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PROJECT RUNWAY....Project Runway: Under The Gunn Episode 13 Season Finale Recap

 WINNERS! Designer Oscar Garcia-Lopez and Mentor Nick Verreos--Project Runway: Under The Gunn Season Finale 

This past Thursday was the Season Finale of Lifetime's "Project Runway: Under The Gunn". After thirteen episodes, lots of Fashion...and DRAMA...a Winning Designer and Mentor was "crowned". Oh and yes, WE WON!!! My designer Oscar Garcia-Lopez won and as his Mentor, I won too (Yeaayyyy Team Oscar-Nick!).

Driving Miss Nick: Oscar Gracia-Lopez and Nick Verreos--Season Finale Episode "Project Runway: Under The Gunn"

Now, let's get to the Finale Episode and Fashion Show and my "Nick Inside Dish"...

The Workroom--Pre-Finale Collection:
Oscar was very excited at the prospect of making his first collection for this Finale Fashion Show. He wanted to prove to the judges that he had a vision, he could do directional, sexy, as well as elegant. He wanted to show separates, as well as a gown, of course. He also wanted to re-do his "Best Hits" but better, more luxe with a change here and a change there. Since the judges had loved his "Superhero" coat that he made in $2/yard felt, he wanted to re-do it in very expensive double-faced cashmere, for example. I told him to honor his Cuban heritage and pay "homage" to the women in his life with this collection.

Team Oscar: Oscar also got help from Natalia Fedner--one of my "Team Nick" designers who was brought back to assist him in making his collection. Natalia was amazing! From the get-go, Natalia was like "OK, Oscar what would you like me to do??!! Let's Win this!".

Mood Boy: Oscar Garcia-Lopez at Mood Fabrics Los Angeles--Since it was the final Mood shopping trip and I was lucky enough to come along with him, at the end I made sure to take photos of Oscar on the floor with all his bags of fabrics, as you can see above. He was ready to start making his collection!

The following day, after a whole day of working, draping, sewing, and fittings with his models at the FIDM "Under the Gunn" workroom...I again, made sure to capture some images since I knew that this would be the last time before the Finale Runway...
Meredith Hennessy, Oscar Garcia-Lopez and Nick Verreos--FIDM "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" workroom. Meredith was so wonderful; the perfect "Oscar Cheerleader". We ADORED her! She was always "Go Oscar!!"

If you remember, Meredith is who wore the creme "Getty Museum" caped ensemble that won him that challenge.

Team Oscar-Nick Group Shot: Biaca Palmerin, Meredith Hennessy, Nick Verreos, Natalia Fedner, Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Ashleigh, Leslie Allen and Koreen--FIDM "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" workroom
Oscar's the making--FIDM "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" workroom

Finale Runway Night:
 Under The Gunn Finale Fashion Show Presented by Lexus--Los Angeles Theater, Downtown Los Angeles

Mentor Step-and-Repeat: (L to R) Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Nick Verreos--Under the Gunn Finale Fashion Show, Los Angeles Theater

My Man: For the Finale--it was all so last minute that none of us knew where it would happen until only 48 hours before. I, of course, asked production if I could invite anyone. And they said "yes!" (Yeayyy!) so naturally, my partner David Paul HAD to be there.
He literally LIVED through this whole show with me--and dressed me EVERY MORNING; he was my unpaid stylist., as well as my "Rock".
Every night, while filming, I went home and threw out my heart and soul to him--and made sure he had read the "Confidentiality Agreement" clause...over and over and over again!
For the photo above, I quickly met him in the theater a couple of hours before the fashion show would start; he wanted to wish me luck. PS: Love him!

Family Support: David also brought his mommy, Conchita (left) and one of his sisters Elise (right), who drove from San Diego to be in the audience supporting me. Both, incidentally, wore their very own NV Nick Verreos dresses--designed by David and I. And they looked beautifully chic!

Las Bellas: Speaking of family, I was very excited to see Oscar's mom (right) and his dear, dear friend, Rosa Maria (left) who flew from Florida to be at the Finale Fashion Show--along with his partner Rick--to support their Oscar. I was happy to see them backstage and give them a big hug!

