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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway NY Fashion Week Finale Show, SPOILER ALERT!

Season 13 "Project Runway" Finale Judges: (L top R) Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, Emmy Rossum, and Zac Posen--Mercedes-Benz NYC Fashion Week Spring 2015 Project Runway Show

This past Friday was the Finale Show at Lincoln Center's Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Spring 2015--If you're a big fan of "Project Runway"--you are probably up to speed at what's going on: On TV, the season is only halfway done with nine designers still left. However, this past week was the start of NY Fashion Week and therefore, also the traditional "Project Runway" Finale Fashion Show. Now, try and keep up with me: since there are still NINE designers left on the show, these nine were allowed to show at NY Fashion Week, even though there were really only (allegedly) THREE Finalists. The rest were "decoys". I was not there at this Finale Fashion Show, even though I have attended many in the past...

As part of the Finale Fashion Show, Heidi decided to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on "Project Runway's" Mentor (and producer) Tim Gunn. I wasn't there (I think I said that already) but some of my good friends who were there said it was a bit "awkward"; in that maybe Tim A) might not have been expecting it, and B) he might not have been happy about ruining his pin striped double-breasted suit. I kinda LOVE these images, nevertheless:

Iced Gunn: Tim  Gunn takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge--Season 13 "Project Runway" Finale Fashion Show, Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Spring 2015

Now, next on my BLOG are photos of the NINE designers that showed collections: Alexander, Amanda, Char, Emily, Fade, Kini, Korina, Sandhya and Sean--so if you don't want to see them, stop reading now.
But if you do...Continue Below

Here are some Pics from each of the NINE designers' collections:
From seeing the photos, I think that Sean, Korina, Amanda and maybe Sandhya, are the Top 3 (they are a bit too smiley-smiley/happy to be there!). Alexander does not look happy walking down the runway--and neither does Kini, Fade or Emily. My guess is that they'll be out in the coming weeks. Here are some of the looks from each of their collections. What do you guys think?

Alexander Knox:

Amanda Valentine:

Char Glover:

Emily Payne:

 Fade Zu Grau:

Kini Zamora:

Korina Emmerich:

 Sandhya Garg:

Sean Kelly:

Who Do You Think Are the Top Three?

4 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway NY Fashion Week Finale Show, SPOILER ALERT!"

Jenn H said...

Though I always read your blogs I never post on them but I just wanted to share a thought. It seems a few of the designers (I counted 3 from the pictures you shared) used words on one (or in some cases more than 1) of the designs that walked down the runway. Do you think that may have something to do with who either the top 3 are or who the decoys are? It seemed like it would fit with one of the designers aesthetic but not the others, at least in my opinion.

At any rate, I always enjoy your views shared here and on Lifetime's site!

Guest said...

I must say that I'm extremely impressed with Sandya's collection. It seems like with the extra amount of time, or the help of family and friends, she was able to edit her work and make a very presentable show.

James said...

I agree, Sandhya's collection is one of the best here... I also like Kini and Sean's collection.

Comment by: The Rookie Blogger

Unknown said...

Sandhya's is the best, Amanda and Char are tied (I just don't like that much bohemian) because color and Id by all of Chars and some of Amanda's just not the overly bohemian ones. Too much Fringe on Sean's is basically a one trick pony, and Kini was disappointing. A. the lack of color, B. If anyone but a size 0 wore those last two outfit, they'd look like whales.