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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Señorita Colombia Miss Colombia 2014-2015, Winner and Evening Gowns

La Mas Bella: Ariadna Gutierrez, "Señorita Colombia 2014-2015"/Miss Colombia 2014-2015

Two nights ago, Colombia's top national beauty pageant took place, the 80th (yes, kids, the 80th!!!) edition of Señorita Colombia/Miss Colombia pageant for 2014-2015 in the city of Cartagena de Indias. Its winner goes on to represent the South American nation in the Miss Universe 2015 pageant (not the one happening in January 2015 in Doral Florida USA--that's Miss Universe 2014-- but the next one, in a yet-to-be-determined location and date).

Crowned: Miss Colombia 2013-2014 Paulina Vega Dieppa crowns the new "Miss Colombia 2014-2015" Ariadna Gutierrez

The winner of Señorita Colombia 2014-2015 was the representative of Sucre, Ariadna Gutierrez. The 5' 10" (1.78 m) tall Ariadna is a model, is 20 years old and a communications student. She looks like a perfect combination of Eva Mendes and Sofia Vergara...with a little bit of Eva Longoria thrown in. The new Miss Colombia beat out 25 other women who competed for the coveted top beauty of Colombia title and will surely be a top contender for the "Miss Universe 2015" crown, whenever and wherever that happens....

Ariadna Super Model: Model photos of the new "Señorita Colombia 2014-2015" Ariadna Gutierrez

The Top Five: (L to R) 2nd Princess Viviana Alexandra Davila, Vicequeen "Virreina" Natalia Ochoa Calle, Miss Colombia 2014-2015 Ariadna Gutierrez, 1st Princess  Jessica Paula Castaneda Guevara, 3rd Princess Daniela Andrea Castaneda Pardo

Uh Oh Swimsuits: The cut of these two-piece swimsuits were BEYOND odd; the top was too "structured" and like a cheap bra--and the bottoms were like little boys' undies. Not Cute--Señorita Colombia 2014-2015, Catragena de Indias Colombia

 Los Gowns: The Top Five Finalists in their Evening Gowns-- Señorita Colombia 2014-2015 Finals, Cartagena de Indias Colombia

Time to Review the Evening Gowns...I want to first talk about The Good, beginning with the eventual winner who represented the Department of Sucre:
Miss Sucre Ariadna Gutierrez: Ariadna wore a gold and creme sequined gown with nude illusion, plunging neckline and tulle back godets. I liked this gown, it worked for Ariadna and her skin color and hair. She looked VERY "Sofia Vergara at an awards show red carpet". She got first (a 9.9 !) in Evening Gown scores from the judges and I think that was well deserved.

Miss Caqueta Jennifer Trivino Medina: I loved "Miss Caqueta's" gold and nude illusion/chiffon gown. It had golden sequins in a scroll-like design throughout the dress and looked very nice on her. Great hair and makeup as well. On a side note: she didn't need those big ol' earrings.

Miss Magdalena Estefany Liseth Orizco Amel: Estefany looked radiant in this one-shoulder coral and silver sequined gown. It was a bit "Figure Skating Costume"-like but for this, it worked. If there was any critique, it's those sequined platform heels: soooo not necessary and a bit too Drag Queen.

Miss Meta Daniela Andrea Castaneda Pardo: Sweet, pretty and very 1950's Couture. I liked this lemon yellow strapless ball gown with delicate sequined flower applique. The style was chic and on-trend with what we see on the red carpet from the top Hollywood starlets. I also loved her side-swept hairstyle and clean "nude" makeup. Whoever is styling her and on her team...knows what they are doing!

Miss Bolivar Alejandra Camacho Pinedes: I thought this was a very "grand" gown that worked. I thought the overall style and its gold sequin and brocade fabrication looked expensive and very Haute. It also fit her to perfection. And once again, the hair and makeup were just right. This gown reminded me of "old school" John Galliano for Dior Couture, in its best days!

Miss Boyaca Laura Katherine Orjuela Holguin: Another golden sequined gown I liked. This gown looked elegant and very luxe and had "hints" of Elie Saab Haute Couture. If there was any critique, it's the hair style. While the gown said "Red Carpet Princess", the hair said Pedestrian Prom.

Miss Norte de Santander Natalia Guzman Contreras: Natalia was vibing a bit of Alicia Machado circa Miss Universe 1996 (with the hair) and a bit of Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza with this yellow and silver sequined gown. I liked it all; she looked very Old Hollywood Glamour. Muy Bien!

