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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss International 2014 National Costume Show

Which Costume Do You Like Better? Miss India Jhataleka Malhotra or Miss Mexico Vianey Vazquez--Miss International 2014 National Costume Presentation

The 54th edition of the Miss International beauty pageant is occurring in Japan with the Finals and Crowning of the "Miss International 2014" to take place on November 11th at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan. The Miss International is considered by many beauty pageant followers to be one of the top--or "Grand Slam" international beauty pageants--along with "Miss Universe", "Miss World" and "Miss Earth".

Last year's Miss International, Bea Rose from the Philippines will crown her successor. 73 contestants from all over the world have been in Tokyo since last week for all the preliminary pageant activities. One major event that happened last night was the National Costume Presentation. The Miss International motto is "Love, Peace, and Excitement to the world".
Let's take a look at the National Costumes and see if the contestants included any of that motto into their costume designs...

LATIN AMERICA: Many of the contestants in the Latin America section chose feathered and bejeweled costumes that were styled within the "Pre-Columbian" theme as well as some "Fantasy" designs and also a few more Traditional styles. Take a look:
Miss Argentina Josefina Jose Herrero: Miss Argentina's costume used the colors of her country's flag to create this strapless gown. The gown featured feathered and shredded tulle blue and white ball gown skirt, sequined bodice with a yellow sequined sun at the center front. I thought it was quite effective and a good "costume" to represent Argentina.
Miss Bolivia Joselyn Toro Leigue: Pre-Columbian Native Queen with red, fuchsia and blue satins, matching feathers and gold trim. And then there's those boots! But I do love that "horned" headdress.

Miss Brazil Deise Benicio: Fun, colorful hi-lo styled gown/costume from Miss Brazil. Love it.

Miss Chile Tania Dahuabe: Ummm, how do I say this delicately? It looks like she's got veins down her legs. And why? Oh, and why do I want to rip that iridescent back skirt off her? That's just nonsense. Well, if it's anything, she's Hoochie Sexy-licious.

Miss Colombia Zuleika Suarez: Introducing SEXY Pre-Columbian. At least she didn't have to pay extra baggage fees for this costume since there's not much--except for that scepter. Whoever added the gold details to her wedge heels from Macy's (or the Colombia version of Macy's) gets points!

Miss Ecuador Carla Prado: Another Pre-Columbian costume seen here on Miss Ecuador. Nothing wrong with it--you have your sequins, your feathers, your bright polyester satin...I just don't know about the black shoes from her local Payless Shoes Store. At least, follow the lead of "Miss Colombia" and add some trim to those. Por favor.

Miss El Salvador Idubina Rivas: Go On Idubina! Muy Bien!

Miss Honduras Monica Brocato: Ditto for Monica. Gotta love a FABULOUS Pre-Columbian Native Empress costume. I especially love how she's holding both the flags of Japan (where "Miss International" is held) and the flag of her own country, Honduras. This costumes gets EXTRA points!

Miss Guatemala Claudia Maria Herrera Morales: Claudia went more for the simple "peasant" Guatemala girl route with her costume. And I appreciated it; it was simple, traditional, and quite pretty.

Miss Mexico Vianey Vazquez: Muy Muy Bien Mexico! Love the Mariachi sombrero and chocolate brown gown with tiered overskirt and Charro (traditional horseman outfit) details; quite a fabulous national costume!

Miss Nicaragua Jeimmy Garcia: Jeimmy did the Pre-Columbian Native Queen route with her costume and while I liked the previous ones (Miss El Salvador, Miss Honduras), hers was a messy and A LOT. I also felt uncomfortable with the placement of the sequined metallic panel at her CROTCH! She also looked like a bad drag queen in this; I love me a FAB drag queen but this was not that.
Miss Panama Jessica Servin: Gorgeous. SuperFab. Love it. Well done Miss Panama.

Miss Peru Fiorella Peirano: I thought this costume on Miss Peru was quite good. Loved the fuchsia and gold and the contrasting white blouse. But yes, the "star" was that headdress. It was EVERYTHING.
Miss Venezuela Michelle Bertolini: Michelle wore a Liqui-liqui Fantasia--the Venezuelan suit worn in the llanos (or plains). Her "costume" consisted of a silver sequined jacket with pocket flaps and above-the-knee skirt--finished off with a flowered headdress. She looked quite sweet and Venezuela-traditional, but a bit of a snooze even with all those crystals.

Miss Canada Kesiah Papasin: Sexy Canadian Mountie. What else would you expect from Miss Canada!?

Miss USA Samantha Brooks: Samantha went for feathered USA eagle and Las Vegas can-can casino girl...I guess. It's a bit on the cheesy costume side and frankly, waaaay too short in the front--especially for the Japanese "Miss International" judges viewing this. I'm sure her budget wasn't much so I give her--and whoever made this--points for even coming up with something and probably getting all the materials from her local JoAnn's--or Downtown LA.
Miss Dominican Republic Barbara Santana: I LOVE everything about this costume...up until I noticed that...Is she wearing a nude seamless bra??? No. No. And No. Did her multicolored sequined bra get lost??? Please tell me that's what happened. Otherwise: not acceptable.