Welcome to the Finale Fashion Show: Tim Gunn--host of "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" greets the audience at the Los Angeles Theater--The fashion show was filmed twice. One with family and a half-filled theater of selected audience with no judges present. And the second time, was with a FULL audience--including friends and family (this is the show David and his mom and sister saw). The reason they do two shows is for editing and filming--just to make sure they have all the right footage. And also because the 2nd show (with the bigger audience) were not allowed to see the actual designers on the runway, only their designs. Very Top Secret!

Finale Judges: In this second show, the "regular" judges were introduced--Stylist Jen Rade, designer Rachel Roy and Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi. And then for the "big reveal", the "Super-special Guest Judges" were introduced: Neil Patrick Harris and Heidi Klum. Neil Patrick Harris is a FIERCE runway catwalker, as you can see from the photo above.

Backstage Beauties: I made sure to take some pics of Oscar's models--and collection backstage before the final show--I gathered all his "Oscar Girls" together for a group shot--above (L to R) Bianca Palmerin, Koreen, Ashleigh, Leslie Allen and Meredith Hennessy in Oscar Gracia-Lopez designs.

Coat Close-Up: Here's a back close-up of Bianca's purple-and-black plaid coat that she wore with her "finale" gown--Oscar Garcia-Lopez "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" collection

Oscar Time: Time for Oscar Garcia-Lopez to introduce his five-piece collection--which he only had TWO DAYS (!) to make...By the way, the creme colored wrist piece was made by Natalia Fedner. He wanted to wear it as an "homage" for her help and for being part of "Team Nick-Oscar".

Meredith: The first look out was this cape-top and double-slit pencil skirt. The top was made of a digitally-cut fabric and the skirt was stretch satin. It was sexy, hot, and chic va-va-voom!

Koreen: This was the second look and from the moment Koreen stepped onto the runway, the 700-people crowd erupted in applause and major "ooohs & ahhs". The audience had NOT clapped for ANYONE'S collections until now. I was backstage with Oscar and yes, I just about cried (again!). This look was a sequined and nude organza top with silk gazar palazzo's. The pants were so gorgeous; they wrapped around the legs and looked as if they were a flared floor-length skirt but oh-no, they were pants. EssssSTUNNING. The crowd thought so.

Leslie Allen: Leslie's look consisted of an ivory organza asymmetrical top with black belt and "Cheetah printed" black and nude sequined fabric. Oscar created these skinny pants with NO outseam and he wanted this top to be a "hint" of the coat that was to come...

Ashleigh: This look involved a cashmere version of Oscar's "Superhero" coat. He paired it with a pair of metallic skinny pants with mid-leg zippers from the hem up; and a silver metallic lame batwing top with exposed back.

Bianca: The final look in Oscar's collection was worn by Bianca. This was a violet-colored chiffon one-shoulder gown with a hi-lo front hem and full gathered back. He also made a cloak/coat to go with this gown in a purple-and-black plaid.

 Red Carpet Fab: Model Bianca Palmerin in Oscra Gracia-Lopez' final look

 Oscar's Collection: During the judge's critiques it was a "mixed bag"; Jen was not a fan and frankly, it didn't seem as if Zanna or Rachel were as well. I was about to faint--for both Oscar and myself. It wasn't until Heidi Klum spoke that my blood rushed back to my body: she LOVED it. She said that "There was NO CONTEST, Oscar HAD to be the winner. And then Neil Patrick Harris concurred. He said that the fact that 700 people (in the audience) basically only clapped for Oscar's collection (not even knowing who he was or having any affiliation toward him--expect his 4-person family) was a sign of who the winner should be...

 Thank You Miss Heidi! (and Neil Patrick Harris!). 

And...The Winners Are...
 Oscar!! Oh, and Nick!--The moment Oscar Garcia-Lopez is announced as the Winning Designer of "Project Runway: Under The Gunn"

 Felicitaciones: Oscar Garcia-Lopez and Nick Verreos hug it out--"Project Runway: Under The Gunn" Season Finale

 I Did It! Winning Mentor of "Project Runway: Under The Gunn" Nick Verreos

 **In case you missed it, you can WATCH the Season Finale HERE!

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debrarae said...

I am so proud of both you Nick, and Oscar. I loved your collection. As a matter of fact; I loved Shan's as well. But it was the gown/pants; with that fabulous top that showed me who the winner should be. I'm glad that both of the 'guest' judges over ruled the other judges.