NICK APPEARANCES.....KNE-FM Women's Expo 2014 Keene New Hampshire RECAP!

Say "Cheese" Keene!! Nick Verreos at the Keene State College--Nick Verreos Appearance at KNE-FM Women's Expo 2014 Keene New Hampshire

Two weekend's ago, I had a pleasure of flying to New England to do a Special Appearance at the KNE-FM Women's Expo 2014 in Keene, New Hampshire. Part of my Appearance involved shopping and styling the two "KNE-FM Best Friends Makeover Contest" winners, revealing the Makeover "After's", doing a Spring Trend Presentation as well as a post-appearance Meet-and-Greet.

Keene Beautiful: I landed in Boston and then was driven to Keene--which took almost THREE HOURS (there was hail, rain, and yes, traffic!). Once we crossed the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border, all that was gone and it was a beautiful tree-lined ride into Keene. Keene is a beautiful, quaint, and uniquely "New England" town college town with lots of historical buildings. I checked into...

The Lane Hotel--a boutique hotel that in fact is a Historical Landmark, located on the building that was once the "Goodnow's" Department Store and Spence Hardware Company. The staff was so sweet, they upgraded me to a very spacious Suite in their "below-street level" floor. After a nice dinner with the clients, and a good night's rest, it was time for my "Shopping/Styling/Appearance" day.

Early the next morning--before the store opened--I went to the Keene New Hampshire T.J. Maxx, where I would be shopping and styling the KNE-FM "Best Friends Makeover" Winners. The lucky gals were Karen Thompson and Tracy Pelkey. Both were soooo sweet and so fabulous! I LOVED every minute I spent shopping with them.

Shopping with Nick Verreos--T.J. Maxx Keene New Hampshire, KNE-FM "Best Friends Makeover Contest" 

Now, I didn't do this alone and I was grateful to have the help of the Keene T.J. Maxx Store Manager Chris Capone and T.J. Maxx employees Olivia and Billie. I also got some much-needed assistance from Bethany Priest, KNE-FM On-Air Personality (and now, my Keene New Hampshire Personal Shopping Diva!)
VIP: Nick Verreos with (L to R) KNE-FM On-Air Personality Bethany Priest, and "Best Friends Makeover Contest" winners Tracy Pelkey and Karen Thompson

After shopping and styling the "Best Friends Makeover Contest" winners at T.J. Maxx, it was time to head to Mia Capelli Salon so the ladies could get their Makeover complete in terms of their hair and makeup...
Salon Fab: At the Mia Capelli Salon in Keene New Hampshire with owner Sue Wilber, Lynn Royce, Megan Bassett, as well as Bethany Priest and "Best Friends Makeover Contest" winners Karen Thompson and Tracy Pelkey

Finally, it was time for me to head back to the hotel, do an "Outfit Change" and get ready for my Women's Expo 2014 Special Appearance:
Trend Presentation: Nick Verreos doing a Spring 2014 Trend Presentation--KNE-FM Women's Expo 20-14 Keene New Hampshire

After my Trends Presentation, it was time to reveal the "Best Friends Makeover Contest" winners and their "After" looks:

Makeover Divas: Nick Verreos and the "Best Freidns Makeover Contest" Winners, Karen Thompson and Tracy Pelkey--Women's Expo 2014 at Keene State College, Keene New Hampshire

Afterwards, it was time for some photo-op's and Meet-and-Greet:
Mounting a Harley: Soon after I finished my Appearance, I was summoned to the Monadnock Harley-Davidson booth at the 2014 Keene New Hampshire Women's Expo--to pose with a purple Harley. Now, since I was wearing my purple Topman suit, I thought "Why Not?".

My #1 Keene NH Fan: I was so excited to connect with what I found out was MY BIGGEST FAN in Keene, a young boy by the name of Collin. He loves fashion and has dreams of becoming a fashion designer and possibly being on Project Runway (in the near future). I had THE BEST time with Collin, gave him lots of advice and sketched a special fashion illustration for him.

Here's some more Meet-and-Greet Pics from my time at the 2014 Keene New Hampshire Women's Expo:
Nick Verreos with 2014 Women's Expo attendees, Project Runway "Under The Gunn" fans, the Mia Capelli Salon staff and Bethany Priest, KNE-FM On-Air Personality

Purple Batwing: Finally, I had the fabulous chance to have a photo-op with Ribby, Mascot of the Keene Swamp Bats, a collegiate summer baseball team, based in Keene New Hampshire. PS: I think Ribby and I should be Co-Mascots! #JustSaying

Thanks Keene New Hampshire and to EVERYONE who attended the 2014 Keene KNE-FM Women's Expo and Congrats to the BEAUTIFUL "Best Friends Makeover Contest" winners, Karen and Tracy! Love ya!

**Until Next Time New Hampshire! XOXO**

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