Miss Antioquia Natalia Ochoa Calle: I loved the silhouette and silver sequined over nude organza/illusion fabrication. I especially liked the detail applique work that was happening in the strapless bustier and in the torso of the gown. I just felt that having soooo much nude section on the side/leg was a bit vulgar. I think the gown should have been more covered up with that gorgeous sequin "leaf" detail.

Miss Cauca Jessica Paola Castaneda Guevara: I liked this lipstick red gown worn by "Señorita Cauca"; it was pretty and beauty pageant safe; it wasn't necessarily very Red Carpet Fab or Haute Couture chic...but it wasn't bad.  Her makeup and hair were also just right!

Miss Quindio Daniela Gutierrez Cuartas: I thought this gown  was sexy and not in a Hoochie way. That's why it made my "Muy Bueno" cut. I liked the metallic and sheer fabrication and silhouette. While I think the slit may have been a couple of inches too high and really, there was no need for it to also be completely backless (especially with such a high side front slit), the overall design was nicely done.

And now...The "Ayyy Mija!" Gowns--"Too Muchey", "Too Hoochie" and "Just Blah":
Miss Bogota Viviana Davila Giraldo: For some reason Viviana got very high scores on this gown from the judges. In fact, she was 2nd. Not sure why because, she's actually in my "Ayyy Mija!" list. The whole mini short dress with an overskirt gown design is sooo TIRED and harkens back to the 1990's. It doesn't seem new, chic or elegant. I think she looks a bit CHONCHEE. The lace applique and the iridescent overskirt...Ayyy Dios Mio! Not a fan of this. At all.

Miss Bucaramanga Juliana Arguello Delgado: Ummm...NO. The whole bustier-with-a-sheer sequin gown with a TOO-HIGH side slit and the "Hi! That's My You-Know-What!"'s just TACKY-LICIOUS.

Miss Atlantico Mayrra Alejandra de Leon Charris: This canary yellow one shoulder gown was impacting. I will give her that. But, it was just so "Pageant Betty" 2003. I want my new Beauty Queens to dress like Hollywood starlets on the red carpet and this would totally end up on the "What Was She Thinking?" list.

Miss Huila Laura Maria Saavedra Gomez: OK, several things: I LOVE the fabric and the violet blue "thorn"-like sequin detail. But...I think this gown should have been fully lined--in nude--as opposed to just being lined as a leotard; it totally cheapens the gown and HER!

Miss Cesar Maria Paulina Nunez Garcia:This electric blue sequin and chiffon gown is WAAAY too Pageant Betty. The entire look SCREAMS "Beauty Pageant 1998". Or a figure skating competition costume from a couple of year ago.

Miss Cordoba Maria Eugenia Baglio Doria: Miss Cordoba wore a purple chiffon one shoulder gown with jeweled accents that was actually...the same gown worn by "Miss Venezuela 2014" contestant  Astrid Moller "Miss Portuguesa"...

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I gave Astrid (above) and her gown a very good review HERE but...that was because of Astrid. This gown was PERFECT for her; it wasn't right for the "Miss Colombia" contestant.

Miss Choco Iliam Fariza Zapata Jensen: Miss Choco's light yellow gown was very "Pageant Betty". And the big ol' bun didn't help. The dress looked like something one can buy off the rack from a Prom-and-Pageant store.

Miss Guajira Maria Fernanda Daza Ramirez: This nude colored and sequined gown was, well, just there; there was nothing extraordinary. Oh, and it was too short.

Miss Arauca Lynda Shirley Guedes Castro: This black and silver sequined gown is so off-the-rack looking. The flower trim at the waist was not necessary and the entire style lacked sophistication and elegant up to date glamour; this gown was nice in 1994 but in 2014, it needs to be a little more directional.

Miss Cundinamarca Maribel Mendoza Londono: Silver stretch lame are not the three words one would associate with a winning evening gown. Not sure why she would wear this Disco 1982 looking gown, but she did, unfortunately. Ayyy Mija!, indeed.

Felicitaciones and Congratulations to "Señorita Colombia/Miss Colombia 2014-2015" Ariadna Gutierrez!!!

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Brett Mann said...

CORRECTION: you listed bucaramanga twice. the first one is correct. the second one... the silver gown... is miss cundinamarca, maribel mendoza londoño.

in reference to norte de santander reminding you of alicia's hair, not even close. try stefania in 2009... the exact hair-style, on the opposite side. and her dress is similar to dayana's in color only. they are completely different gowns.

it looks like you only saw pictures of the event, then copied and pasted them to your blog. if you would have seen the pageant live on tv, you wouldn't have selected some of the gowns as your faves. some of them were not presented well on-stage at all, as the contestants could barely walk in them, thus making them NOT good pageant gowns to compete in.