SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Israel 2014 is Mor Maman: Winner and Gowns

Israeli Beauty: Mor Maman "Miss Israel 2014"

Last week, a new Israeli beauty queen was crowned: Mor Maman, 18, from Beersheba, was crowned Malkat HaYofi ("Miss Israel") 2014 during the conclusion of the annual event held at the Congress Center in Haifa. Maman stands 1.75 M (5' 9") in height, is a student of computer animation and is waiting to enter service in the Israeli Air Force.

 The new "Miss Israel 2014" is also a model (naturally) and is expected to represent Israel at the 2014 Miss World finals November. 

Top Four: Second place went to Doron Matalon, 19, from Beit Aryeh Ofarim. She was crowned “Israel’s Maiden of Beauty”. Doron (second from left) is expected to represent the country in the 2014 Miss Universe pageant. Third place went to Tamar Skorsirb (far left) and Sasha Alexsandra Shuturov (far right).

 Mom and Daughter: Mor Maman "Miss Israel 2014" and her mother

Here's some "Inside Dish": At the age of 13, Mor Maman "Miss Israel 2014" created a Facebook page to encourage girls struggling with obesity to lose weight in a healthy manner. Her mother was also a beauty queen, "Miss Beersheba". Four years ago, her mother fell and lost her memory. When Mor came to the hospital to see her, she could not recognize her daughter. Mor began to throw a tantrum and neglect herself. Unfortunately, her father had a heart attack right afterward. Mor had no choice but to stand-up and "grow up" and be responsible.

Ivory Mermaids: The top four finalists featured all ivory gowns and except for Tamar Skorsirb (far left), these gowns were all mermaid shaped and featured multi-tiered organza ruffles at the bottom. I think these gowns were quite beautiful, looked well-made and fit wonderfully.

Mermaid Gorgeous: Mor Maman "Miss Israel 2014" (right) and her ivory mermaid-shaped gown with fitted bodice and multi-tiered organza ruffled bottom.

Congratulations Mor and Best of Luck at the Miss World 2014 Finals!

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