Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Nick Verreos at the 15th Annual Human Rights Campaign Palm Springs Garden Party

This past weekend, I had the honor to be invited to the Human Rights Campaign's 15th Annual Palm Springs Garden Party and present EJ Johnson--Magic and Cookie Johnson's fabulously OUT son and TV personality from E!'s "#RichKids of Beverly Hills"--with the Human Rights Campaign/HRC 2014 "Visibility Award".

The Human Rights Campaign is the largest LGBT civil rights and political lobbying advocacy group. Its mission is to promote the social welfare of LGBT people. I have been involved with HRC for years and was honored to have been asked to present this year's "Visibility Award".

Nick Verreos--Human Rights Campaign 2014 Palm Spring Pride 

Oh, and the next day, I was part of the 2014 Palm Springs Pride as well--MEGA honored to represent HRC and ride atop the Human Rights Campaign Palm Springs "float" (it was a beautiful blue Aston Martin in fact!). Here is my BLOG RECAP--with lots of photos of the weekend! And yes, I dressed to match the HRC colors, thank you very much! (Much props to my huney, David Paul, for picking out my outfit!).

Riviera Palm Springs: Haute room decor. My partner, David and I stayed at the fabulous Riviera Palm Springs and yes, we enjoyed the chic, MidCentury Modern-esque decor. After checking in, it was time to get ready to attend the 15th Annual Human Rights Campaign's "Palms Springs Garden Party"...

Garden Party Chic: David Paul and Nick Verreos--Human Rights Campaign 2014 Palm Springs Garden Party

Gorgeous: The 2014 HRC "Palm Springs Garden Party" took place at the historic 1956 Palm Springs estate of actor William Holden former home. The event was hosted and organized by the Orange County/ Long Beach/ Palm Springs Human Rights Campaign Steering Committee and Co-Chairs Dr. Ossie Saguil, Dr. Kimberley Yang & Brad White--and is held as a celebration to all who work so hard and support the amazing mission of the Human Rights Campaign. This year's HRC Palm Springs Garden Party" was attended by 1,000+ guests, exceeding all the past ones! 

Visibility Award Presentation: I was honored to present EJ Johnson with the 2014 HRC Visibility Award-- Human Rights Campaign 2014 Palm Springs Garden Party

EJ Johnson accepting the HRC 2014 Visibility Award--Human Rights Campaign 2014 Palm Springs Garden Party

Nick Verreos and HRC 2014 Visibility Award recipient EJ Johnson--Human Rights Campaign 2014 Palm Springs Garden Party

The following day was 2014 Palm Springs Pride...
Riding High: I was so honored to be riding the Human Rights Campaign "float"--a gorgeous blue Aston Martin convertible--at the 2014 Palm Springs Pride Parade. My trusty chauffeur was the fabulous Andy Linsky, HRC Board of Directors. My huney, David, picked out my outfit for the day and little did he know how PERFECT the bright yellow jacket and blue pocket scarf and jeans would work with the Human Rights Campaign logo colors! #LoveHim

Palm Springs Pride: I had such a BLAST being part of 2014 Palm Springs Pride! Thank You Human Rights Campaign for inviting me to be part of it!

 Palm Springs Proud: David Paul and Nick Verreos--2014 Palm Springs Pride

I had a wonderful and very fulfilling time in Palm Springs and more importantly, being able to participate in these events and (hopefully) bringing more attention to the amazing work that the Human Rights Campaign does, especially for the LGTB community.

For More Information on the Human Rights Campaign, click HERE!


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