Thursday, October 02, 2014
Barbie Girl: Moschino Spring/Summer 2015

Jeremy Scott's MOSCHINO Spring 2015 was the biggest and most-sought after Fashion Week Invite get--and those who got to see it live, were not disappointed. The collection, inspired by, WHO ELSE? Barbie, of course. It was classic Jeremy Scott and I am sure the legend Franco Moschino must have been smiling down from his Heavenly Throne. Check out "Roller Blade Barbie", "Terry Cloth Robed Barbie", "Tourist Barbie" and much, much more...

Designer Jeremy Scott

Themes: Only one--Barbie is THE Muse.

Trends: Cropped jackets; 80's/ early 90's; midriff showing; mini skirts; pencil skirts; shiny fabrications; Glam-o-licious

Colors: Pink! Yellow; gold; metallics; green;

Click Below for Full Runway Show Video, MOSCHINO Spring/Summer 2015:


Ranzilla Magdalagbukog said...
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Ranzilla Magdalagbukog said...

These are the clothes i usually see worn by the bitch villain in most teen comedy movies.

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