Sunday, January 05, 2014

Tango Costume Change Goddess: Korean Ladies Figure Skating Star Kim Yuna at this weekend's Korea Figure Skating Championships 2014 (in her new Free Skate Costume), Goyang Oulimnuri Ice Rink in Goyang, South Korea

This past weekend were the 2014 Korea Figure Skating Championships, held in Goyang South Korea. The star of the entire event was, of course, Kim Yuna--or Yu-Na Kim--one of the World's top Ladies Figure Skaters. It is an Olympic season and she's considered to be the favorite to win Olympic Gold (but she has competition from a Russian, or two...and of course, Japan's Mao Asada) at the Sochi Winter Olympics coming up next month in Russia. But what I'm most interested in is that Kim Yuna used the 2014 Korean Nationals as the stage to debut a new Free Skate costume:
Kim Yuna, Free Skate to "Adiós Nonino" by Astor Piazzolla--Korea Figure Skating Championships 2014 (in her new Free Skate Costume), Goyang Oulimnuri Ice Rink in Goyang, South Korea

Her new costume to the tango music of Astor Piazzolla's "Adiós Nonino" featured a black and deep purple color blocked design with long fitted sleeves, an asymmetrical "keyhole" in the front neck torso, silver-and-black sequined applique and a side front slit...

The costume had both the "air" of the Argentine tango music in its deep dark colors and applique but not being so overtly referential (the obvious red-and-black, the red rose ion the hair...). It was elegant, well-made and restrained. This was a costume change from what she had worn the last time she skated this same Free Skate...

Kim Yuna at 2013 Golden Spin of Zagreb: At the obscure Golden Spin of Zagreb 2013 last month, she skated her Free Skate to "Adiós Nonino" wearing this costume above. It was OK, but not spectacular. I like the new one better for sure. Now, speaking of spectacular...nothing can beat this:

Kim Yuna and her 2012-2013 Season Free Skate costume for "Kiss of the Vampire" by James Bernard--this was one of THE BEST FIGURE SKATING COSTUMES of 2012-2013 Season!!! I absolutely LOVED it!

 Congrats Kim Yuna (center) on winning the Gold at the Korea Figure Skating Championships 2014 this weekend--see you at the Sochi Winter Olympics! Can't wait to see if she'll be doing more Costume Changes!

 Below is Kim Yuna's Free Skate from the Korea Figure Skating Championships 2014:


M Jessica said...
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csunny7 said...

Yuna's new LP dress is elegant, sexy, beautiful and sophisticated. It excellently matches her music - nouveau tango. I absolutely love it!:)
BTW, The designer of 'Kiss of Vampire' is Ms. Kyu-mee Ahn(Korean) who desinged this 'Adios Nonino' costume as well as those of Send in Clowns & Les Miserable

Scott said...

I absolutely fell in love with that dress. Is there any why to get a patter for it. Granted it would be a bit longer as it would be for evening and not the ice. but it is just stunning.

Ana García said...

hi, i am sorry to correct you, but Astor Piazzolla is from my same country, Uruguay.
Can you correct it, please?


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