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ICE STYLE.....Yuna Kim Returns: 46th Annual ISU Golden Spin of Zagreb

Chartreuse Queen: Yuna Kim of Korea, Short Program Costume at 2013 Golden Spin of Zagreb

Yuna Kim--or Kim Yuna--the Olympic and World Champion; skated in competition today at the 46th Annual Golden Spin of Zagreb in Croatia. She got the HIGHEST SHORT PROGRAM SCORE for all Ladies competitor during this 2013-2014 season. The Golden Spin of Zagreb, by the way, is a senior international figure skating competition. A lot of lower-level skaters from many countries usually show up but in this edition, the Olympic champion made an appearance much to the delight of figure skating fans.

 Yuna Kim of Korea--2013 Golden Spin of Zagreb

So far, she's only skated her Short Program so I want to discuss--naturally--her costume for that. Kim skated to “Send in the Clowns” in a chartreuse colored costume featuring stretch lace over nude illusion mesh and covered with multicolored crystal top section, long chiffon sleeves and chiffon multi-layered skirt.

Chartreuse Covered Up: From the photos above, it's obvious her costume is very well made and has a lot of intricate sequin detail. The color is a very difficult color to pull off--remember Julianne Moore in the Dior Haute Couture sat the 64th Annual Academy Awards:

But Yuna Kim was able to pull it off...I do like the costume and the color on her, I must admit. If I had any critique, it would be the "mumsy" aspect of the silhouette. I know that Kim is not known for anything too plunging or skin revealing but perhaps this style just seems a bit covered up and "older". I would love to know what you guys think?

Also, I must add...Yuna Kim's costume reminds me of what Nancy Kerrigan wore for her Short Program at the '92 Olympics:

Other Ladies' Short Program Costumes at the 2013 Golden Spin of Zagreb:
Miki Ando of Japan: Miki also skated at the 46th Annual Golden Spin of Zagreb. She wore this costume above for her Short Program to "My Way" by Frank Sinatra. In terms of her skate, she is in second place (Yuna Kim is in first of course). I like this light blue and dark navy chiffon and sequins costume for its "color-blocking" design and how the navy sequined panels wrap around her body in flattering ways. I just wish the skirt was shorter and there were several layers of it so I couldn't see her leotard underneath. But we must not forget, she just had a baby in APRIL!!!!

Anine Rabe of Norway, Short Program: Pretty color, pretty costume. I like the heavy-to-delicate crystal detail in the torso especially.  Her hair pulled back severely adds a touch of elegance as well.         
Ema Lipovscak of Croatia, Short Program to Tara's Theme (from "Gone With the Wind" soundtrack) by Max Steiner: First off, let's add Eva to my "Figure Skating Costume Trend: Gloves" blog posting, because, yes, kids, she's "rocking" the trend. For her Short Program here, she's wearing a black and bubblegum pink costume with gold applique front top detail and multicolored sequins. I am a bit "on the fence" in terms of whether I like it or not; it's a bit Cirque du Soleil and a bit Baroque in its styling details. I am guessing that the "corset" look is supposed to be a reference to her "Gone With The Wind" music. It seems more Mozart than Vivien Leigh.

Isabelle Pieman of Belgium, Short Program to "Crimson Wings": Isabelle's Short Program costume here is a bit "retro" to me; it seems rather late 90s in its mock-neck halter styling and sheer sleeve styling. I do think the crystals in the torso/bodice and sleeves are fine and work with the overall look.

Valentina Mikac of Croatia, Short Program to "Two Guitars by Paul Mauriat": Nude illusion, black jagged panels and thick deadlock-looking fringe...oh, and yes, it's a bodysuit with black attached leggings. 

**Stay Tuned for Yuna Kim's Free Skate Costume at the ISU 2013 Golden Spin of Zagreb!

4 Responses to "ICE STYLE.....Yuna Kim Returns: 46th Annual ISU Golden Spin of Zagreb"

차가운 아이스크림 said...

Figure Queen Yuna Kim SP Dress BEST^^

차가운 아이스크림 said...

Figure Queen Yuna Kim SP Dress BEST^^

Han kyoung Kay Kim said...

I agree with u. I love the dress design and color(its not usaually chosen by skater...'yellow')
but i dont like the sleeve which doesnt fit tight to her arms. kinda too flappy. Still i love her costume and her skate. I think you are also a big fan of Yuna like me, Nick! :) nice review!!

Julia aiden said...

just beautiful and matches with program. She wanted to say bye, to everyone