WHO WORE WHAT?.....Telemundo's Premios Tu Mundo Red Carpet: The Best and Worst Dressed

 Good Mini vs Bad Mini:  Audris Rijo and Daniela Navarro--Telemundo Premios Tu Mundo 2014 "Red" Carpet

This past Thursday night were the Premios Tu Mundo, which aired on Telemundo, and occurred at the American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida. Premios Tu Mundo is Telemundo's version to competing Spanish-language network giant Univision, and their Premios Juventud. As with Premios Juventud, Premios Tu Mundo is an awards show that honors telenovelas (soap operas), music, television and pop culture.

A lot of Telemundo novela stars, anchors, singers, attended and there was lots to discuss regarding the "red" carpet; I put it in quotes since the carpet was actually blue. The women wore A LOT of short mini dresses (I know it's hot, but really!!??) and they have never met a NUDE HEEL they did not love: it was a big shoe trend! I'm also highlighting the HOMBRES (That's Men for the non-Latinos). For some reason, the Style Trend there was "Resort". And then there were the CHONCHEE-licious "Ayy Mija!" bunch of the gals. I love my Latina gals but seriously, either they need to hire better stylists (or just a stylist to begin with!) or give me a call! Let's begin with some of the BUENO:

Carmen Villalobos: Colombian telenovela actress Carmen Villalobos wore a crop top and printed pencil skirt. I thought she was one of the Best Dressed.; she looked hip, modern and at least had the semblance of someone who actually looks at fashion magazines and knows what the trends are. I also loved the super-sleek hair and gold cuff.

Erika Csiszer: TV show host/actress Erika Csiszer went with a black and white theme and wore a sleek ivory sheath dress with a thin black belt. I like the length of the dress. The back of the dress seems to be fitting a bit awkwardly and gaping but...I liked it overall. Also, her hair and makeup were muy bueno. Still not sure about the black and white pumps. What do you guys think?

Maritza Rodriguez: Colombian telenovela actress Maritza Rodriguez went with a white wide-leg strapless jumpsuit. I thought this was an unusual choice--but I liked it, since EVERY OTHER gal wore a mini dress so it was different! The only negative comment was that it was TOO LONG. But everything else--the hair, makeup, jewelry...muy bien!

Rachel Vallori: Model/actress Rachel looked supermodel fab in this stark white jersey dress with gold zipper accent. The hair, the square jeweled clutch, the heels...leave it to a model. By the way, Rachel modeled for my NIKOLAKI Collection last year for "Magia de la Moda Miami". Here's a photo from that show last year:
Rachel Vallori in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul--Magia de la Moda 2013 Miami Fashion Week Show

Gaby Espino: Venezuelan telenovela star Gaby Espino, who co-hosted Premios Tu Mundo, wore a neon yellow mini dress. I thought it was two seconds from Hoochie-licious but thank goodness it was covered in the front and had long sleeves. What made it all OK was her nice hair and makeup. I also loved those pink strappy heels. At least they weren't Stripper Platforms!

Audris Rijo: First Runner-Up to "Nuestra Belleza Latino 2013" Dominican Republic-born Audris Rijo also wore a neon yellow mini dress. This was a simple Lycra one. The rippling on the side seam was not cute and well, I thought that she could have gone a bit more elegant/glam as opposed to "Si! I'm a former Beauty Queen and I'm Going To Vegas Club!" Oh and yes, she's got those nude heels I was talking about!

Jessica Carillo: Telemundo Entertainment TV Show Host/Reporter Jessica Carillo wore this teal and pink strapless dress on Thursday night. I thought the design was quite unusual and at least she didn't look Hoochie (like some of the other gals!). I think she was quite pretty.

Yarel Ramos: Telemundo, Mun2 and E! Online host Yarel Ramos looked quite elegant in this strapless raspberry fitted dress with front draping. I like the length and the overall styling. Some would argue that it might be a bit "Prom"-like but I like it. Oh--and notice her nude heels, of course!

