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WHO WORE WHAT?.....14th Annual Latin Grammys Red Carpet: The Worst Dressed

 Bunny Ears No: Natalie Cole--14th Annual Latin  Grammy Awards, Mandalay Bay Events Center Las Vegas Nevada

In my last post HERE, I discussed the "Muy Bien!" of the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards which occurred on Thursday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. So, now it's time for your favorite: the "Ayyyy Mija!"--or in English, the "What Were You Thinking?" group. And yes, kids, there were plenty...Let's begin with the MEN:

Ricky Martin: First off, Ricky has made a pact with the Beauty Devil; he looks THE SAME he looked ten years ago! His face, his hair...soooo handsome! Very, very good genes and yes, oh so super cute! But this tuxedo ensemble is not. It would have been perfectly fine, if it were not for whatever is hanging from the jacket hem (or did that come from the pants?). I just don't understand it. Someone like him, with his iconic background should just be giving simple, elegant black tie. Period. I love the printed tuxedo, that's fine. He can be "different" that way. But the extra stuff? What is that? So unnecessary. But, let me remind you (on a good note)...

 From the chest up: PERFECTION! And, at least, he didn't look like these next two:
Gian Marco: Peruvian singer-songwriter Gian Marco looked all about a mess in this look. Please take a look (but not for long) at this leather jacket that has been "separated" by, what looks like, a zipper. If he was trying to be "cool" and "different", he achieved neither. It was tacky. And then, it is styled with gray pinstripe pants, a dated-looking belt and moss-green shoes!!??? Seriously: what was he thinking? Stick to classic with a little bit of edge. Because this whole look screams that it was styled and made by a Fashion College dropout.

Band of Bitches: I know that this is their thang. But, it doesn't mean I have to like it. They're going to look back at this ten years from now and think "Wow, we were TRIPPIN'!".

Natalie Cole--Oh Natalie, how much do I love you?? Red satin-backed crepe Bunny Ears gown with silver crystal trim and front jeweled detail. She had to know that this look would make people talk...and not in a good way. This gown is so Amateur Design Hour, I am disheartened at the fact that she went there. Why Natalie and her stylist cannot pull--or at least buy--a Stephan Rolland, Elie Saab or Dior for Raf Simmons gown, is beyond me. Because this coral orange/bunny ears dress is not up to her icon standards. Natalie Cole's Stylist: Please email me!! I have a couple...or more of my NIKOLAKI gowns that you would look PERFECT in!
Z Lala--Z Lala is a "World Pop" singer that just loves to look two seconds beyond Cray Cray. And she achieved that here with this look above at Thursday night's 2013 Latin Grammy Awards. The entire ensemble is a Poor Man's Version of Lady Gaga and looks as if she somehow got into a Michaels Arts & Crafts store after hours and had a field day! But, in case you think this look above was tacky-licious...let's not forget what she wore at the Latin Billboard Awards earlier this year:
Z Lala at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards
Albita--Cuban-American singer-producer-composer Albita looked like a crumpled "Mother-of-the-Bride" at the 2013 Latin Grammys in this polyester satin off-the-shoulder gown with some sort of crystal motif of buildings? The dress is too tight, the seams are rippling and the style is so not of this century. It always bothers me when someone with that much talent and money, can have so little style-sense.

Alisha Gaddis: Actress/Producer/Director Alisha Gaddis somehow thought it was 1992 and she might be going to the Prom. She wore this strapless ball gown that was way too overwhelming, too iridescent and not necessarily flattering. On a good note: her makeup was very nice.

Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete--Ximena!!! What. Is. This? Horsehair trimmed gown with back cascades in black satin and ply organza with wine colored sequined top. It's soooo wrong and the taste level is beyond tacky.

Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler--I liked what Gabriela wore on stage at the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards. But what she wore for the Press Room/Red Carpet (this blue sequin and nude illusion gown above) was not cute; it was Figure Skating Costume Gone Bad. The nude illusion isn't even close to being the right color.

Finally...Ayyyyy Mija Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To:
Charo: Te Quiero Charo. This entire look is EVERYTHING!

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