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ICE STYLE.....2014 Skate Canada International Figure Skating Costumes: LADIES, MEN

Top Three: (L to R) Silver medalist Ashley Wagner of the USA, Gold medalist Ana Pogorilaya of Russia and Bronze medal winner Satoko Miyahara of Japan--2014 Skate Canada International, Prospera Place Kelowna British Columbia

This past weekend, the 2014 Skate Canada International figure skating competition was held. This was the second of the six ISU 2014-2015 Grand Prix of Figure Skating international figure skating competitions.

2014 Skate Canada International was held at Prospera Place in Kelowna British Columbia. 

Let's discuss the Men and Ladies Costumes--at least with the top skaters...First up, the MEN:

Takahito Mura of Japan, Short Program to "Carmen by Georges Bizet"--Takahito won the Gold medal for the Men at 2014 Skate Canada International and this was a close-up of his costume worn for his Short program to "Carmen". The red EspaƱa color was there, but there was also black, purple and lots of oversized jeweled crystals. I liked the "different" way of showing the toreador jacket epaulets and original design of the top. It's a bit "Space Odyssey"/Cirque du Soleil Carmen but at least there's a little bit of originality in such a been there/done that theme.

Free Program to "The Phantom of The Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber--Well, at least he didn't wear a half-mask. It's "Phantom of the Opera" so there's not much one can do with this--style-wise. I like the contrasting black and white gloves and lilac velvet vest under the sequined silver/lilac lapels. Does he look like a the ring master of a circus? Yeah, kind of. This was a 6.5 out of ten on my Figure Skating Costume book.

Javier Fernandez of Spain, Short Program to "Black Betty" by Ram Jam--For his rockin' Short Program to the iconic "Black Betty" tune, Javier wore a black crew-neck & short sleeved t-shirt and super-tight pants. The top had "rips" in it that featured dark gray fabric poking out. The "costume" (if one would call it that) was very 90's. I am normally not a big fan of THAT "Ross Dress For Less" black belt that I have seen for many, many years worn by Male Figure Skaters, but here--for this music and theme--it works. Besides a performance involving a song like "Black Betty", NO MALE figure skater should EVER wear this belt. Thank You.

Free Program to "Il Barbiere Di Siviglia"/Barber of Seville by Giacchino Rossini--I am a little on-the-fence in regards to the vest and pants look costume that Javi wore for his Free Program. The vest--from the front--looked a bit "Costume 101" but I liked that the back panels were cut on the bias and mitered perfectly. I know that Javier has a tendency to love a good vest, shirt and pant look, as seen here from the past:

I have to admit, I liked this 2012-2013 vest-and-pants costume for his "Charlie Chaplin" Free Skate of that season better--at least here, there was a tie and pocket scarf; it was more "put together".

Stephen Carriere of the USA, Short Program to "La Vie En Rose" by Louis Armstrong--I liked Stephen's black dress shirt and pants costume with un-tied red bow tie. The shirt featured crystals at the tip of the shirt collar--as well as on the shirt and sleeves as well. I especially liked the sequined rose emblazoned on the front shoulder/yoke area.

Max Aaron of the USA, Free Skate to "Gladiator" by Hans Zimmer and L. Gerrard--seen here at the 2014 U.S. International Figure Skating Classic wearing the same costume he wore for his Free Skate at 2014 Skate Canada  International this past weekend--At first when I saw this, I thought "Cirque du Soleil" and what did this have to do with "Gladiator". But then, upon closer inspection, I realized the top was giving "hints" of a Gladiator's chest shield and the straps on the side as well as possibly, the blood on the chest from being "slashed" by an opponent. So, after realizing this, I think this was an "OK" costume. But...I still feel it was too abstract for such a straight forward theme as "Gladiator".

Anna Pogorilaya of Russia, Short Program to "Adagio" by Il Divo--Beautiful, ethereal...two words that came to mind when I saw this costume on Anna. I loved the one shoulder look of this ocean-blue, white and silver costume with nude illusion and skirt accents. The costume was quite pretty, delicate and perfect for the music--and Anna's skin and hair color.

Free Skate to "Firebird" by Stravinsky--I loved this costume that Anna wore to her Free Skate to "Firebird". The fire-like red-yellow, bronze, brown colors looked amazing and I think the crystals were placed correctly to define the fire in "Firebird"...

I also have to add that one of my favorite parts of this costume were the sleeves and "gloves". Anna's costume has long beaded sleeves and then she added actual red gloves that were slipped in under the costume...Anna used the gloves and her hands to give the effect of the wings of a bird to fabulous effect during this Gold medal winning Free Skate of hers.

Satoko Miyahara of Japan, Short Program to "The Magic Flute" by Mozart--Japan's Miyahara wore this royal blue and neon apple green/yellow costume. I get that the styling and especially the semi-puffy sleeves hinted at the late 1700 "Romanticism" era. But overall, the costume seemed a tad "Toddlers-and-Tiaras"/Bought from a Figure Skating Shop.

Free Skate to "Miss Saigon" by Claude-Michel Schoenberg--I liked this red "Miss Saigon" costume more than what she wore for her Short program.; it seemed a bit more refined and "mature"; she was a "Miss Vietnam", the mini-me Couture version.

Ashley Wagner of the USA, Short Program to "Spartacus" by Aram Katchaturian--Ashley wore a black with gold accented costume for her 2014-2015 Short Program to "Spartacus". I thought this was a nice, modern interpretation. I especially liked the gold jeweled waistband.

Free Skate to "Moulin Rouge(soundtrack)"--I loved the deep red color and especially the jeweled neckline that resembled the diamond necklace in the musical/film. Overall, it was a good Costume job for Ashley!

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