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SASHES AND TIARAS....Miss Venezuela World 2014 is Debora Menicucci


La Mas Bella: Miss Venezuela World 2014 Debora Menicucci

This past Saturday night were the finals of the Miss Venezuela Mundo 2014 beauty pageant. The pageant --in its second edition--is a separate Miss Venezuela pageant held specifically to crown the country's representative to the Miss World pageant. In the past, the Miss World representative from Venezuela would be crowned during the traditional Miss Venezuela pageant and would go to the 1st Runner-Up. But after the Miss World Organization told the Miss Venezuela Organization that they needed to have a separate pageant to send their Miss, the MVO obliged and created a elaborate 2nd pageant ...

Crowned: "Miss Venezuela World 2014" Debora Menicucci

Debora Menicucci during the Opening Number, Miss Venezuela World 2014 pageant
Photo Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

The winner of this year's pageant was 23 year-old Caracas-born model Debora Sacha Menicucci Anzola. Debora also won the "Miss Confidence" title during the evening's telecast finals on Saturday night. The 1.80 m (5' 11") tall beauty is no stranger to beauty pageants (Hello! it's VENEZUELA after all, every girl is almost always involved in beauty pageants!).

Debora Menicucci at last year's "Miss Venezuela 2013" pageant representing "Miss Amazonas"--Swimsuit and Evening Gown
Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Deborah was Miss Amazonas in last year's Miss Venezuela 2013 pageant. She did not place at the pageant but obviously, it's director, Osmel Sousa "The Beauty Czar" had bigger aspirations for her. I remember when she was in the Miss Venezuela 2013 pageant and in fact, she was one of my favorites and wore one of the best gowns.

Debora will now prepare to represent Venezuela at the "Miss World 2014" pageant slated to happen on December 14, 2014 in London, England

Queenly Court: The new "Miss Venezuela World" Debora Menicucci, flanked by Erika Pinto (left), Second Runner-Up and Adriana Marval (right), First Runner-Up. Erika also won "Miss Responsible Beauty" and Adriana won "Miss Radiant Hair"

The Pageant:
The Stage--Miss Venezuela Mundo 2014
 Photo Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Opening Number: Contestants vying for the "Miss Venezuela 2014" title
 Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Miss Venezuela World 2014 contestants in "Swimsuit"--The Swimsuit portion of the pageant featured the 12 contestants in a stretch sequined two-piece look featuring a swimsuit bottom and a wrap-around top with split-open blouson sleeves. These were "original" to say the least, in terms of a swimsuit. 
Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

DIVAAAA: Contestant No. 3 Erika Pinto--The 1.80 m tall Erika was my favorite to win the pageant but alas, she did not, but placed quite well as Second Runner-Up
Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Photo Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana
She Looks Like...Part 1: Contestant No. 5 Gleymar Loyo Becerra has very "Miss Mundo" features and is reminiscent of two former top Venezuelan beauty queens...

Miss World 1984 Astrid Carolina Hererra and...

Miss Venezuela 1988 Yajaira Vera
Photo Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

She Looks Like...Part 2: Contestant No. 9 Clarissa Daboin Mora--Clarissa's body was INSANE--her features weren't "cookie-cutter beauty pageant queen" but she definitely has the...

Maria Menounos/Natalie Morales/E! Entertainment/Today Show Anchor looks--I just like her for the fact that her hair isn't all poufy and "Pageant Betty"--she's as close to "natural looking" as you could probably get...for the Miss Venezuela contestants.         
Pageant Pouf: Contestant No. 12 Debora Menicucci--Debora--the eventual winner--looked every bit the "chosen" winner, even in the Swimsuit portion--her perfect Pageant hair, makeup, smile,'s all there. If I only had one wish for this Swimsuit portion is to get rid of those tacky shoes! The plastic in  the front of these sling-back heels is so "Stripper/Pageant Betty 1982.
Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Fashion Show Portion:
Fashion Show Mundo: As part of the pageant/live telecast, there was a "fashion Show" portion where the 12 contestants modeled evening gowns as well as wedding dresses (!!??). The gowns themselves were pretty but definitely not up to the quality and Couture-like stylings that we are all used to seeing in the actual Miss Venezuela pageant and Evening Gown portion (note that this WAS NOT the Evening Gown Portion of the competition). Maybe the budget for this particular pageant is not as big as the actual "Miss Venezuela", who knows...
                                    Photo Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Gowns...Mint green blouson gown and lace strapless--The mint green gown was modern and retro, while at the same time, it is way too covered up for a pageant but at least it wasn't the Prom & Pageant store-bought-looking dress seen on the on below....

And to make her look more like a "Mother of the Bride", someone felt she needed a SHAWL! And that Too-Mucheey necklace! Pobrecita.
Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

More Gowns...One Shoulder Mint Green and Canary Yellow--these two gowns were also featured during the "fashion Show" and again they were OK. Nothing extraordinary or Couture-outstanding. 
Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Hang Tape Ooopsie: Contestant No. 9 wore this blue satin gown with draped front and oversized bejeweled waist brooch. The gown was OK--and nice if I saw this at a Macy's--but during the live telecast on Saturday, there was a bit of a "wardrobe malfunction" when the hang tape (thin satin ribbon sewn onto the dress to help in hanging) of the gown kept poking out:

Photo Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

This should have been double-stick taped to the dress at the shoulder before she even went out. But I cannot hate on her since I have had many of my gown go out in runway presentation and I thought all was good...until I saw the photos and noticed that DARN hang tape!

Wedding Belles: Several of the contestants were given the honor of wearing the wedding gowns for this Fashion Show portion. Interestingly enough (and I am sure, not by accident!), the models were the eventual Winner Debora Menicucci, and the Second Runner-Up (and my favorite) Erika Pinto. Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

Evening Gown Competition
                                  Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

The Gowns: Every contestant in the Miss Venezuela World 2014 wore the same gown style--but in various color-ways. The dress was a stretch satin/Lycra Mermaid-shaped gown featuring a turtleneck, long sleeves and nude illusion midriff insets with "icicle" silver sequins. Lots of the girls looked great during this same-old/same-old Evening Gown portion--including...
Ivory Goddess: Contestant No. 3 Erika Pinto wore an ivory white version of the dress. She looked SPECTACULAR! 

Contestant No. 12 Debora Menicucci

Contestant No. 9 Clarissa Daboin Mora

Contestant No. 10 Andrea Lira Soledad
Photos Courtesy of Belleza Venezolana

But some of them had "wardrobe malfunctions" (yes--more of those!) in the form of "Hi! That's My Nipple!"...Check out Exhibits A, B and C:

Contestant No 5 Gleymar Loyo Becerra

Contestant No. 4 Adriana Marval Marin (and eventual First Runner-Up)

Contestant No. 6 Sheleska Lorenz Granadillo

Felicitaciones and Congratulations to the new "Miss Venezuela World" Debora Menicucci--let's hope she does not have a Wardrobe Malfunction at the "Miss World 2014" London England Finals in December!

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