fabulous sunshine; and finally green for the vibrant flora of the country. These are also the colors of the flag of Mauritius.

Miss Nicaragua Nastassja Bolivar: Nicaragua is famous for "bringing it" when it comes to costumes at the Miss Universe Pageant and it seems that this year will be no exception. This year, Miss Nicaragua will wear this Indigenous Empress Pre-Columbian Meso-American costume, filled with red feathers, lots of gold accents and what will likely be, one of the most impressive headdresses of the pageant.

Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez: Monic's National Costume reflects the water, corals and Caribbean that surrounds her island of Puerto Rico. According to its designer, Jaer Caban, it was inspired by the bio-luminescent bays that surround the island.

Miss Singapore Shi Lim: Singapore went for an "Orchid Queen" costume for what she will wear at Miss Universe 2013. As you may know, the orchid is a symbol of Singapore national identity. The costume itself is a strapless gown with an orchid filled bustier and blue-green skirt sprinkled with orchids at the hem and finally, there's a huge yellow and silver fan--with orchids of course--attached at her back. The costume was designed by Riyan Haffys (shown here with Miss Singapore).

Miss Sri Lanka Amanda Rathnayake:  Three words, Sinhalese Temple Goddess. I love this bronzed costume that Amanda will wear for the Miss Universe 2013 Pageant.

Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht: Well, well, well, look what we have here--Miss Switzerland is giving Ski Bunny Ice Queen. The icicle overskirt plus the silver sequined leotard is simply FABU-u-LOUS!

Miss Thailand Chalita Yaemwannang: For her National Costume, Miss Thailand will wear this rich gold colored traditional Thai costume inspired by au bah or flower garland. It is quite elegant and colorful.

Venezuela and Vietnam: Miss Venezuela Maria Gabriela Isler's supposed National Costume (sketch, left) is this Amazonian vision of an Indigenous Diva. It is not confirmed that this is what she will be wearing but some on the web are hinting as such. But who knows, she might be wearing something else.
Miss Vietnam Truong Thi May: Miss Vietnam is forgoing the traditional Vietnam costume of the áo dài (tunic and pantaloons) and wearing this look above (right). This costume shows the ethnic culture of the country with the fabric and design inspired by the highlander tribes. I love how "Tribal" and Couture it is, all at the same time.

**UPDATE!!! Here's a Sneak Peak of Maria Gabriela Isler "Miss Venezuela's" National Costume for "Miss Universe 2013--a Fantasy Liki Liki:

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