Lucero: Mexican Superstar Lucero showed up on the Blue Carpet in this very "Lady-like" black and silver cocktail dress. I thought the dress was nice but I think the style aged her and looked a bit dated. Lucero deserves much more HIGH Couture. Even if her stylist cannot get it, she should then buy it!

The Chic Award: Puerto Rican Mega-Star Olga Tañon is a complete DIVA. I thought this all black ensemble--consisting of a shawl collared tuxedo jacket, faux-leather top and jeggings was very on-trend and looked chic. Plus the shoes and clutch and nude-like makeup and just-right hair...it all added up to MUY BIEN! 

Los Hombres--Resort Boys:
Francisco Caceres: Telemundo TV host Francisco Caceres got the Premios Tu Mundo HOMBRE style memo in that a lot of the men gave a "Resort Elegant" look. Francisco wore blue pants, beige jacket and baby blue dress shirt. He was very Zara 2.0.

Guadalupe Venegas: Telemundo TV show host Guadalupe Venegas also went the "Zara"-looking route with a blue gingham shirt, blue suit and red belt. He looks as if he should be having dinner in Capri...as opposed to attending the Premios Tu Mundo Awards. I still like the look.

Guido Massri: Argentine telenovela actor Guido Massri went the Euro Relaxed/Elegant route (still very "Zara 2.0") at the Premios Tu Mundo red carpet. I know that this look is about 5 minutes away from looking a bit "Miami Vice" but...I think he is very much on trend and looks great. Notice how slim his gray pants are and how well everything fits. Good job Guido!

Lance dos Ramos: Venezuelan actor and model Lance dos Ramos looked great. I loved the colors and whole "I'm flying First Class" ensemble but the pants were a bit too short and he should have buttoned the jacket; for some reason, the waistband/crotch area of his pants look  a bit strained. On a good note: Look at those SUPER WHITE teeth of his! Crest White Strips needs to hire him ASAP!

Guti Carrera: Model and athlete Guti Carrera forgot his jacket in the limo (I guess!) and went without. The white dress shirt, dark jeans and Gucci belt look is very Dining-at-a-Miami-Restaurant. I like it but I think he needed a jacket just to "spruce it up". I do like his pea-green strap watch.

David Bisbal: Grammy-winning Spanish pop singer David Bisbal wore a very prim-and-proper suit that fit him well. He went with a more "Casual Chic" look with a dress shirt and no tie. I like it but he still looks like a CAA agent as opposed to one of the top Latino Singers in the World.

Bearded Boys:
Sebastian Caicedo: Colombian actor Sebastian Caicedo also wore a complete suit--a silver gray one with a dress shirt and no tie. I like the suit, not sure of the shirt choice. And the maroon shoes didn't go. But I like his perfect almost-there beard.

David Chocarro: Former baseball player, Argentine actor/model David Chocarro went with a full suit--a midnight blue one--with a white dress shirt and skinny black tie. I thought he looked MUY BIEN. I also loved his facial "accessory": the full-on beard!

Mauricio Henao: Colombian-American telenovela actor Mauricio Henao was very "Zara cool" with his cropped jacket suit look, shirt and mini bow tie. While I like the suit, I just don't think this was the right suit for him. He's too athletic and muscular and the jacket was too cropped and "shrunken" for him. I get was he was going for but...

Fabian Rios: Colombian actor/model Fabian Rios won the "Beard Fab!" Award for the most prefect beard on the Premios Tu Mundo red carpet. I am soooo jealous of it! He should be in on one of those beard dye box covers! Seriously! In terms of his style, he wore a Nehru collared jacket and jeans. He looked like a Yoga Guru/Sketchy Eastern European Arms Dealer. And I liked it!

