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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World Philippines 2014 Evening Gown Recap


Filipina Queen: The reining Miss World 2013 Megan Young crowns "Miss World Philippines 2014" Valerie Weigmann (foreground)

Earlier last month, the Miss World Philippines 2014 Finals were held at the mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines. The beautiful Miss World Philippines 2013 and reining Miss World 2013 Megan Young crowned her successor Valerie Weigmann. 24-year old, 1. 75 M (5' 9") tall Valerie is of mixed Filipino, German and Danish descent; her mother is Filipina,  her late father was a German chef and she was also born in Germany. Besides being a winning beauty queen, Valerie is also an actress, model and restaurant co-owner. she also was in Pinoy Big Brother--the Philippine version of "Big Brother" back in 2008.

Crowned Winner: Valerie Weigmann "Miss World Philippines 2014"--I know that the trophy she is holding is one of a beauty queen in red and glass quick glance, why does it look like a phallic symbol? #JustSaying
Miss World Megan Young (third from left) and the "Miss World Philippines 2014" court 

Top Five: 3rd Princess Nicole Donesa, 2nd Princess Nelda Ibe, Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Weigmann, 1st Princess Lorraine Kendrickson, and 4th Princess Rachel Louise Peters
Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide

And now, time to discuss the real important stuff: THE GOWNSThe Miss World Philippines ladies wore gowns from designers of the VATICAN Fashion Museum during the Miss World Philippines 2014 Finals. The Vatican Fashion Museum/Vatican the Podium is a designer retail store in Markati Palazzo and are the Official Wardrobe Partner of "Miss World Philippines". Its designers include Arnold Calang, Dave Ocampo, Edwin Uy, Eric Delos Santos, Lizanne Cua, Ulysses King among others.

First, I want to talk about the eventual Winner, Contestant #19 Valerie Weigmann, who represented Albay:
#19 Valerie Weigmann: This was my FAVORITE evening gown of the night! When Valerie stepped onstage with this strapless apple green "Empire"-style gown with jeweled applique bust section, it was like "Done & Done!". She looked majestic, runway chic, modern, and like a winner. Valerie looked like a top Hollywood actress on a red carpet of a big Hollywood event--while lots of the other contestants just gave you "Pageant Betty". It was almost unfair and pretty obvious who got the best gown and who probably was the favorite (at least in the pageant organizers and who-gets-what-gown decision-making).

Photos courtesy of OPMB Worldwide

Valerie's styling--her clean, modern center parted non-bouffant hairstyle and lack of tacky accessories also helped. Someone knew what they were doing: keep it clean, chic, and Red Carpet Fab. The entire look reminded me A LOT of...

Oxana Fedorova "Miss Russia 2001" who eventually went on to win the "Miss Universe 2002", and then dethroned/resigned. Oxana wore a stunning white Empire-style strapless gown--supposedly from Gucci Spring/Summer 2002 (photo above) collection from then-Gucci Creative Director Tom Ford. I cannot help but think that the new "Miss World Philippines 2014" was vibing Oxana when wearing that particular gown during the evening gown competition portion of the finals. Whether she was or not, it was a good choice.

Some of my other Favorites of the night:
#1 Lorraine Kendrickson: Lorraine wore a blue strapless satin gown with flower-like applique and a side slit. The gown was structured and fit her well. It looked expensive and refined.

#7 Rachel Louise Peters: Rachel wore a teal green satin one shoulder gown with double slits, gathered bust and midriff and gold/green trim. The gown was very impacting onstage and gave Rachel Louise an air of a Fashion Scheherazade. I wasn't a fan of the DOUBLE slits and wonky slit hemming (see photo above and the rippling stitches) , but overall, it was very nice.

#8 Rachelle Emmylou Carandang: I thought this was a nice gown for Rachelle Emmylou. This strawberry red strapless satin gown had a expansive mermaid-like sweep and side front slit and featured sequin applique at the neckline. Her hairstyle was nice and to be honest, I don't think she needed the big ol' earrings. But the gown was elegant and a good choice.

