PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway Episode 4 Recap: Red Robin Challenge

Red Robin Boys: Jason Rusk, Red Robin VP of Brand Transformation and Tim Gunn...VP of Mentoring

This past week's episode of Lifetime's Project Runway involved Red Robin (the main sponsor for Season 13) and creating "High Fashion" looks from used men's suits. What that had to do with Red Robin or it's famous "Gourmet Burgers" is beyond me but I was up to the task of suspending disbelief and just "going with the program".

There were 13 TACKY--I mean "Classic" suits modeled by 13 handsome men who came out of a Red Robin Restaurant holding delicious burgers, fries and drinks--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 4

Inspiration? You Bet!--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 4

Last week's Winner--and this season's most unliked contestant, Sandhya Garg, got first choice of suit to be inspired by and then went on to assign different suits to the rest of her co-designer competitors--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 4

Designer Hernan Lander was NOT HAPPY with the suit he got and throughout the episode, he was sure to tell the camera--Season 13 Project Runway Episode 4

Designer Kristine Guico was inspired by what she was wearing--and decided to make a Motorcycle Jacket look...

Unfortunately, fellow designer/contestant Korina Emmerich also decided to do a Motorcycle Jacket look; Needless to say, Korina was not happy about that as you can see from her face above.

Designer Kini Zamora was done waaaaay before all the other designers and spent half his workroom time dreaming of the Red Robin Gourmet Burger that he could have had...

My Fave Runway Looks This Week:
Alexander Knox: Fresh-out-of-school, 22 year-old Alexander redeemed himself this week with this two piece look of a black pleated full skirt and cropped black and white one shoulder top. It was a mix of trends including color blocking, crop top and asymmetry, but it all worked well together. I only wish the skirt was a few inches higher making the peek-a-boo just a bit smaller.

Korina Emmerich: Miss Not-so-Nice Korina's Moto jacket look was a good one--compared to Kristine's. I thought this ensemble was very chic, graphic and very on-trend. Even though its obvious that the show is portraying her to be the Meanie McMeanie designer, I have to give it to Korina, she's got lots of good taste (in her design aesthetic). I was surprised this wasn't in the top.

Sandhya Garg: I LOVED Sandhya's kooky yet still "High Fashion" look which she created this week; it had the right blend of "transformation" as well as a semi-overt homage to Red Robin Restaurant.

She was inspired by a poster in the Red Robin Restaurant that said "Do I Have Ketchup In My Mustache?". I also have to say that the fact that every look she is sending down the runway is so obviously recognized as a good thing (in my eyes!). I know Sandhya and her design aesthetic are very polarizing, but that is what I think makes a good designer. So far this season I am totally #TeamSandhya.

Kini Zamora: My favorite look of the night was Kini's. It was High Fashion, and he really transformed his "Classic" suit and the construction was all there! But, the judges chose this instead...

The "Say What?...She Won?":
Amanda Valentine: I got the whole hippy/dippy Boho vibe of Amanda's look but if I were to be honest, I thought that it was a bit of a mess. The patchwork dress is not my taste and the fringe was reminiscent of a bad...

Stevie Nicks meets...

Janis Joplin moment--I just didn't get it. But she won.

The Not-So-Good:
Sean Kelly: Oh Sean!!! Raw edges, deconstructed...been there/done that. Not new. And not cute. It was--as Nina Garcia said--very "post-surgery bandage". It reminded me (and not in a good way) of...

Vogue Italia Steven Meisel Editorial on "Plastic Surgery Chic"

Hernan Lander: This was definitely the worst. Power to the Va-Jay-Jay Superwoman. This dress was all things tacky, bad, rotten construction and definitely not high fashion...Let's take a look at that "V" focused on the model's crotch:

Yeah, not cute

Nasty Herman: And then, to add insult to injury, he continued to be nasty to his fellow designer Sandhya...I loved that she gave him the finger. Seriously. His momma and women in his life should (NOT) be proud of the things he was calling her. Ayyy Dios Mio! I also LOVE Mitchell's look at Sandhya. He's like "At-a-Gurl!"

Adios Herman!

And now, here's my RECAP for this past week's Lifetime Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 4:

Season 13, Episode 4: Burger Couture

Are you hungry for high fashion? Well then this episode -- and challenge -- is for you. For Season 13 of “Project Runway” the main sponsor is Red Robin, home of “gourmet burgers." What do delicious hamburgers have to do with high fashion? This week’s episode was going to do its darnedest to somehow answer that -— or at least make sure you get hungry while watching and want to run out to your nearest Red Robin to get one of their burgers. Let's discuss the Gourmet-Burger Couture.
The beginning of this fourth episode has the remaining 13 designers thrown in vans and transported to what looks like Staten Island or New Jersey, where they arrive at a Red Robin restaurant. Kini is famished from the long ride and excited at the prospect of possibly having a breakfast burger (if there is such a thing!). No time for eating just yet, Kini: Tim Gunn is waiting, along with Jason Rusk, VP of Brand Transformation. You gotta love a good corporate title!
Jason and Tim inform the designers that Red Robin is a burger joint that "likes to look at things with a fresh perspective." Out walk 13 male models decked out in 13 different suits, from 70's leisure polyester and 
Click HERE to read the rest of my RECAP

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