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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway Episode 5 Recap: Heidi Klum Red Carpet Challenge

Fringe Heidi: Heidi Klum in Sean Kelly design at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards on August 16th

This week on Lifetime Network's "Project Runway", the Challenge was to create a Red Carpet look for Heidi Klum to wear to the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards (Heidi, along with Tim Gunn, were both nominated for Outstanding Reality Competition Program Hosts). Now, anyone who was not living under a rock and aware of social media, knew what she actually wore--and therefore who won--when Heidi herself showed photos on her Instagram--in addition to the thousands of Fashion-and-Red Carpet Obsessed social media peeps who released photos. I was one of them.

Twirl It Girl--Heidi Klum at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

The reason we knew the winner is because the actual 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards occurred on August 16th and this week's episode was on August 21. Not sure why the show did that and scheduled this all-important episode after the fact, but oh well. There is one saving grace, the 2014 Creative Arts Emmys will actually air on TV tomorrow (even though it was taped on the 16th--hope this all makes sense). Now, back to the episode--and let's just pretend you didn't see the gown above, shall we!!??

Heidi! Look here!--Heidi arrives at the formally-known-as-Parsons building in a trench coat and high heels to faux paparazzi taking photos of her ("Project Runway" P.A.'s and "interns" doing double-duty!).

Trench Heidi: She then steps onto a red carpeted runway and tells the remaining designers about their challenge.

I give Heidi props for wearing "Project Runway" designers. I explain in my RECAP HERE that she doesn't have to--Keep reading at the end of this blog for that...

I'm happy to say that I am one of those designers whose designs she has worn:
Heidi Klum in NIKOLAKI black jersey and leather one shoulder draped dress, at the Conan O'Brien Show

Heidi Klum in NIKOLAKI one shoulder jersey draped dress on "Project Runway Season 7 "Models of the Runway"

Heidi Is Worried: During the workroom time Heidi was not impressed with what A LOT of the designers were creating for her--and since, after all, she has to wear it, it was time to do something about it. So, the designers got to go back to Mood with extra money and "Make It Work!". Hopefully.

The Judges: American World Cup alpine ski racer on the U.S. Ski team Lindsey Vonn, Marie Claire's Nina Garcia, designer Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Episode 5 Season 13 "Project Runway"...

Two things: Lindsey is soooo GORGEOUS! However, I just didn't understand why she was there to judge a Red Carpet Challenge. I'm sure she has attended many a red carpet but I would think a top TV or Film actress might have been more appropriate. Now, if the Challenge was to create a Uniform for the U.S. Olympic Team...then I'd be all for Lindsey judging!

My Favorite Looks:
Sandhya Garg: much-disliked Sandhya was one of those designers who went back to Mood and was savvy enough to get extra $$$ from some of her co-designers who were not making a second trip to Mood. PS: I give her extra-extra points for doing that! You. Go. Girl!). Sandhya then bought very expensive sequined lace and created this gorgeous column gown with pale yellow lining. It looked beautiful.

Amanda Valentine: I'm not a fan of Amanda's design aesthetic, it's just a matter of personal taste. However, I really liked this "Cleopatra"-like gown she made for Heidi. Zac thought the trim was cheap looking but I think from far away and in photos, it didn't look so cheap.

Kini Zamora: This was absolutely STUNNING. Kini made this in like TWO HOURS (literally!) and finished it perfectly with the Couture-touch of adding horsehair braid at the hem to give it shape. The fabric was a jersey and therefore probably easier to fit, mold and sew but even with that, this was just masterful and perfect for the red carpet. The other designers who made such CRAP (read below) should be doubly embarrassed and bow down to Kini.

The Winner:
Sean Kelly: Well, no surprise who was going to win (if you had a Twitter/Facebook and/or Instagram account!). Seans electric blue fringe design was SOOOO Heidi! The movement, the sexiness, the eye-catching color and fringe...And thank goodness, it was also made well.

I was surprised that Amanda--who last week did the fringed design above--did not even say anything to the tune of "Sean Copied Me!". But I'm glad she didn't go there. Much classier of her.

The Heidi No Likey:
Alexander Knox: How in the World would Alexander think that Heidi Klum would wear this to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards??? No. Not happening. I don't even think she world wear it if the Creative Arts Emmy Awards were happening on Mars! Oh and yes, say "hello" to her almost-butt cheek. Klassy.

Emily Payne: Did Emily remember what Tim said about the Creative Arts Emmy Awards to co-designer Mitchell? That it was an "elegant" and "sophisticated" event? Maybe she wasn't listening. This micro-mini dress is like something out of a VH1 Vegas Hooker Convention Reality Show.

Korina Emmerich: Oh Korina. She's always such the catty one--bad mouthing all her co-designers as being less-then-capable or good. And then she makes this. Let's just say that from now on, she hopefully got served a big spoon-full of Humble Pie. Let's take a closer look:

Is that a pin holding the back halter strap? I think so.

Nice Hem. The cutting isn't even good. Ayyyy Dios Mio!

How Not To Sew A Zipper. Well, we know who'll never be giving lectures on Garment Construction. 

Kristine Guico: First things first: I LOVE Kristine's model! Fierce, gorgeous, so tall...This dress, not so cute. It had potential but between the bad fit...

The Devil Horn bust line, the too-much all spelled disaster for Kristine.

Mitchell Perry: Poor Mitchell. He knew it was a big red carpet failure and miss. He couldn't even pretend. The dress was too short, the draping looked tortured, and then there's this:

AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking at this really, really, really hurts my eyes. I don't think I even sewed this BAD of a zipper and seam back when I was a fashion Student who had just begun to learn how to sew!

Two designers went home:
Bye Mitchell and Kristine! I'm a little bummed Mitchell went home since he was really the only designer who had fun and good one-liners. I bet the producers were bummed too. Now they're like "Great! we're left with the non-personality kids!"

One More Time--
Congrats to Sean Kelly

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn--on the red carpet of the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards last week.

Now...time for my "Project Runway Blog" RECAP--Read on, and as always, let me know YOUR thoughts!

Season 13, Episode 5: Red Carpet Redo

Last week on “Project Runway" we had Red Robin, and now, it’s red carpet! This episode begins with a black SUV pulling up to the formally-known-as-Parsons building and lots of paparazzi taking photos of a celeb getting out. It’s the one-and-only Heidi Klum! She steps onto the red carpet runway, dressed in only a trench coat and high heels. Heidi tells the remaining 12 designers that she has nothing to wear. Sidebar: I doubt that, but I’ll go along for the sake of the show. She announces that the Challenge for the designers this week is to design a red carpet look for her to wear to the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.
Sidebar number two: The Creative Arts Emmys occurred last week and we saw TONS of photos of what Heidi wore, so if you are at all connected to social media, you knew who won prior to the airing of the episode. There seemed to be some sort of scheduling snafu, but I'll suspend disbelief once again. Heidi tells the designers to create something unexpected, fashion forward and fearless. Oh, and one last directive: She doesn't want to end up on a Worst Dressed List.
I have to take this time to give Heidi some props. She doesn't have to wear clothing created by "Project Runway" designers, but she has done so on many occasions. Heidi can wear any designer in the world...
Click HERE to read the rest of my RECAP!!!

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