Thursday, June 12, 2014
Wedding Couture: Nick Verreos and his sister Rita Verreos--Rita weraing a NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul custom NIKOLAKI silk crepe and paillette sequined gown

This past Saturday was a very special occasion: my sister Rita, got married. She married actor/writer/producer Carl Mergenthaler. Carl is originally from Mexico City, Mexico and knows how to cook REALLY well (LOVE his Scallop Salad!) and also knows how to make a DELICIOUS Dirty Martini (Hello!)...

Hola Carl: The newlyweds Carl Megenthaler and Rita Verreos-- Topanga Canyon, CA

Carl also is like a "Horse-and-Dog Whisperer" other words, he's amazing with all animals.

Brother-Sister Selfie: (L to R) Nick Verreos, Rita Verreos and David Paul--Rita and Carl's Wedding, Topanga Canyon CA

Wedding Location, Topanga Canyon, CA

My partner David and I headed to a beautiful Ranch in Topanga Canyon--about an hour away from where we live in LA--the site of their wedding.

Hair Do: Rita Verreos and her "Wedding Day" hairstyle--plus close-up's of the NIKOLAKI sequin and silk crepe gown top section

My Sister's Wedding NIKOLAKI Gown:
Wedding Fab: David and I decided to make my sister Rita a very special gown for her second wedding--one that wouldn't be too "Wedding Gown"-like and at the same time, still have that "Wedding Gown" effect. I asked my sister for her measurements and without a single fitting, we made her this gown above. The gown features a hand-sewn sequin paillette  over silk chiffon top section, hand-molded--attached to an off-white silk crepe column floor-length skirt with side slit and train. The style also featured an open back--something my sister asked for.  It was based on a combination of these two NIKOLAKI Collection dresses:

NIKOLAKI: Sequined mini cocktail dress (left) and silk crepe-back satin gown with cowl drape back

The dress took about 100 hours of labor (sewing, pattern, draping) to make and it looked AMAZING on her!

Flower Girls: My beautiful niece Casia--and Gwen--Wendie's niece--were the flower girls. Oh, and I was a "Bridesmaid". But back to my niece: she wore my NV Nick Verreos "Bianca"  printed tie-neck shirt dress with in-seam pockets:

"Bianca" Dress NV Nick Verreos
Walking Down The Aisle: My sister Rita and her son--my nephew, Alain--Topanga Canyon, CA

Back View: My sister and nephew--and my NIKOLAKI gown-- Topanga Canyon, CA

Altar Couture: Bride and groom--Rita and Carl-- Topanga Canyon CA

Familia: My dad--Jim Verreos--and mom Raquel (wearing an NV Nick Verreos canary yellow chiffon dress) with the Bride and Groom--Rita and Carl-- Topanga Canyon CA
Cake and Table Setting--Rita and Carl's Wedding, Topanga Canyon CA

Cheers: Nick Verreos and David Paul, Topanga Canyon CA

Congratulations and Felicitaciones Rita and Carl! XOXO, Nick


DW said...

The bride and her dress are absolutely stunning! Classy and not "too muchie" of anything. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

Unknown said...

Bride's gown is just stunning.So clean and polished.

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