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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2013 EVENING GOWN Recap: Top 10 Gowns + More

Thumbs Up: Maria Gabriela Isler "Miss Venezuela" and new "Miss Universe 2-13" gives the thumps-up after winning "Miss Universe 2013" beauty pageant--Crocus City Hall Moscow Russia

Last night a new "Miss Universe" was crowned. 25 year-old, 5' 10" tall Maria Gabriela Isler--of Venezuelan Spanish/Mestiza (mixed) and Swiss/German descent (her grandfather is from Switzerland and she holds dual Venezuelan and Swiss citizenship) beat out 85 other beauties from all over the world for the top crown. She was one of the favorites and yes, she was on my Top 15 Predictions List --I got TEN out of the actual Top 16--and I also predicted FIVE "extras"--take a look HERE.

Top Two Besos: (left to right) "Miss Venezuela" Gabriela Isler and "Miss Spain" Patricia Rodrguez--Miss Universe 2013 Crocus City Hall Moscow Russia

Gown Wrap-Up--Let's begin with the outgoing "Miss Universe 2012" Olivia Culpo, and what she wore:

Blue Miss: Huney....what is this? Wait, let me answer this: it is a MESS. Usually, all the outgoing "Miss Universes" chose this moment to "GIVE"--as the Gays will say. Well, she missed it. This blue side slit printed chiffon over solid colored gown was such a miss. It looked very polyester-y and rather cheap.This is the moment you want to give DRAMA and elegance and I-Can-Afford-a-Stylist-and-You-Cannot...but, like I said, this was a miss. And it didn't stop there...

Empress Josephine Not: There are false rumors that Olivia is pregnant (with her boyfriend Nick Jonas) and this Empire-cut gown isn't helping the rumors. This gown was also a mess. I get the whole "Empress Josephine/Napoleon" look but this wasn't grand, Couture-like or fabulous. It was dowdy and rather costume-y. The shoulder details/puffy sleeves were awkward to say the least. Not a cute "three-quarter shot". Oh well. She's beautiful and will so be a host on E! like tomorrow!

Here's a suggestion of what you should have worn:
 NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul--Models in two of my NIKOLAKI gowns

A Favorite for the Crown to NOT make the Finals, "Miss Poland" Paulina Krupinska and the Evening Gown She Wore:
Neon Yellow Hi-Lo: "Miss Poland" Paulina Krupinksa

"Miss Poland" Paulina Krupinska, was on EVERYONE'S list to make the Top 15 and in fact win...but it wasn't so. None of that happened. She did look FABULOUS at the Tony Ward Couture runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia though. After seeing what she would have probably worn if she was chosen as one of the Semi-Finalists, I am happy that she listened to me (he he!) and didn't wear this cheap-looking "Prom & Pageant" dress:

 "Miss Poland" Paulia Krupinska--"Miss Universe 2013" Preliminaries Evening Gown Competition

The Top Ten and Top Five "Miss Universe 2013" contestants in Evening Gown--"Miss Universe 2013" Crocus City Hall Moscow Russia

 I want to begin with the WINNER--"Miss Venezuela" Maria Gabriela Isler:
"Miss Venezuela" (and new "Miss Universe") Gabriela Isler--"Molly" changed the gown that she wore during the Preliminaries and wore the same gown she wore for her Miss Universe Website "Evening Gown Portrait"--a silver and nude sequined gown with sleeves by Alejandro Fajardo.

Dumped Gown: Her "Change of Gown probably happened as a result of the fact that the stunning silk ziberline and Swarovski-crystal Gionni Straccia gown she wore for the Preliminaries (photo above), well..she could barely make it down the stairs in--it weighed 15 kilos and somehow, she didn't practice moving in it--and when it came time for her to have "her moment", she failed--in that gown. I suggested she have the Miss Universe Wardrobe Department create a center back slit in it but I guess she figured that there was no time for that and that she should just wear the gown she wore for the Website Portrait.

Here are My Miss Universe 2013 Live Telecast "Top Ten Evening Gown Review--from Bottom o he Best:
 No. 10, "Miss Dominican Republic" Yaritza Reyes: Yaritza wore a different gown form what she wore during the Preliminaries and Gracias a Dios for that. I thought the one she wore at the Preliminaries (right photo) was dowdy and "Mother-of-the-Bride"-ish and well, she sexed it up for the Final Live Telecast.  I loved that she wore her hair down but I felt the fact that there was so much skin showing--a la the see-through chiffon illusion--made the whole look a little on the HOOCHIE side--and especially all the close-together gold detail in THAT area--instead of drawing my eye away from there--it made me want to look there--and that's not bueno.

