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NIKOLAKI.....NIKOLAKI Spring 2015 Runway Show Style Week O.C. September 20th

NIKOLAKI Spring 2015 Runway Show--Style Week O.C. Irvine Spectrum Center

STYLE WEEK O.C. 2014 begins on September 10th and I am so excited to announce that not only will I be Hosting events at Style Week O.C., but I'll also be showing my latest NIKOLAKI Spring 2015 Collection as well! First, I am honored to have been asked--for the sixth year in a row--to host special events and fashion shows at Style Week O.C. in the Irvine Spectrum Center on Saturday September 20th...

Nick Verreos--Style Week O.C. Irvine Spectrum Center

On Saturday September 20th, beginning at 7 PM...
  • I will be hosting the "Celebrity Cruises Design Competition" which involves FIDM Designers creating looks inspired by Celebrity Cruises locales. I'll also have the honor to be one of the Judges. It will all be very "Project Runway"!
  • Also, I'm hosting the "Spectrum Collection"--a fashion show showcasing styles from many of the Irvine Spectrum's retailers.
  • Finally, along with my co-designer David Paul, we will be showing our latest NIKOLAKI Spring 2015 Collection.
NIKOLAKI Nick Verreos/David Paul Spring 2011 Collection--Shown at Style Week O.C. 2010 (Photos above)

Here's all the Info:
Style Week O.C. 2014
NIKOLAKI Spring 2015 Fashion Show
Celebrity Cruises Design Competition
Irvine Spectrum Collection

Saturday September 20, 2014
7 PM

Irvine Spectrum Center
71 Fortune Drive
Irvine, California 92618

Open to EVERYONE!! Just show up!
Nick Verreos filming STYLE WEEK O.C. 2014 videos at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM

Check out these Videos I filmed to promote the upcoming FABULOUS Style Week O.C. 2014:

VIDEO: STYLE WEEK O.C. Returns to The Irvine Spectrum:

VIDEO: STYLE WEEK O.C. 2014--Interview with Nick Verreos:

VIDEO: STYLE WEEK O.C. Returns to Fashion Island:

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