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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Atelier Versace S/S 2014


Grace Couture: Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014

Last night, Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 began with the Atelier Versace fashion show. The show featured a Lady Gaga soundtrack (that "Donatella" song is INFECTIOUS!) and Miss Gaga was front and center to witness it all...

Lady Gaga attending the Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014 runway show--wearing Atelier Versace
 Muse and Designer--Lady Gaga (in Atelier Verscae Spring 2014) at the a dinner thrown by Donatella Versace

The Look: Donatella Versace took inspiration from Fashion Icon Grace Jones and her penchant for wearing hooded couture--usually from her favorite designer Azzedine Alaia...

Hooded Diva: Grace Jones 

For the Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the "Donatella Glam Goddesses" were mostly all hooded--a la Grace--in perfectly tailored yet UBER sexy suits, silk jersey draped cocktail dresses and glittering sequined and draped gowns ready for the red carpet. If you have no problem having EVERYONE staring at you at a party as you walk in with your Billionaire boyfriend, then this is your couture.

I can't help but also think that besides Grace Jones, I also can see the fabulous Sheikha Mozah of Qatar (above) as being a secondary muse for this no-holds-barred Glam-a-licious colelction.

Colors: White, pastels, pinks, baby blue, chartreuse, silver, black, royal purple

Trends: Hoods!!! Silk jersey draped Goddesses; cowl draping details; cowl capes, semi-open backs, sequined midriffs/corseting; Art-Deco sequin accents.

Collection Highlights:
La Dolce Vita: Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014

Sheikha Chic: Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014

Neon Draped: Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014

Hello JLo: Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014

Glam Goddesses: Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014

Click Below to Watch the Full Runway Video of Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2014:

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