Fashionista Award: Mexian actor/singer/model Aaron Diaz wins the "Fashionista Award" for me with the look he gave on the blue carpet at last night's Premios Tu Mundo--which he co-hosted. He wore a loose coral-colored blazer and drop-crotch black pants and thin t-shirt. He was very "Berlin Fashion Week" fashion editor. I'm impressed at the fact that he didn't follow whatever memo every other guy attending got (about dressing as if you are a Zara Salesperson in a Resort) and went the more "Stylista" route.

Piva: I know what Guatemalan musician Piva was going for and in some circles (Las Vegas) this would be considered "cool" but, it's a bit cheesy in terms of style--the rolled up sweat pants, multi-colored high-tops, printed t-shirt...it's all a bit "D-bag". Sorry Piva. I still think you're cute, though!

Gabriel Coronel: The 80's Called and they want the outfit back. Venezuelan actor/singer/model Gabriel Coronel somehow thought that Premios Tu Mundo was a Miami Vice/80's Prom Party and decided to wear this look above. The suit isn't bad. It's just the white shirt with collar-clip that made me wonder what decade we were in. Bless his heart though--he was born in 1987 and so yeah, he pretty much missed the 80's and I guess wants to actually live that fashion decade.

The Ayyyy Mija Ladies!!

Ana Osorio: Musician/actress Ana Osorio wore this gold and lace look above. I have no other words to say other than : NO!

Sonya Smith: US-born Venezuelan telenovela actress Sonya Smith also went with the lace "trend" and did not make my Best Dressed list. What. Is. This? Lace, fake boning, silver waist sequined trim...and a polyester organza tiered skirt? This is Prom-and-Pageant DIY if I've ever seen one! Que paso Mija!!???

Linda Candelo: Colombian-born TV host Linda Candelo looked like a former beauty pageant contestant on her way to a really tacky Las Vegas party. The black sheer lace/flower applique trimmed dress is waaay too mini and waaay too Tacky-Licious. She's way too beautiful to be wearing a dress that A) is not from this decade and B) is better suited for a 21 year old in Ibiza!

Aylin Mujica: Cuban-born actress/model Aylin Mujica took the "Prom-&-Pageant" Cake at Thursday night's Premios Tu Mundo red carpet. Iridescent teal, lace applique, and nude illusion mesh insets...I don't want to write those words ever again! I'm sure she thought it was very "Glamorous" perooooo it wasn't. It was very Beauty Pageant Contestant circa 1994.

The Pebbles Flintstones Award: Former "Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2005" and First Runner-Up to "Miss Universe 2005" Cynthia Olavarria wore this cheetah-printed strapless flared dress. She looked liked "Pebbles" from "The Flintstones". I just don't get it; this GORGEOUS woman could have any dress she wants and this is what she chooses.

You Are Not 22-Years Old Award: Venezuelan actress Dad Dager wore this above. It looks like a nude colored halter leotard/top and a ruffled skirt. I. Don't. Get. It. The deep/plunging neckline does not flatter her perfectly symmetrical breast augmented "hermanas"; instead, it really focuses on the fact that they are fake. And I should add, the top has NOTHING to do with the bottom.

Erika Ender: Panamanian musician Erika Ender's outfit is A LOT. The tunic/top looks like it was put together at the last minute and clipped together by little sequined "accents". And then, she wore stretchy pants plus a silver bracelet and that purse that belongs to someone's Abuela. The entire look is Too Mucheey.

Raquel Rojas: Venezuelan actress and TV Host Raquel Rojas obviously did not have a stylist. I just cannot understand this look. The black top with rosette trim and the HIDEOUS printed skirt, the gold clutch, black strappy heels and turquoise ring...I just don't even understand how anything here makes any sense.

Daniela Navarro: Venezuelan actress/model Daniela Navarro  wore this sequined ivory and pink mini dress. She showed A LOT of BREASTSSSS and the back was high up very close to her booty. I guess the Straight guys might have loved this but I, thought she looked a TACKY mess.

Paloma Marquez: Mexican telenovela actress Paloma Marquez wins my "Worst Dressed" award for this poly chiffon hi-lo concoction of a dress. I just want to know what Thrift Store did she go to and get this:


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