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FIDM.....FIDM Orange County Open House 2014: RECAP

 Nick In The OC: Nick Verreos makes an appearance at FIDM OC Open House 2014

This past weekend, I had the honor of making a special visit/appearance at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM Orange County Open House 2014 Open House. I am so privileged that as the Official FIDM Spokesperson, every season I get to visit all the different FIDM campuses and make appearances for their Open House and 3 Days of Fashion events.

Meet Nick: Ready for my "Lecture and Meet-and-Greet"--FIDM OC 2014 Open House

The FIDM Open House is a way for anyone who is interested in pursuing an education in Fashion Design, Apparel Manufacturing, Graphic Design, Visual Communications (styling, visual/window display), Interior Design--or any of the other many majors FIDM offers--can check out the campus, meet instructors, alumni, etc. And yes, parents are welcomed to attend...and they do! As a special bonus of the Open House, the attendees get to hear my "Nick Story" as an FIDM Grad and my path to success.

Now, time for my Recap of last weekend's fun FIDM OC Open House:
FIDM OC, Irvine CA--a view of a lounge area at the FIDM OC campus

Say Cheese: Here's a compilation photo of the FIDM OC Open House audience that was waiting for me--Right before I got onstage and began my "Nick Lecture", I made sure to get photos of the audience for my blog. They were so cute and very ready for the photo! (notice the "photo-bombing" happening at the top left hand corner photo, through the door).

Stylish Lecturing: Nick Verreos onstage at his FIDM OC Open House Special Appearance--FIDM OC Irvine CA

Post Appearance/Lecture Meet-and-Greet:
OC Smiles: Nick Verreos during the post-appearance FIDM OC 2014 Open House Meet-and-Greet

So Cute: Nick Verreos and a couple of FIDM OC 214 Open House attendees--FIDM OC, Irvine CA

Photo Time: Nick Verreos with FIDM OC 2014 Open House attendee Zaak--FIDM OC, Irvine CA

Where's My Sharpie: Nick Verreos and FIDM OC 2014 Open House attendees--FIDM OC, Irvine CA

Portfolio Sneakin': Nick Verreos checks out the portfolio, FIDM OC 2014 Open House--FIDM OC, Irvine CA

Selfies: Nick Verreos during the Meet-and-Greet FIDM OC 2014 Open House-- FIDM OC, Irvine CA

Meet-and-Greet Fab: Nick Verreos poses with FIDM OC 2014 Open House attendees--FIDM OC, Irvine CA

Thank You to EVERYONE who came out to this past weekend's FIDM OC Open House! I had so much fun meeting each and everyone one of you! xoxo Nick

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