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OLYMPIC STYLE....Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Uniforms From Around the World

 Print-tastic: Norway's curling team could be the NEXT winner of the Eurovision these "uniforms"

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is a week away and well, I think it's time to discuss some of the Olympics Fashion From Around the World that we will be seeing on display from the athletes. Everyone knows all the much-discussed controversies surrounding the Sochi Olympics including terrorist threats as well as the anti-LGBT laws, but here, I want to discuss other controversies: The Fashion!

Colorful, Printed and a little bit of Fashion Cray-Cray vs. Subdued, Boring and Un-creative...these uniforms below run the gamut. So, without further ado...let's discuss the Olympics Fashion and I am giving each of them my own "Fashion Points" score--0 being NOT Fashionable and 10 being très CHIC...

Germany: Germany's uniforms are COLORFUL, to say the least. Multicolored puffy coats and THOSE psychedelic printed pants! How do you say "Wowza" in German? Well, at least the German Olympic team will be noticed form the "nose-bleed" seats for sure!I think it's A LOT. I appreciate the color and I might even wear that puffy parka but the pants...they look like pajamas a 12-year-old would wear. What do you guys think? Yeay or Nay on Germany?
Fashion Points: 6/10

Canada: Oh Canada. Canada's Olympic uniforms are a big YAWN compared to Germany's but then again, almost anybody's would be. They've incorporated the red, of course. And the country's name is boldly displayed. however, they seem pretty uncreative in terms of fashion. The red parka coat I could buy at an outlet mall like TOMORROW and the zip up sweaters, they seem a little like grandma knitted them...
Fashion Points: 4/10

But, I do kind of like this:
Canada's Snowboarder--Under Armour recently debuted its design of the winter Olympic uniform for Canadian snowboarders who will be competing at Sochi 2014.The jacket and pants feature a maple leaf pattern, made up of tiny little triangles. The pattern itself is thermo-conductive and helps to lock in heat without additional bulk. As well, the outer jacket is completely water-resistant, which makes it even more comfortable for wear during winter sports. The uniforms are also kind of "Retro" in that they take inspiration from the 1972 Summit Series, where the Canadian men’s hockey team defeated the Soviet Union. I think this look is pretty cool (do the kids still say that??!!).
Fashion Points: 8.9/10

Czech Republic: These boys are happy for some reason. Not sure why. They look like moose-hunters in Alaska. I like the gold lettering in the hooded zip-up parka and the fur cap is kitschy (I'd take a faux fur one please!), but I think the entire look is a bit's like they're going to work out but yet have to brave below zero temperatures to do so. maybe that's the point.
Fashion Points: 3/10

Japan: Orange and blue? Are they from Holland or Japan? I'm confused. I do like the bold colors, but fashion-wise, these are pretty uninteresting.
Fashion Points: 2/10

USA: These uniforms--designed by Ralph Lauren--and all made in the good ol' US of A (Thank Goodness!) were met with lots of shock and awe and much polarized commentary form the web:
"Welcome to the ugly sweater party, America," the San Francisco Chronicle wrote.

Deadspin chimed in too: "A generous interpretation would say the patchwork stylings are reminiscent of certain Russian folk dress. But it's totally just an ugly Christmas sweater."

Ouch. I don't hate them but at the same time, I'm not super excited about them. On the positive, I like the "retro" look it's giving me--like 1960s ski instructors in the Swiss Alps. The navy and red pea coat is elegant and VERY Ralph Lauren. It screams "Old Money Americana".
Fashion Points: 7/10

Moose Sweater Boy: I would buy this sweater. I would wear it with jeans and my YSL "Johnny Boots". But I am not sure of the white pants, especially in the winter and with all the snow (it will just blend in) and the slush (it will get filthy REALLY fast!).
Fashion Points: 8/10 (for the sweater!)

