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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 13 Project Runway Episode 11 Recap: The Highest Bidder

 Ready to Bid: Tim Gunn and Season 13 designers--Episode 11 "Project Runway"

This past week's episode of Lifetime's Season 13 "Project Runway" had the designers creating looks from items found--and bid on--from storage units. They had to work in teams of two and each make three eventual looks. It was a Style version of "Storage Wars".

The designers were told where to go via...

Heidi Klum on a Samsung Tablet that was at their Gotham West Apartments

Now, speaking of their accommodations while being on the show...

Are they really sleeping next to the kitchen???? Even back in Season 2, we had seperate bedroom and kitchen/living quarters in our apartments #JustSaying

For the Challenge, they met up with Tim at the Brooklyn Navy Yard:
Tim Gunn--Brooklyn Navy Yard--Episode 11 "Project Runway"

The Bidding Begins: The six remaining designers had to bid on what was in those storage units--Episode 11 "Project Runway"

There were couches, textiles, kid's toys and even a Stephen Sprouse-like Yeti painting--Episode 11 "Project Runway"

Back in the Workroom, there was...

Team Char and Sean: Sean spent a lot of his time helping Char out with construction help

Team Emily and Korina: They were creating a very "Winter Heavy" mini collection--with one look (middle one) reminding Tim of Spongebob Squarepants

Team Amanda and Kini: After receiving a not-so-nice critique re: their looks from Tim Gunn, they changed a few things--including Kini making this FABULOUS gathered ballgown skirt--out of a plastic tablecloth

 The Runway:
American Pop-star in Tokyo: Amanda and Kini's mini group were the best! With standouts being Kini's "Soccer Ball" dress and the Amanda/Kini collaboration of the cropped top (out of the "Yeti" painting) and plastic tablecloth ballgown skirt.

 Kini Zamora's "Soccer Ball" dress was the Winner--Soooo good!!! GOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL Kini!--Episode 11 "Project Runway"

Team Char and Sean: the restrictive can't-walk-on-the-runway dresses (center and far right) were not well-received by the judges; Sean's lampshade dress was very "Fashion School" student design.

Char's look here was judged as one of the two worst and called "Hoochie"... it was.

Peruvian Fashion Photographer on a Shoot in Helsinki: Yes, that was the "vision" Emily and Korina had for these three looks. I DID NOT like these AT ALL. They looked like things a koo-koo "bag lady"/Tarot Card Reader would wear after having one too many prescription pills.




Last Chance Sew-Off: Char and Korina --who were in the Bottom, were given a one-hour Sew-Off, to make a new garment. Char won and therefore was Safe. Korina "Meany McMeany" was OUT...


Nasty Korina: But she didn't leave with Rainbows and Unicorns...instead she left looking tacky, mean and self-centered--and cemented herself as one of Top "Project Runway" Villains in the history of the show--joining the likes of Wendy Pepper, Gretchen, Sandro, etc. I had lots to say about all that plus, of course, my entire recap of the episode...

Here's my RECAP of Episode 11--Enjoy and of course, let me know YOUR thoughts!!

Unmannerly Auf

As we head to the (almost) home stretch of this season of "Project Runway" we are down to only six designers. The quick intro recap of this week's episode reminds us that hipster boy Alexander was out on his hideous Part 2 look, there was also Char's ZipperGate, plus, Korina won. Something tells me this episode will deal with the latter two designers. Just a "Nick Intuition."
The designers wake up at their Gotham West apartments (do they really sleep NEXT to the kitchens!?) to find a Samsung Tablet with Heidi telling them that they are to meet Tim Gunn at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. She adds that "You will need to UNLOCK your creativity" and "Open the door to your imagination...which is the KEY to your success in your next challenge." An hour or so later, they meet up with Tim where he is waiting with five storage units behind him.
Tim tells the designers that these units contain the materials for their next challenge and they will be working in teams of two (uh oh, another Team Challenge!). Tim gets that button bag and randomly (NOT!) selects the teams. Amanda and Kini are Team Blue, Emily and Korina are Team Purple, and Sean and Char are Team Green. And in typical "Project Runway" Challenge fashion, there's more...
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MoHub said...

Except that, unlike Gretchen and Sandro, Wendy managed to redeem herself personality-wise when she came back for All Stars.

Unfortunately, she'd totally lost whatever design chops she had.