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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2013 National Costumes: North and Central America, Caribbean, South America

Transformers vs. Liki-Liki Fantasia: Miss USA and Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler
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Continuing with my "Review" and Wrap-Up of the 2013 Miss Universe National Costume Show which took place on Sunday my last post, I discussed my Top Picks for the National Costumes of Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Now, it's time for me to give you my "Nick Top Pick's" for the Americas and Caribbean ladies. There is LOTS to talk about about, so let's get started...

North America--Top Three:
3rd Place: Miss Costa Rica Fabiana Granados--Cotton Candy Pink feathers and gold were the highlights of "Miss Costa Rica's" Pre-Columbian Indigenous Empress Costume. Very well done and excellent in its design and execution. One of the BEST, of all the National Costumes of Miss Universe 2013.

2nd Place: Miss Nicaragua Nastassja Bolivar--Speaking of Pre-Columbian Indigenous Empress...HOLA Nastassja!! Simply Spectacular. The feathers, the headdress, the colors, sequined embroidery...this needs to be in a Costume Museum Exhibition! ASAP!

First Prize Goes To:
Miss USA Erin Brady--But I have to give the First Prize to "Miss USA" Erin Brady. She wore a "Transformers" costume that well, represented her nation of the Good Ol' US of A. And I get it. It was different, impacting and sure made me stop and take notice. The costume was created and designed by Martin Izquierdo and his very talented team. And by the way, Miss USA's "Transformers" costume  reminded me of what Heidi Klum wore in 2010 for one of her infamous "Heidi Klum's Halloween Party":

Heidi Klum as a Transformer--Heidi's Halloween 2010, also designed and created by Martin Izquierdo Studio

The Caribbean--Top Seven:
7th Place:Miss Turks and Caicos Snwanza Adams--Loved this strapless gown featuring a very Turks & Caicos "feel" to its design, execution, color and detail. It was definitely a tribute to the Caribbean and those islands.

6th Place: Miss Curacao Eline de Pool--A bright sequined-and-feathered reptile, backed by a blue jumpsuit and silver-sequined "Curacao" scepter: how could I not love this? Even her stacked pumps are printed in matching fabric!

5th Place: Miss Dominican Republic Yaritza Reyes--Dominican Caribbean Goddess in iridescent golden peach. Yaritza is spectacular in this costume. One of the best for sure. Muy Bien.

4th Place: Miss Trinidad and Tobago Catherine Miller--Multicolored Feathered Carnival Empress is how I can best describe this costume. The colors, the crystal strap'ed body-suit, the feathered leg detail...that headdress! It all adds up to good "Ayy Dios Mio!" for me; so much so, she made 4th place.

3rd Place: Miss Haiti Mondiana Pierre--This entire look is one of my favorites. Mondiana utilized her OUT OF CONTROL body and still gave you "Native/Indigenous Haiti Queen" with this gold and multicolor feathered costume.

2nd Place: Miss Jamaica Kerrie Baylis--Tie dye multicolored psychedelic Jamaican Diva. Just take a look at this sequined neon green with orange, fuchsia, blue, purple, yellow-colored ensemble. If there was ever a Jamaican "Burning Man", Kerrie--in this--would be its Mascot!

First Prize Goes To:
Miss Puerto Rico Monic Perez--Monic's National Costume reflects the water, corals and Caribbean that surrounds her island of Puerto Rico. According to its designer, Jaer Caban, it was inspired by the bio-luminescent bays that surround the island and she wins my "Nick Top National Costume Prize".

South America--Top Four:
4th Place: Miss Argentina Brenda Gonzalez--What a big ol' feathered ball gown with a gold applique top, headdress and arm accents, have to do with Argentina, Buenos Aires, amazing tasting beef, or beyond me. But I LOVED IT!

3rd Place Miss Brazil Jakelyne Oliviera--I am obsessed with the fact that "Miss Brazil" did not go the "Carnival" route with her "Miss Universe 2013" National Costume. I loved how this ensemble payed homage to the indigenous nature/Amazon part of her South American country. It was a tribute muito excelente!

2nd Place: Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez--Pre-Columbian Ecuadorian Empress. Check! Imagine her waiting for you at the top of the Ecuadorian Andes!! Absolutely stunning! Not sure how this traveled to Moscow and how much extra baggage fees she got charged...but it was all worth it!

First Prize Goes To:
Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler--Gabriela wore a fabulous multicolored "Fantasy Liki-Liki" (Venezuelan llanero suit) with a multi-tiered overskirt. The entire look was fantastic and sequin-spectacular! She ROCKED it!!! Over time. Therefore, she gets my "Best of National Costume Prize" for South America.

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