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WHO WORE WHAT? 15th Annual Latin Grammys Red Carpet Best and Worst Dressed


Bright and Beautiful vs Handsome and dapper: (L to R) Jacqueline Bracamontes and Ricky Martin--15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas

The 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards were held this past Thursday night at the MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas. This was the sixth time the awards show was held here. The show was telecast on UNIVISION. Many top singers, songwriters, recording artists in the Latino Music world, as well as actors and TV presenters of UNIVISION were in attendance...

I always love seeing how the Latino stars dress to these big shows because there always bound to be some "colorful" sartorial choices; sometimes good and lots of times, one big HOT MESS. But that's what makes it fun and certainly not boring. As has been the case for a while now at the Latin Grammy Awards, the red carpet was actually Green (since it was sponsored by Heineken).
So without further a do, it's time to Recap my "Muy Bueno" (Best) and "Ayyy Mijo/Mija!" (Worst) dressed of the night--Let's begin with the Good:

Chiquinquira Delgado: TV personality and former "Miss Venezuela Flowers Queen 1990" Chiquinquira Delgado wore a canary yellow gown from Venezuelan-born fashion designer Angel Sanchez. It was one of the BEST gowns of the night; she looked gorgeous, radiant and perfect.

Jacqueline Bracamontes: Former "Miss Nuestra Belleza Mexcio 2000"/actress/model/TV presenter Jacqueline Bracamontes shined in a beautiful canary yellow techno silk organza gown from Venezuelan fashion designer Nicolas Felizola. The fabrication was very Armani Prive and fit her well. I loved her hair pulled up and back and I also liked the choice of mini-hoop gold earrings; chic, understated and modern.

Natalia Jimenez: Spanish singer of the "5a Estacion", Natalia Jimenez looked red carpet perfect in this violet-colored gown from Zac Posen. The gown featured a high neck, mini cap sleeves and back godet train. It was very dramatic and statuesque. I have to say that it was a nice breath of fresh 'red carpet" air seeing these last three women looking so "Hollywood" red carpet ready--they could have easily been at the Academy Awards or Golden Globe Awards.

Alessandra Ambrosio: Brazilian supermodel wore a black and white mini dress with "capelet" shawl/sleeves from Balmain Resort 2015 and the fashion house's designer Olivier Rousteing. Leave it to Alessandra to look Super Sexy-a-Licious yet still Super Chic. I bet when she walked onto the green carpet, any women standing within a 20 foot radius of her ran screaming!! I would too: you can't compete for any attention when THAT is standing there.

In case the dress looks familiar, it's because Kim Kardashian wore the same style--different colorway earlier this year at the 2014 VMA's. Same Gown/Different Colorway

Mariana Vega: Venezuelan-born singer Mariana Vega who incidentally won "Best New Artist" at Thursday night's 2014 Latin Grammy Awards wore this orange-hued tunic gown with sequined yoke and mini peek-a-boo cut out in the front. I LOVED this gown; it was so modern, directional and outstandingly chic. I'm sure many people will probably be like "But I can't see her figure!". WHO CARES!!??? This gown is Goddess-like. Period.

Marisela Demontecristo: Salvadorean American "Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013" looked quite pretty in this white sequined column gown, that's why she's here on my "Muy Bueno" group. I loved the short sleeves, open back and defined waist. She looked like a young Crown princess of a country; proper, elegant yet un poquito sexy.

Mauza Antonio: 6 foot tall Angola-born model Mauza Antonio looked FABULOSA in this sexy one shoulder high-slit icicle-colored lame and sequined gown. That color against her skin was EVERYTHING. Once again, if I was a women on the green carpet at the same time as HER, I would have run for the exit signs!

Eiza Gonzalez: OK, this is A LOT. But Mexican singer/actress/Univision presenter Eiza Gonzalez is just GORGEOUS so, I think it was just fine.  I like this in that she is giving Fabulousa. It is A LOT of gown and even for the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards; it's a gown better suited for a "Miss Universe" contestant but, Eiza worked it out.

Roselyn Sanchez: Actress Roselyn Sanchez must have talked to Alessandra Ambrosio prior to the event so they could both stand out in mini dresses!. I thought Rosalyn looked muy, muy bien! This mini sequined dress on someone else--say a bleach blond with bigger "cha-cha's" would have looked HOOCHIE-licious and two seconds from tacky. But on Rosalyn and with that slicked back center-parted hair and great black heels with NO PLATFORMS!), made her look FAB!

Stephanie Bradford: Univision journalist Stephanie Bradford wore this gown from L.A. designer Eduardo Lucero. I thought this was a great look for her. I loved the black lace crop top (very on-trend) and the red princess seamed fit-to-flare long skirt added the right amount of drama to the overall ensemble.

Shannon de Lima: Newlyweds (just last week!) Marc Anthony and Venezuelan model and student of fashion design Shannon de Lima attended Thursday night's 2014 Latin Grammy Awards for the first time since their wedding. Shannon was one of Best Dressed for me in this gorgeous royal blue sequined gown with accented waist and slight train. The gown was fabulous and the styling--her hair, gold clutch and gold strappy heels were on point! Muy Bien Shannon!

