PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway Premiere Episode Recap: The Judges Decide

Why Hatin' On Slashed/Slit?: Heidi Klum--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 1: "The Judges Decide" 

This Thursday was the Premiere of Season 13 Project Runway. Yes, kids, "Lucky Number 13". And yes kids, our beloved show has been going on for THIRTEEN SEASONS!!! Who would have THUNK it!!? I am so excited to be Recapping the Season on (the Lifetime Network website). I'm proud to say that it's my ELEVENTH consecutive season recapping the show (I should get a "Lifetime Recapper Award"!)...

Emmy Nominated Hosts: Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 1: "The Judges Decide" 

One Last Audition: Nina, Zac and Heidi--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 1: "The Judges Decide" 

Before I get to my Recap, here was the gist of the first episode: The episode began with 18 designers coming to NYC to survive one last audition in front of Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen. Only 15 of the 18 would continue on, which means 3 were out. Also a former "Project Runway" designer--Season 11's Amanda Valentine was added to the mix (by fan's votes). The first challenge was to design a Spring look since the Top 9 designers on the show (which includes 6 deco collections) would get to show a Spring Collection at Fashion Week.

During the last Audition, I really liked:
Alexander Knox was in! And deemed by Tim Gunn as a talent equal to Christian Siriano and Proenza Schouler. Those are some big shoes to fill!

and Nzinga Knight was out. I loved her Madame Gres-inspired draped jersey dresses but she was deemed too "one note" by Nina, Zac and Heidi.

What NOT to Wear In Front of Nina, Heidi and Zac:
Flip Flop Boy: Ft. Lauderdale-based designer Mitchell Perry. His friends call him "The Mitchell Perry" (??!!). Anyhow, he showed up in shorty-shorts, a tie-dye ripped denim sleeveless shirt and painted tank (all his designs, I guess, save for the flip-flops!). I could only IMAGINE Nina's face when he showed up like a by her, Zac and Heidi. Heidi made a brief mention of it but I wonder "Really??THAT's your "first impression ensemble??!!" No.

Several Story Arcs...emerged from just this first episode:
1) Mousy Angela: designer Angela Sum is mousy, quiet, worked at an investment firm and seems like a puppy for a no-kill shelter...any snap movement and she might break in two!

2) Sandhya is the new Natalia: Sandhya Garg is the new Natalia Fedner ( from "Project Runway: Under the Gunn")

--Sandyha, like Natalia is the kooky/creative one who's designs every one else dislikes.

3) Korina Emmerich is the "meany"-one (rhymes with witch)--This first episode really established some story arc about Korina being the not-so-nice one of the bunch. Every other camera cut showed her giving a "stink face" or trash talking the rest of the designers...Take a look at these screen caps:

I wish there was a Project Runway "pop-up" bubble

4) Gossip Queens: Korina and Mitchell are the "Peanut Gallery" of Season 13--commenting on every other designer's stuff:

The Runway:
Judges: (L to R) "Modern Family" actress Julie Bowen, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 1: "The Judges Decide" 

I Liked:
 Alexander Knox: cool use of the prints, chic

Sean Kelly: graphic, great length, on-trend with color-blocking, directional, very "NY Fashion Week"

 Char Glover: LOVE the color combo, bold and bright, great draped top, very Spring

Carrie Sleutskaya: modern, sexy, HOT mini-dress!

 Korina Emmerich: One of my FAVES! Chic, elegant, sexy, very runway...Elie Saab Pret-a-Porter-like!

 Sandhya Garg: Actual Winner. Don't know why other than it was the most "out there/creative" --but on second and third's pretty "Tragique"

Oh No!
Angela Sum: Mousy Angela's top and pants were a big "No-No". The judges were totally hatin' on it and I wasn't a fan as well. The overall look was kind of a mess. The judges--Miss Nina especially--did not like these side cut-out's on the pants...

Which she labeled (incorrectly) as SLITS. I get that they were a little questionable however...did Nina take a look at what Heidi was wearing?

Cut-Out Happy: Just Sayin' 

Out: Jefferson Musanda was OUT for his too cropped top and ill-fitting shorts. 

Here's My "Project Runway Blog" Recap:

Season 13 Premiere: Lucky Number 13

Back in the “covered wagon days” when I was a contestant on Season 2 of "Project Runway," neither I --nor Heidi, Tim, and company -- would have ever imagined the show would continue on for eleven more seasons. Yet here we are! All these years later with a new season, new designers and undoubtbly new drama. So let’s see who was lucky or unlucky during this premiere episode of "Project Runway" Season 13.
The episode begins with 18 designers arriving in NYC for one final audition where judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum will get to whittle them down to 15. After the audition, Heidi waves auf wiedersehen to three of the 18 who will have to pack their bags and go home...or be sequestered into an undisclosed location until further notice.
As in any premiere episode of a reality competition show, we get a quick get-to-know-you glimpse of each of the contestants, featuring soundbites from all the designers and judges. The new cast of "characters" is revealed and solidifies very early on who each person is supposed to be: Char, a single mom from Detroit, is self-taught; mousy, quiet Angela from L.A. used to work at an investment bank; Jefferson is fresh from school and used to be a hip-hop dancer; Mitchell is from Ft. Lauderdale and dresses as if he’s going to a Fire Island Bar-B-Q as opposed to an audition interview with Nina, Heidi and Zac; Kini is the bleach-blond guy from Hawaii; Carrie’s designs are considered referential and very Rick Owens; Fade is the "kooky" German who probably wears fanny packs while vacationing; India-born Sandhya had an arranged marriage and has a "definite point of view" (read: she’s the "creative" one); and Hernan is the Latino designer with the questionable taste level according to Miss Nina. Oh, and every other designer seems to reside in Brooklyn (!!??)...

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