Monday, March 10, 2014
Mentor Chic: (L to R) Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra and Anya Ayoung-Chee, posing in the "Under The Gunn" Mentor's Lounge--Episode 8 "Unconventional Beach Party"

In this week's edition of "Nick's Looks"/Mentor Style--here's a Style Recap of the fashion my trusty life partner-in-crime--and unofficial "Under The Gunn" wardrobe stylist, David Paul put together for me...Enjoy!

Beach Kids: (L to R) Natalia Fedner, Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Nick Verreos and Stephanie Ohnmacht--Project Runway: Under The Gunn Episode 8 "Unconventional Beach Party"

First up, here's what I wore for the "Challenge Announcement" which happened at Santa Monica Beach on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) :

Nick Verreos on Santa Monica Beach, Pacific Coast Highway: I had a navy-and-white striped dress shirt, light blue linen jacket, skinny jeans...all from Zara, as well as an orange silk pocket scarf, and...

My Syracuse blue "Mocks" shoes with orange twill lacing--they're plastic, stylish, perfect for slipping on at the beach. While Tim Gunn featured flip flops, this is what I wore to the beach thank you very much.

Runway Judging:
 Ready for the Beach Judging: (Clockwise from top) Nick Verreos, Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Natalia Fedner and Stephanie Ohnmacht--Project Runway: Under The Gunn Episode 8 "Unconventional Beach Party"

I decided to go "Euro Casual/Elegant" with my vintage navy blue double-breasted jacket with gold buttons that I got years ago from an LA Thrift Store, a striped Marc Jacobs dress shirt, skinny jeans a red zig-zag print tie...

 And these fabulous red suede tassel loafers that I bought a couple of years back in Florence Italy.

That's it for this week's edition of "Nick's Looks"/Mentor Style...
Don't miss this Thursday's "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" on Lifetime 9/8c.


Pip Addis said...


You are amazing and a huge inspiration to me. I have been watching Under The Gunn and just recently found your youtube videos and you are the most amazing teacher! Seriously, you are the only person that makes sense to me. I only recently started teaching myself to sew and you are the only person that makes it click for me. Thank you and thought you should know this because you are such a natural teacher, and really have helped me. Good luck with the rest of the show!

sushi babe said...

My boyfriend is in love with your red suede tassel loafers which store did you buy them from

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