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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway Episode 6 Recap: Rock The Wedding

Couple Fab: Tim Gunn and Dita Von Teese--Episode 6 Season 13 Lifetime Network "Project Runway"

This week's Lifetime Network Season 13 "Project Runway" episode began with awkward silence in the Gotham West Apartments--with roommates Amanda, Char and seems "Meany McMeany" designer Korina Emmerich called out Amanda Valentine as being "kind of a " phony (whatever that means)...

 Awkward Roommates: Designers Amanda Valentine(top photo left) and Korina Emmerich (above) are NO LIKEY--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"

Moving on...This week's Challenge was to create "Alternative" Wedding and Reception Looks for a bride. The Super Guest Star was Burlesque Dancer and Lingerie Designer Diva Dita Von Teese. Because the remaining designers had to create TWO looks, it was a dreaded Team Challenge and yes, the even more dreaded Button Bag came out:

Not So Random: Tim Gunn reaches into the "Button Bag" and "randomly" calls out the designers who will work together--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"

Oh Oh: And yes, one did not have to be a Project Runway fashion design surgeon to figure out that Unhappy Roommates Korina and Amanda would be teamed up together--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"

Other Workroom Highlights (or lowlights):
Neon Yellow Gals: Designers Sandhya Garg and Char Glover were making their "Alternative Wedding Looks" out of A LOT of chartreuse-like bright highlighter yellow lace and applique know this wasn't going to end up well--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"

Kini to the Rescue: Designer Kini Zamora creates fellow team-member/designer Sean Kelly's white blouse--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"

Judges: (L to R) Fashion blogger "The Blond Salad" Chiara Ferragni, Dita Von Teese, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"

The Runway:
Unhappy Roommates Amanda Valentine and Korina Emmerich were SAFE! I liked their white-and-black looks--and so did the judges. Amandas dress was the best thing she has done this season.

Goth Queens: Designers Emily Payne and Fade Zu Grau went the "Goth Bride" route. half of the judges weren't fans. I liked these looks. Loved the veiled/hooded Goth Diva of Emily and Fade's sexy mini-dress Reception look.

Superb: My Favorites were the designs from Kini Zamora and Sean Kelly. I thought Kini should have won--because I loved his black "Flamenco Couture Power Lesbian" look and also for the fact he created Sean's white blouse. Sean--after all--just made the pants. Yes, he designed the blouse, but in my opinion to win on "Project Runway" you also have to make it. The judges either A) didn't know this or B)didn't care..because Sean got the win. Sorry Kini. I think you were robbed.

Le Bad:
Applique and Lace Hoochie: These two looks ox-blood lace and ivory applique designs from designers Alexander Knox (L) and Samantha Plasencia were not greeted well from the judges. Samantha's mini dress-especially looked like something I would see at CachĂ© in a shopping mall.

Big Bird and Tweety Bird: The looks from designers Sandhya Garg (L) and Char Glover (R)--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"--these two were obviously the worst. The blindingly tacky color; the What-Is-That? design; the super-bad construction...

Oh Sandyha: Rumpled, not matching and messy--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"

Char Glover: No comment, just see pictures--Episode 6 Season 13 "Project Runway"--It was Char's time to go...

Here's my RECAP of this week's "Project Runway" episode--I have LOTS MORE to discuss--and would LOVE to know what you guys think:

Season 13, Episode 6: Something Alternative

The subject of wedding gowns and creating them is not a foreign one to “Project Runway." Last night's episode had elements of a Throwback Thursday: Back in Season 6 the contestants had to reconstruct a divorcĂ©e's wedding gown into a new dress, and in Season 1 the designers created wedding gowns with their models as clients (how can we forget Morganza!). Now on Season 13, it’s time to revisit the Wedding Gown but with an “alternative” twist.
The episode begins quite awkwardly as Amanda and Korina are sitting in their Gotham West apartment surrounded by uncomfortable silence. It seems that Korina, out of the blue (according to Amanda), told her that she was “kind of a phony." Umm, okay. So either A) Korina is hatin’ on Amanda for winning a couple of challenges; B) Korina is just being Meany McMeany; or maybe, C) Amanda is a phony and we’re not seeing this via editing. Either way, WHO CARES? Well, soon we realize the producers sure did when they “randomly” paired them together for a challenge.
Cut to the designers arriving at Webster Music Hall. Tim Gunn and burlesque diva and lingerie designer Dita Von Teese enter arm and arm...
Click HERE to Read the rest of my RECAP!

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