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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway Episode 3 Recap: Welcome To the Future


Tim Gunn and Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider--Episode 3 "Project Runway" Lifetime Networks

In this week's Season 13 "Project Runway" on Lifetime...the designers challenge was to be inspired by 1994 and create a look for 20 years in the future. The whole convoluted idea came about as a result of the fact that Marie Claire Magazine was having its 20th Anniversary of launching the U.S. Marie Claire. Tim Gunn and Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider announced the challenge to the designers with the backdrop of "vintage" Marie Claire Magazine covers featuring Supermodels like Helena Christensen and Claudia Schiffer. Now, speaking of Vintage, since this episode was "inspired" by 1994, it's time to show you what my look was back then:

Nick Verreos...1994

Caesar Haircut, Goatee, boxy Nehru Collared suit...yep--that's me 20 years ago! Along with my sister Rita and mom Raquel--we were about to attend one of my best girlfriend's weddings---Naturally the ensembles my sister and mommie are wearing are all my Custom one-of-a-kind designs (I also designed my girlfriend's wedding gown!)..."early" NIKOLAKI, you might say!

Here are what some of this season's designers looked like in 1994:

 Season 13 Project Runway designers circa 1994--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

 Baby Alexander: Designer Alexander Knox was only 2 in 1994 and here's his pic--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

 Amanda ("Maroon 5" band member sister) Valentine made her own patchwork fabric dress--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

 Designer Emily Payne (Thank Goodness) was already a post 20+ adult (like me!) and well, by the looks of it...she was a Music Video Vixen! #HOT--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

Asymmetrical 'Do: Designer Kini Zamora loved a good asymmetrical hairstyle back in 1994--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

Back in the Workroom...
"Baby Alexander" was having issues with what he was making--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

 Uh Oh: Rippling, leather stretching--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

Uh Oh Part 2: Alexander's "Uni-boob" top...Not cute--Season 13 "Project Runway" Episode 3

My Faves of the Week:
 Samantha Plasencia: Cute, very "College Girl 2034"

Mitchell Perry: Ft. Lauderdale-based and lover of ripped and holey jeans Mitchell...made a "Scuba Diva" look---I liked it, however, I just wished his seams matched and the pants fit better...

Kristine Guico: I thought both the coat, top and skirt were made well and looked OK on the runway..but I thought that olive green neoprene coat and the cut-out sleeves were soooo "Matrix" costumey and a bit just-out-of-fashion-school looking.

Emily Payne: SF-based designer Emily created my second favorite design with this hooded jacket and jumpsuit look. Her model WORKED IT. Overtime.

Sandyha Garg: My favorite--and the judges--and the WINNER--Sandhya's dress was colorful, original, directional, editorial...I know that many of the viewers may not have liked it but I did. So there! I thought the dusty rose color of the dress was nice plus the mixing of the metallics...

...and then there was her "Queen Amidala" makeup

 Not So Faves:
 Amanda Valentine: Organza jacket...tricky bra top and BELL BOTTOMS...Nope. Not 2014. More like 1994.

Korina Emmerich: Love the top and mesh coat..but THOSE cropped pants??!!! What. Are. Those? That center front rise/crotch is WAAAAY too long! It reminds me of this:

Justin Bieber

Fade Zu Grau: Time for a Cruise Ship's Buffet!

Sean Kelly: Oh Dear! The rippling/wrinkled fabric, the...

"Marie Poppins" look...

The uneven and bad construction...Oh Sean! I thought you were heading to the finals, but now I'm not so sure...

Alexander Knox: To me, this was THE WORST of the week: the raw edged tweed tent dress, the attached leather "harness" was not "Futuristic" and definitely had no "Marie Claire" editorial love. And it reminded Nina Garcia of...

Planet of the Apes. She was right.

Angela Sum: Oh Angela. That mini suit was not cute. It was very reminiscent of a flight attendant uniform...but without the "fun" factor, like these below:

 PSA Stewardess Uniforms

Mistake pleat: My guess is that Angela realized the sweep on her skirt's hem was too much and therefore she wanted to "take it in"; it was a no-no. And then there was this:

White Invisible Zipper...on a dusty rose PINK skirt. Maybe there wasn't a dusty rose pink invisible zipper at Mood, but then at least learn how to sew one in correctly.

Bye Angela!

Here's my RECAP for this week's "Project Runway Runway" episode:

Season 13, Episode 3: 2034 Is The New 1994

1994. Part of me doesn’t want to admit that I actually remember 1994 and that I was already a just-graduated-from-college 20-something. Unfortunately, there are photos to prove that I was not only an adult but that I wore oversized blousy shirts, had a Caesar haircut and goatee, and loved boxy Nehru-collared suits. What got me strolling down Fashion Memory Lane was of course this week’s “Project Runway,” which involved 1994 and the future. If you think that the future in terms of fashion will be inspirational, exciting and innovative...keep reading. Let's hope that at least there will be no blousy shirts, Caesar haircuts and goatees involved.
Flanked by photos of supermodels on the cover of past Marie Claire magazines, Tim Gunn and Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider announce that the magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary and that this week’s challenge is to create a look inspired by the past, but for 20 years in the future in 2034. “What does the future of fashion look like filtered through your design aesthetic?” asks Tim. Before the designers can ponder the thought, it’s time to go on their first trip to Mood!
Post-Mood shopping, the designers arrive in the workroom to see old photos of themselves on the wall showing how they looked in 1994...
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