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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway: Under The Gunn Nick's Looks Episode 3

 Mentor Style, Episode 3: (left to right) Mondo Guerra, Nick Verreos and Anya Ayoung-Chee--"Under The Gunn" Lifetime TV

On this week's episode of Lifetime Network's "Under The Gunn"--the challenge was to design a red carpet-worthy look based on "Hollywood Glamour". I gave some "Inside Dish" on the episode in my "Nick's Take" HERE. This post is about the fashion that I--as well as my fellow mentors--wore for that episode. For the first part of the episode, I donned a denim and satin lapel jacket from Zara, light purple dress shirt from H & M, purple skinny trousers from Topman, an Hermes silk pocket hankie and yes, my YSL "Johnny" boots.

 Mentor Nick Style: Zara Jacket, H & M shirt and hermes pockets scarf--"Under The Gunn" Lifetime TV

"Under The Gunn" Side Tracked--during the filming of this episode--on THE SAME DAY!--I had an appearance scheduled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM in Downtown L.A. for an "Open House"--when students and their parents visit the campus to get to know a little more about the college...

FIDM Los Angeles Open House November 2013--As you can see, I am wearing the same outfit that I wore on this last episode of "Under The Gunn", and that is because I was filming the entire "Hollywood Tour Bus" portion the morning of my MC'ing appearance at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM.

 Runway Nick--FIDM Los Angeles Open House November 2013

 Host With A Secret: Hosting the FIDM Los Angeles Open House 2013 Panel Discussion

I literally drove from Hollywood Blvd., (after our "Under The Gunn Hollywood Tour") to Downtown L.A. to make my scheduled appearance. Besides hosting an Alunni Panel Discussion, I also did a "Dad Fashion Show" plus took a bunch of photos with the attendees. And the whole time, I couldn't say ANYTHING about what I was filming. You can read my Recap of the FIDM Los Angeles Open House HERE.

The following day of filming "Under the Gunn"...
Mentors at FIDM/Grand Hope Park--(left to right) Anya Ayoung-Chee, Nick Verreos and Mondo Guerra. The following day, I wore a wine-red velvet tuxedo blazer from H & M, Topman shiny skinny trousers and...

My very shiny patent leather YSL "Johnny" boots which I bought from my FAVORITE consignment boutique, Sui Generis in San Francisco

Mentor Mondo Guerra was in his Shorty-Shorts Tuxedo-esque Ensemble...
 Mondo Guerra on his iPhone (of course!) in the Benefit Cosmetics "Glam" lounge--"Under The Gunn" Lifetime TV

Fox-y Mondo: Mondo Guerra having fun with a fox statue, Grand Hope Park/FIDM Downtown L.A.--"Under The Gunn" Lifetime TV

**Stay Tuned here on my blog for next week's "Nick/Mentor's Fashion Photo Gallery"

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