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NIKOLAKI.....My sister Rita Verreos' Custom NIKOLAKI Wedding Gown

Wedding Couture: Nick Verreos and his sister Rita Verreos--Rita weraing a NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul custom NIKOLAKI silk crepe and paillette sequined gown

This past Saturday was a very special occasion: my sister Rita, got married. She married actor/writer/producer Carl Mergenthaler. Carl is originally from Mexico City, Mexico and knows how to cook REALLY well (LOVE his Scallop Salad!) and also knows how to make a DELICIOUS Dirty Martini (Hello!)...

Hola Carl: The newlyweds Carl Megenthaler and Rita Verreos-- Topanga Canyon, CA

Carl also is like a "Horse-and-Dog Whisperer" other words, he's amazing with all animals.

Brother-Sister Selfie: (L to R) Nick Verreos, Rita Verreos and David Paul--Rita and Carl's Wedding, Topanga Canyon CA

Wedding Location, Topanga Canyon, CA

My partner David and I headed to a beautiful Ranch in Topanga Canyon--about an hour away from where we live in LA--the site of their wedding.

Hair Do: Rita Verreos and her "Wedding Day" hairstyle--plus close-up's of the NIKOLAKI sequin and silk crepe gown top section

My Sister's Wedding NIKOLAKI Gown:
Wedding Fab: David and I decided to make my sister Rita a very special gown for her second wedding--one that wouldn't be too "Wedding Gown"-like and at the same time, still have that "Wedding Gown" effect. I asked my sister for her measurements and without a single fitting, we made her this gown above. The gown features a hand-sewn sequin paillette  over silk chiffon top section, hand-molded--attached to an off-white silk crepe column floor-length skirt with side slit and train. The style also featured an open back--something my sister asked for.  It was based on a combination of these two NIKOLAKI Collection dresses:

NIKOLAKI: Sequined mini cocktail dress (left) and silk crepe-back satin gown with cowl drape back

The dress took about 100 hours of labor (sewing, pattern, draping) to make and it looked AMAZING on her!

Flower Girls: My beautiful niece Casia--and Gwen--Wendie's niece--were the flower girls. Oh, and I was a "Bridesmaid". But back to my niece: she wore my NV Nick Verreos "Bianca"  printed tie-neck shirt dress with in-seam pockets:

"Bianca" Dress NV Nick Verreos
Walking Down The Aisle: My sister Rita and her son--my nephew, Alain--Topanga Canyon, CA

Back View: My sister and nephew--and my NIKOLAKI gown-- Topanga Canyon, CA

Altar Couture: Bride and groom--Rita and Carl-- Topanga Canyon CA

Familia: My dad--Jim Verreos--and mom Raquel (wearing an NV Nick Verreos canary yellow chiffon dress) with the Bride and Groom--Rita and Carl-- Topanga Canyon CA
Cake and Table Setting--Rita and Carl's Wedding, Topanga Canyon CA

Cheers: Nick Verreos and David Paul, Topanga Canyon CA

Congratulations and Felicitaciones Rita and Carl! XOXO, Nick

2 Responses to "NIKOLAKI.....My sister Rita Verreos' Custom NIKOLAKI Wedding Gown"

DW said...

The bride and her dress are absolutely stunning! Classy and not "too muchie" of anything. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

Unknown said...

Bride's gown is just stunning.So clean and polished.