Miss Puerto Rico Valerie Hernandez: Short and cute. It looks like a "Project Runway" challenge dress that ended up "Safe"; I somehow wanted a bit more FAB in this. And the fishnet stockings are a bit "off". 
Miss Chinese Taipei Yang Yuyao: OK, girl! Bring it! This costume is quite fab and sexy at the same time. I would normally complain about the gold stacked platform heels, it goes with this.

Miss Hong Kong Katherine Yim Kuen Ho: Classic. That's all I can say. Part of me wished she wore a gown made of an umbrella--to represent all the Hong Kong demonstrators.

Miss India Jhataleka Malhotra: There are way too many great things about this costume to discuss in a short blog comment. I. Love. This. She is a Bollywood QUEEN!

Miss Indonesia Elfin Rappa: Exquisite, elaborate and pretty fierce. This entire costume is well-thought out and looks amazing. I especially love the matching sequined leg/spats.

Miss Japan Rira Hongo: Geisha/Kimono Beauty. Very traditional, nothing too sexy and too directional. It's very "Japan National Costume Basic" but well done.

Miss Korea Lee Seo-bin: I always love an over-the-top Korea costume and this one gave it to me. This gives a Capital "T" in Traditional.

Miss Philippines Bianca Guidotti: This was one of my favorite costumes of the night. Loved the side cowl draping, the sequined column dress, the fans, and THAT headdress!! COUTURE dahling!!!

Miss Singapore Vanessa Sim: Vanessa looks like a DOLL! I have no idea what this strapless fuchsia ball gown and flowered shoulder-and-neck cape has to do with Singapore but she looks sooo pretty!

Miss Thailand Punika Kulsoontornrut: Well, kids, I think we have a WINNER when it comes to the BEST "Miss International 2014" Best Costume. This was just breathtaking. I want her--in this costume--on top of my wardrobe closet entrance. Seriously.

Miss Vietnam Dang Thu Thao: Miss Vietnam wore this extravagant ocean-themed ao dai (traditional Vietnamese long gown) costume. Reportedly, it was worth over $200,000. It was designed by Vo Viet Chung and is supposed to represent a message about the conversation of seas and oceans which have been damaged by pollution. The costume is made of pearls and Swarovski crystals. It took 15 people to make it and 2,000 hours of work. 

Miss Belgium Gonul Meral: Gonul's costume looks like a hybrid between a French can-can "lady of the night" and a Brazilian Carnival extra. Not sure what she was going for, but, it's HOOCHIE and tacky-licious.

Miss France Aurienne Sinacola: Speaking of can-can...Miss France is ALL THAT! And she has every right to do it. I love it! Tres Bien!

Miss Gibraltar Kristy Torres: This is a very traditional "Royal Scots" Gibraltar costume and it works. I appreciate that the platform heels are covered to simulate boots.

Miss Netherlands Shauny Built: OK, first of all, where are the iconic Dutch windmills? Nowhere. And I don't care! She looks SEXY, fabulous and one word: WOW. For a moment there I thought she was one of the Latin American sexy goddess contestants, but nope...this was Miss Netherlands kids!

Miss Poland Zaneta Pludowska: Zaneta wore a costume showing the colors and design of the Poland flag. Good enough. I like that she gave you an off-the-shoulder style and made the national flag look quite stylish.

Miss Norway Thea Cecilie Nordal Bull: Three words: Very Traditional & Cute. Moving on...

Miss Portugal Rafaela Pardete: I love this costume! The colors are great and so are the depictions on the skirt. Not so sure of the feathered blue trim but here, it works. It is definitely one of the most impressive ones from the European beauties.

Miss Russia Alina Rekko: Pretty, semi-traditional. It works.

Miss Spain Rocio Tormo: Viva Espana! And "Ole!" Somebody needs a horse and a toreador boyfriend! This is muy bien!

Miss Sweden Moa Sandberg: I'm not sure what a hi-lo copper/gold jacquard gown has to do with Sweden but I'm thinking "Viking Fantasy Queen". If so, she gets some points for that!

Miss United Kingdom Victoria Tooby: Oh, look at Victoria, she's a Beefeater. Of course. But somehow, this costume looks like it was made by her 16-year-old niece (if she has one). The polyester satin and wickety-wack gold trim...It's a bit "Beefeater-on-a-budget".

Miss Ukraine Iana Ravlikovska: This is a rather traditional Ukraine costume and I like it; I love the print of the tunic/dress and the flower crown. Part of me wished she would have dressed like a Ukraine Military Guard defiant of Russia's intentions to take over her country.

Miss Germany Katharina Rodin: Oh Katharina. I get that you wanted to bring in Germany's flag colors into your dress but...this looked like it was made--and designed--by a first-year Fashion School 1997.

Miss Italy Giulia Brazzarola: Giula! I have a question: did your actual national costume not arrive in time? This looks like a dress from a very cheap dress store in Torino. What happened?

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Evil Eye Nails said...

WERK, Miss Bolivia! Yes!

Miss Poland looks like the girl next door that you just want to be friends with! But it's such an underwhelming costume.

I agree that Miss Sweden's costume is confusing, but fabulous! I would wear this on a fabulous night out somewhere.