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SASHES AND TIARAS....."Nuestra Belleza Latina 2014" Semi Finals Gowns Recap

 Latina Swimsuits Beauties--Nuestra Bella Latina 2014

Last night was the Semi-Final Episode Before the Finals--of this year's Nuestra Bella Latina beauty pageant and Reality TV Show. If you follow beauty pageants, you're well aware of Nuetra Belleza Latina and if not, well, the TV show is a cross between "America's Next Top Model" and "Miss Universe"--but only with Latina contestants. Castings are held across the US to find which women will make the final round to be on the show and contest.

The show is on its EIGHTH SEASON on Univision and consistently one of the highest rated TV programs for not just the Spanish-language network, Univision, but sometimes, it beats out its English-speaking counterparts that air during the same time on Sunday nights. Yes kids, it's that popular. Sunday night was the penultimate episode (next Sunday is the Final Crowning Night). The reality show/beauty contest was down to the Top Five.

Las Top Cinco: Contestants from "Nuestra Belleza Latina 2014" in their evening gowns

As part of the episode, there was an "Evening Gown" fashion show/competition. Six fashion designers--of Latino descent--are commissioned to design the gowns for the contestants throughout the season. But now for this pre-Finals episode, there were only four designers left. I wanted to Recap the Gowns of these contestants--from my Least Favorite to Most Favorite, with my "Gown Scores" (10 being the highest). So...Here we go:

Aly Villegas: Aly from Mexico and for the Semi-Finals, she wore a canary yellow slinky jersey gown from US designer of Peruvian descent designer Eduardo de las Casas. The gown was two seconds from Tacky-licious; the nude illusion panels were very 1997. Between the mock-neck and the long sleeves and too-high stacked nude platforms...I didn't know what I liked least. But then,  I focused on that VERY 1993 Prom/Quinceañera hair:

 1993: Bouffant with a side front fall.
Gown Score: 6.7

Alina Robert: Alina is originally from Cuba and was unfortunately eliminated last night. First off: she's GORGEOUS; beautiful face, great telegenic features. For the gown portion, she wore a blue halter neckline style hi-lo gown with crystal trim and black waistband designed by Colombian-born/raised in Puerto Rico fashion designer Gustavo Arango. I actually liked the dress. There was nothing extraordinary about it and yes, it looked like something one would buy at a department or prom/pageant store.

Alina's Back: With that being said, it fit her well and highlighted her shoulders and very pretty face. In terms of her hair, it was A LOT. But I didn't have a problem with it. 
Gown Score: 8.7

Nabila Tapia: Nabila hails from NY and is of Dominican Republic descent. Last night she wore a silver sequined and ivory organza gown designed by Venezuelan fashion designer Giovanni Scutaro. The style was very Miss Venezuela (no surprise there). It featured "Disco Ball" silver sequined bust cups and a fitted column gown with attached multi-ruffled back train detail.

Disco Nabila: Between her side-swept hairstyle, earrings, crystal cuff and gown...she was the ultimate "Pageant Betty". It was a little tight at the waist and hips (notice the rippling and pulling happening in the photo above), but those pageant girls always love it TOO TIGHT, unfortunately.
Gown Score: 8.9

Josephine Ochoa: Josephine is Guatemalan descent and from Los Angeles, CA. She was "Miss Guatemala U.S. 2013". The blond-haired, brown-eyed beauty wore a gold metallic and crystal gown, also from Venezuela designer Giovanni Scutaro.

Golden Girl: The column shaped gown featured a drop shoulder, high neck and very plunging back. This was one of my favorite gowns of the night. It looked perfect for Josephine. I also loved the fabrication; unusual and luxe. This is definitely not from a Prom-and-Pageant store. If only Josephine was 6 feet tall, this gown would have been an OUT OF CONTROL moment!
Gown Score: 9.0

Aleyda Ortiz: Aleyda wore a royal blue Empire-cut chiffon gown with silver sequined top detail, designed by Eduardo de las Casas. Aleyda worked this gown OVERTIME. In terms of the design, this wasn't anything earth-shaking and in fact, was very "Pageant"-expected. But it was the fact that Aleyda was wearing it...At one point, she was holding on to the chiffon over-layers and then dropped a very dramatic "Pageant Fab" move captured in the one of the photos above. She was VERY "Miss Universe" contestant.
Gown Score: 9.2

Not Her First Time At The Rodeo: I think Aleyda is probably going to be the next "Nuestra Belleza Latina". This is my guess. Aleyda is no stranger to pageants and in fact, was the First Runner-Up to "Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2013" (above) and then...

Got to represent "Puerto Rico" in the "Miss Intercontinental 2013 Pageant" and also got First Runner-Up (left). I think that next Sunday, it will finally be the time she moves from First Runner-Up to being an actual Winner...We'll see!

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