Patchwork Mess: As much as I liked the other sweater, I am not sure about this one. This sweater is just TOO MUCHEEY. He might as well have a button that you touch and all of sudden it's the National Anthem! It's a bit tacky and too in your face.
Fashion Points: 2/10

Medal Podium Outfits from Nike: Nike also designed the Medal podium looks for the US Olympic team and there are some good and not-so-good things about these looks. I like the sneakers with the bold neon soles; very on-trend. The silver fitted puffy jacket is also very Uniqlo and trendy. I like that it's fitted and sleeker but the silver and the quilting looks like a Jiffy Pop Popcorn maker. And the leggings are more Lulu Lemon and less Fashion Olympics. With all that said, I still think they're stylish. If I had a vision of what flight attendants on a Moon trip shuttle in the year 2100 would wear, these outfits would be it.
Fashion Points: 5.5/10

US Speedskating Uniform: Now this is HOT. Very Robocop meets hot swimmer. And seriously, look at those LEG MUSCLES! The only think that's a little jarring is the color-blocking focus on the inner thigh region. Just sayin'
Fashion Points: 8/10

Russia: There are a lot of things going on here. On the far right, you have very wearable puffy jackets and red pant combo (I likey!),  then there are two Von Trapp kids from "The Sound of Music" for some reason, and then some fur trimmed ladies:

Miss Russia 1977: Part of me just wishes they were completely made of fur. The styling of these coats looks very 70s pimp...or something an old Russia woman would be wearing on her way to the the supermarket on a cold Winter's day.

Glove Boy--And PS: these gloves are SUPER GAY (and I can say that!).
Total Fashion Points for Russia: 5/10 (for the Good, the "Uh Oh" 70s fur coat and those gloves)

Sochi 2014 Volunteers Uniforms: These above are the uniforms that will be worn by the Sochi 2014 volunteers. The print in these zip-up parka coats/jackets are blindingly jarring. They remind me of a jacket one of the "Golden Girls" would have worn on a rainy Florida day! On a positive note: there's NO WAY one could miss a Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics volunteer, if you needed their assistance--they certainly do not blend in. My secret wish is to see one of the German Olympic team stand NEXT to one of these volunteers!!
Fashion Points: 3.8/10

Mariachi Olympic Prince:  Mexican skier Hubertus von Hohenlohe is trying to go for being the "best Dressed" at the Sochi Winter Olympics. This above is what the 55-year-old will wear during the ski competition. In what will be his sixth trip to the Olympics, Hohenlohe will don a mariachi-themed race suit during competition. "Until I went to Mexico recently to make a documentary, I never realized what a beautiful, amazing, rich past and culture they have and what a proud people they are," he told NBC Olympics. "It actually moved me to see how much they suffered and how much they fought for what they have. The power to have your own identity is so strong and something I believe in so I want to give it a go in a very cool, elegant way. I want to celebrate who they are, but of course in my own style." Hohenlohe, also a prince of German descent, joked that being one of the most fashionable "is a medal I need so urgently."
Fashion Points: 9.5/10

Norway Curling Team: Finally, the Norway curling team and their suits/uniforms. I actually LOVE them! They're fun, kooky and attention-grabbing. Is the print loud? Yes! I would probably never ever wear a complete suit of this but I would certainly love a silk pocket scarf out of it. Watching grown men slide stones across the ice to a targeted area of concentric rings while wearing these get-ups will certainly be one of MY highlights of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics...Go Team Norway!
Fashion Points: 7/10

What do YOU guys think of these uniforms??? Cray-Cray Good or Cray-Cray "Uh Oh!"...Let me know!

4 Responses to "OLYMPIC STYLE....Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Uniforms From Around the World"

maui said...

Thank you for this post...I was desparate to find something about that print at the I see it if for volunteers...can't wait to see that guy skiing in the mariachi suit! and the curling...may watch that now, too...

Marylyn Kruger said...

Please, I need, need, want that volunteer jacket, really, I think it is lovely, lovely. Please let me know where I can get/buy one., Please!
Marylyn Kruger

Warrick Dodge said...

Me too!

I think they are great!

South Africa

Joseph Caruk said...

Those Russian volunteer jackets really catch the eye. My wife wants one too. If anybody ever finds out how to get one please let me know. BTW it does not appear to be available through the official Shochi merchandise store but there is something close.