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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Rachel Roy Wears Gown by "Under The Gunn" Designer Oscar Lopez to Met Gala

The Met Gala 2014 Gown for Rachel Roy: Gown designed by Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Winner of "Project Runway: Under The Gunn"
Photo Courtesy of Oscar Garcia-Lopez

This Monday, I had the opportunity to shoot the "Photo Spread" for Marie Claire Magazine as one of the prizes I won as the Winning Mentor on Project Runway: Under The Gunn. The photo shoot was actually for Oscar Garcia-Lopez and the beautiful finale collection he created (I don't actually get my own editorial), but I was THRILLED to be part of his big winning editorial moment, hang out with Oscar again and see all the beautiful clothing he made in a short 3 days for the big finale show!

Winning Designer and Mentor--Marie Claire Photoshoot (Left to right) Oscar Lopez and Nick Verreos

Oscar flew out to LA for one day for the shoot (I'll do a full BLOG RECAP of the day with lots of Behind-the-Scenes pics soon!). Anyhow, while we were DISHING about this-and-that, he told me that Project Runway: Under The Gunn judge--and fashion designer Diva--Rachel Roy had commissioned him to design and create the gown she would wearing to the 2014 Met Gala. Oscar allowed me to show you guys some EXCLUSIVE pics of the gown, the fabric, sketch plus how it all happened...

Here's the DISH:
Lace Met Goddess: Fashion sketch by Oscar Lopez of Rachel Roy's gown for the 2014 Met Gala
Sketch Courtesy of Oscar Garcia-Lopez

Rachel Roy contacted Oscar with less than two week's notice to design and create a gown for her that she would wear for the Met Gala. PS: what an honor! He quickly did some sketches, she approved the first one and after getting her measurements, within a couple of days, he already had a muslin sample done which he FedEx'ed to Rachel for approval. She loved it. Then it was time to make the final gown...

Gorgeous Lace: The fabric consisted of French sequined lace (very expensive!) plus English netting and silk ziberline. The design was a high-neck gown featuring a sequined lace fitted skirt and long sleeves--backed with silk organza--plus a ziberline bustier with top stitching.

Finished Gown: The neckline was created using parts of sequined lace hand-sewn in a jigsaw puzzle form. Also, the back featured a large godet--from the sequined lace--forming a train. Oscar and his staff also hand-sewed scalloped edges at the hem from the sequined lace fabric.

Here's Rachel in NYC getting ready for the 2014 Met Gala, putting on the gown:
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Roy Instagram

I heard that when Rachel received the gown, she was FLOORED at how perfect it fit her and how amazing of job he did!  Congrats Oscar! Felicitaciones and Beautiful gown! 

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