No. 9 "Miss USA" Erin Brady: Erin wore the same gown she wore for the Preliminaries and it was just OK. I liked the bright red color and bugle beading, but it just seemed so 1990's in its overall styling--the pouffy hair, the too big earrings.

No. 8 "Miss Brazil" Jakelyne Oliviera: Same gown as the Preliminaries.  I liked her gown. It featured a salmon pink colored sequined fabrication and high side front slit. The silver and multicolored crystal accents looked well done. She did not--however--need those oversized hoop earrings--just those accessories took the look to an almost late 90s tacky Pageant edge.

No. 7 "Miss Ecuador" Constanza Baez: Constanza wore a mint green gown featuring vertical sequins and feathers, a fitted bodice and side front slit (naturally!). It was a little Vegas Showgirl. While I liked the color, it was a little too predictable and too "pageant"-y. The big hair and those silver sequined platform heels did not help. But Felicitaciones to Constanza for being the first "Miss Ecuador" to get into the Top Five in the "Miss Universe" pageant! The gown, by the way was designed by Venezuelan designer Franco Montoro and...

It was similar to this gown (also by Montoro) worn at this year's "Miss Venezuela" by "Miss Apure 2013"(photo above)

No. 6 "Miss Great Britain" Amy Willerton: First of all, Thank goodness she didn't wear the purple-and-white ombre "Scrunchie" mermaid-shaped gown she wore during the Preliminaries (above). Many on the web liked it but I did not; it was tacky and too mucheey. So, needless to say, someone told her and she wore a different, more form-fitting "Lady In Red" style gown. This was a good choice. Much better. Unfortunately, she still wore that diamante necklace and those Stripper-like metallic platform heels.

No. 5 "Miss India" Manasi Moghe: I liked this salmon pink sequins-and-feathered gown when she wore it during the Preliminaries and I also liked it when she reached the Top Ten.

No. 4 "Miss Philippines" Ariella Arida: Ariella was one of my top favorites to win the crown. She excelled during the Live Telecast last night. I predicted she would be the winner of the "Internet Fan Vote" and she was. But I feel that even without this, she still would have made it into the Top 15 easily. I liked her bright neon yellow/chartreuse gown from Colombian couturier Alfredo Barraza, but more importantly I was thrilled she wore her hair down and straight.

No. 3 "Miss Spain" Patricia Gonzalez: I placed Patricia as one of my "Top Three" for her Evening Gown because she looked beautiful, her gown was very pretty and just perfect. The silver and ivory sequined gown with white tulle "mermaid" godets sculpted her figure, made her look like a princess and yes, worthy of (almost) getting the top crown.

No. 2 "Miss Ukraine" Olga Storozhenko: Olga looked radiant and absolutely a floating goddess in this gown. I LOVED this gown when she wore it for the Preliminaries and I have not changed my opinion now. The silver sequin beaded neckline is stunning and the shirring/pleated torso draping is fab and all that chiffon "drama" is exquisite.

No. 1 "Miss Venezuela" Gabriela Isler: Yes kids, my top gown is the Alejandro Fajardo-designed dress worn by the Winner--Maria Gabriela Isler "Miss Venezuela". Part of me wished she had worn the Gionni Straccia gown she wore during the Preliminaries but, I think it was a good choice to change. Hers was the only gown with sleeves and better, she could move easily in it--during the final telecast Evening Gown Competition. I thought the sequin "striped" detail was wonderful, the shape was great, but I wasn't a fan of the sheer/nude center front bust panel. I also noticed the hem was "flipping up"--this happens to a lot of my own gown as well (the stiff horsehair interlining the hem does this on some hems)--so I give her--and the designer a "pass". Overall, this was my Top Gown of the night.

So, what did YOU guys think? What were YOUR Favorite Evening Gowns from the "Miss Universe 2013" Live Telecast Top Ten? Let me know below in your comments and why....
Until Next Time!

3 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2013 EVENING GOWN Recap: Top 10 Gowns + More"

Sahara Parker said...

agree, the Nikolaki pieces are 10x better for a reigning queen. i think they wanted Olivia to just fade away from peoples memories since Molly is gonna be the new it girl. Philippines should have won but oh well, overbaked Molly, who had more than a year to prep and practice everything is alright.

and btw, pls pray for the people of the Philippines, Nick. thank you!

Brett Mann said...

you incorrectly stated venezuela was the only top 10 gown w/sleeves. dominican republic's gown also had sleeves.

Akmall Razlan said...

yes.. dont you think that Miss Venezuela looks like Sofia Vergara.. LOL... her sister maybe..