#9 Ranielah Marie Oval: I liked this bubblegum pink strapless gown for its cowl side draping detail and "Barbie"-like styling. Her hair looked great--modern and fresh. If there was any critique, I am not so sure that it needed that dusty rose pink applique in the side waist section; this detail sort of made it two seconds from a bit "Prom-and-Pageant" tacky-licious. But with that said, the draping saved this gown.

#18 Ruffa Nava: Rufa wore this ombre lilac strapless gown with twist-knot detail and sequined applique. First off: what is with ALL THE APPLIQUE???!!! Time to simmer down on the applique kids! OK, now, onto the nice things: the gown fit her well and looked pretty on Ruffa. Thank goodness she wore her hair this way, otherwise, if she wore it up in a big ol' bouffant, she would have been a little too "Mother-of-the-Bride" in this style of gown.

#22 Abegail Galisim: This royal blue lace and tulle drop-waist gown could go "Prom-and-Pageant" tacky in a hot minute--it's all about the styling. On Abegail, it made my "Good Gown" cut. She looked semi-elegant; still a bit Mother-of-the-Bride Prom and Pageant, but at least, slightly elegant.

#23 Frances Ruth Constantino: While I love and appreciate the entire top torso drop waist section of this semi-mermaid style gown--the lilac applique placement with the nude illusion is on point!--it's the bottom iridescent half that is cheapening this gown. This dress would have been fine as a column gown with the upper half details going all the way down. Oh, and yes, those earrings were not necessary.

#24 Carina Jennah Aguilar: Now, this is a bit better. I liked the gunmetal silver applique details and the way it highlighted the neckline, bust and abdomen section and also liked that the bottom half wasn't all "Prom-and-Pageant" pouffy. The earrings worked here, especially with her pulled back hair.

The "Uh Oh" Gowns:
#4 Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz: GURL!! Or as I like to say "Ayyy Mija!!". When she lifted up the dress and almost exposed her "Uh Oh" regions, I was afraid for her--and her family! This is the definition of Hoochie. And the dress itself was very tacky-licious--with the cheap looking lace and then she had to accessorize it with too-big choker and earrings. Next time: please don't.

#15 Theresa Regli: She is so CUUUTE! But the gown is not. The baby blue color just makes this already young-looking beauty seem as if she's 15 and ready for her QuinceaƱera; the dress looks like a $150 dress one could find at a local store.

# 17 Kimberly Pajares: What. Is. With. The "Horn" points of the strapless neckline of this gown? I cannot even get beyond those things. I want to get scissors and chop them off.

#20 Nelda Ibe: While she made quite an impression during the Evening Gown portion of the "Miss World Philippines 2014" finals (especially when she "flipped" her skirt section) and I liked the apricot color of the was the odd gathering/ruching that was buckling in the top section that bothered me; it was a bit "Happy Hands At Home" home sewing looking.

#21 Jean Marie Feliciano: I love the canary yellow color and gold jeweled sequin detail but just not in this gown. There's something "Figure Skating Costume" about the look and I am especially not a fan of the iridescent nude illusion inset right below her you-know-what. The fabric and trim were right, just the wrong design. In the hands of a more talented designer, this would have been gorgeous and not tacky.

So...there it is, my faves and "Uh Oh" of last month's "Miss World Philippines 2014" evening gowns...
Congratulations to Valerie Weigmann "Miss World Philippines 2014" and Good Luck at next month's "Miss World 2014" finals in London England!

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laila seprado said...

Hi Nick! I check your blog daily but I didn't want to impose. Good thing another guy posted a comment in the Ms. Lebanon segment asking you for this feature. I'm happy to see your take on this. We all loved Valerie's look. It was so refreshing...even the apple green color was unexpected. If it isn't so difficult to have a back-to-back win I'd say this girl is IT. She's tall and classy and has been doing non stop charitable stuffs since she won a month ago. Thanks for featuring this event :)

bostonvancouver said...

Thanks Nick. Was really looking forward to this review.

andrei dy said...

many thanks for the many of your readers from the Philippines, i have looked forward to your comments re ms world Phils... yes, Valerie is THE girl..hope she makes it a double whammy for the Philippines in London.. a tall task, but we can dream, right?