ROYAL COUTURE.....Queen Sofia of Spain, Style Icon

Mantilla Diva: Queen Sofia of Spain

Yesterday, King Juan Carlos of Spain officially handed over his crown, throne, get it, to his son Felipe. Felipe is now Felipe VI King of Spain. The official ceremony was televised live on BBC World News and yes, I was up until 2 AM PST watching it!

Belted Fashionista: Queen Sofia during the Abdication Ceremony--with her husband, King Juan Carlos I and son, the new King Felipe VI

In terms of Abdication Ceremonies and Handing-over-a-Crown, it was rather low-key, in accordance to the fact that Spain has recently hit some difficult economic times and well, it wouldn't be kosher for people to be talking about the $100,000+ Haute Couture being worn and all the Too Mucheey being spent (at the Spanish tax payers expense) on a grand affair. It was still grand but with a lower-case "g". In light of this "passing the torch" to the younger generation, I wanted to pay a Style Homage to the older, and particularly, Queen Sofia, the Queen Mother.

Doña Sofia has always been a style icon in my eyes and here, I want to pay tribute to this. Let's begin with her chartreuse satin suit worn at yesterday's official Ceremony Welcoming the new King of Spain. Queen Sofia wore this silk taffeta suit with three-quarter sleeves, high neck. It was austere, elegant and perfect. What I especially liked was the very Retro 60's back button detail: 

Buttoned Queen Mother: Queen Sofia of Spain--in the the balcony of the Palace, greeting the "masses" welcoming the newly crowned King of Spain (fourth from left)

Queen Sofia 1960's
I love this look from the then-Princess of Greece and Denmark, Sophia. Donning a mink shawl, pearls, silk chiffon dress, hat and elbow-length white gloves, she looks every bit a future queen...or Hollywood royalty.

The Wedding: In 1962, the Greece-born Princess Sophia of German-Danish descent wed Infante Juan Carlos in Greece wearing a Jean Dessès Haute Couture custom wedding gown with (as you can see) a very, very long royal-worthy train. The silk satin  and lace veiled gown would be estimated at costing over $100,000 in the 21st Century Haute Couture pricing standards. The wedding was attended by many Euro royals at the time and occurred at a Catholic church even though she was Greek Orthodox. Naturally, Sofia converted to Roman Catholicism to become more palatable to Roman Catholic Spain. Also, her Greek name of Sophia became "Latinized" to then become Sofia.

During her first official appearance as Queen of Spain in 1975--Sofia wore a teal coat and gown inn an A-line silhouette with gold trim, long sleeves and black lace Mantilla. She looked every bit a Couture Queen alongside her husband, King Juan Carlos I and children (future King Felipe standing in between them with his sister).

Mantilla Queen:
As the Queen of Spain, Sofia wore the Spanish headdress of a peineta (hair-comb) and mantilla (lace fabric draped over the headdress). And she wore it well. Even though among many "inside social circles", she was still considered the "German Queen", she made sure to wear this iconic Spanish fashion accessory. Here are some of the best Queen Sofia Mantilla fashion moments:

Polka Dot Sevillana Fashion Queen: 
Queen Sofia never met a polka dot she did not in point...
Sevillana Fab: Queen Sofia

With Pope John Paul II (left) and in Valentino Haute Couture polka-dot red-and-white gown

Sofia: The Boxy Suit Queen
Queen Sofia loves a boxy-cut suit. Especially in a bright color. Skirt lengths are always at the knee and the jackets have notched or portrait collars. Even during the wedding announcement of the future King of Spain (photo above), one can see that Sofia LOVED a boxy-cut suit. Here are some of the best ones from  recent years...

Resort Sofia:
As much as Queen Sofia loves a tailored boxy suit, there is proof that for "Resort", she also loved a more relaxed look as seen in the photo with her daughter-in-law (and future Queen) Letizia and with Princess Diana in the above pics.

Boho Chic Sofia:
Queen Sofia, in all her Euro fabulousless, can do Boho Chic perfectly. In the above left photo, she is wearing a multi-printed dress while in Greece at a pre-wedding dinner event for Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana. And on the right photo, Queen Sofia looks Boho-perfect in this Valentino Couture blouson sleeved satin-belted gown (along with Belgium's Queen Fabiola).

Gown Queen:
Queen Sofia loves a gown, especially for events involving Official Engagements, Dinners and World Leader Dinner Engagements. Here are some of my favorites...

Blouson Sleeve Top-and-Column Gown Skirt

Printed and Bright Colored Gowns

Blushing Queen--Draped and Lace Gown at Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria's Wedding

Ball Gown Sofia:
Queen Sofia also ADORES a good full shaped ball gown--especially if thre's a are some examples...
Ball Gown Queens: With Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands

Queen Sofia with fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and Hillary Clinton--at the Gold Medal Gala of the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute Honoring Hillary Clinton and Antonio Banderas in 2013

Muchisimas Gracias HM Queen Sofia of Spain for being a Style Muse

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