Los Hombres Bueno:
Ricky Martin: Hot. Hot. Hot. I swear Ricky Martin has made a pact with the Beauty Devil. He looks SEXIER than TWENTY years ago! In terms of his "green carpet" ensemble, he looked modern yet still elegant in this black tuxedo with leather shawl collar lapel. I'm usually not a fan of the black-on-black-on-black look but Ricky pulled it off.

Danilo Carrera: Ecuadorian actor/model/TV presenter Danilo Carrera looked great in this shawl collar tuxedo; he was elegant and I especially liked the black button studs on the shirt. If there was any complaint, the jacket's sleeves seemed a wee bit too short. Normally, you want to see only about 1/2" of the shirt, but here, we see much more than that.

Carlos McConnie: TV show host and presenter Carlos McConnie looked like the King of HIPSTER-LANDIA on Thursday night with his slicked-back hair, dandy and very dapper suit and especially THAT mustache! I loved his entire look and especially that he A) dressed up, and B) the details--tie clip, pocket hankie, cool skinny tie...This guy might be a Latino heartthrob but he would be the Emperor of Silverlake or Williamsburgh/Brooklyn in this entire look!

Nayi: Not sure who Nayi is and what he does (I couldn't find anything on the internets) but...he sure is cute. I thought Nayi looked well dressed and still retained a cool/hip factor with his hairstyle, skinny tie and details such as the boutonniere and pocket scarf. Muy Nueno!

Miguel Bose: Spanish singer/song-writer/ICON Miguel Bose always is a bit more directional than everyone else, in terms of the men. And I give him "Muy Bueno!" points for that as well as this look. It's unique and high-fashion modern. Me gusta!

And now, the "Ayyy Mija! and "Ayyy Mijo's!" of the night--
Let's begin with the HOMBRES:
Juanes: Colombian singer/song-writer/Latin Music Icon Juanes wore this silver gray suit on the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards green carpet. Now, he's on my "Oh Dear!" list and here are several reasons. Before I get to that, let's begin with a positive: the suit fit well (notice the nipped-in side) BUT...I just wished the sleeves were a bit shorter, the pants about an inch or two shorter and well, that t-shirt is a bit "Miami Vice". He can do better. Or at least get a stylist who knows how to do better. Juanes can afford one for sure.

DJ El Dusty: Texas-based DJ known for his remixes with Latin music and Cumbia, DJ El Dusty looked all things D-bag in this look; the cap, the hand gesture, the necklace, the moto jacket over a loose un-tucked shirt...he may be cool to his fans but for the green carpet...NOT cool.

Juano Montalvo: Sorry for my Latin Music ignorance but I have no idea who Juano Montalvo is (from my web research, I found out that he's a singer), but he is a bit of a Diva circa 1978. He's very Liberace-meets-Elvis in this ensemble. Yes, it's a MESS but Bless His Heart! He is his own person, and obviously, has no stylists and even if he did, they'd probable dress him this way too. It's definitely A LOOK. How he felt that it was necessary to add the Chanel scarf (is it even real?) to this already busy look, is beyond me.

Kaden James: This very cute boy is another one I had trouble finding any info. on --other than he did the theme music to Logo's short-lived reality show "A List:New York", and that he's a model/actor/singer. This look--with the hat, untucked gray/silver shirt, white t-shit, necklaces, wrist bracelets, and too-long too-loose pants look is BAAAD! Usually I can find a theme in anything but this is perplexing. Is he attending a really low-rent Las Vegas club opening and not on the list? That's what I'm getting from this look. Sorry Kaden. You're still cute.

Lenny Medina: Songwiter Lenny Medina could be considered in many circles (Gay Bear ones!) as a Hottie McHottie! And that's all good and fine. But it's his outfit I have a problem with. Let me start on a good note: I do like the jacquard midnight blue shawl-collared suit. It's the way it was styled--with a tie-less wing-tip tuxedo shirt and that belt...he looks like he's attending a bad Hollywood nighclub opening. No Muy Bueno.

Tony Dandrades: Univision TV personality Tony Dandadres wore this red flower printed satin jacket, iridescent pants and tuxedo shirt and bow tie. I like the jacket. But not on him. And those pants: Ayyyy Mijo!!! Tony should stick to the Classic and Elegant basics. I get the whole "trying to be fun and different" but it has to work. And this doesn't.

Las Mijas:
Violeta Martin: Banda singer/songwriter Violeta Martin--and her SISTAHS--walked the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards green carpet. I wish that's all I can say but you know I have to add to this. I get that this her look.'s just soooo tacky! She is far too old to be doing this whole "Hi, Look at my Boobies" thing, and the whole styling of the royal blue sequined plunging neckline mermaid-shaped gown with matching fabric neck-piece and matching color fingernail polish...Ayyy Mija!!! This is just too Chonchee!

Desiree Estrada: Mexican-American singer/song-writer Desiree Estrada wore this gold and black gown. And well, it ain't cute. Therefore, she's on my "Ayyy MIja!" list. Question: was it really necessary in any designer's right mind to do a front opening that exposing? She's so pretty so why the need? It's no bueno.

Stebani Cruz: Music artist Stebani Cruz looked like someone's "Kooky Aunt from Boca...during Halloween" in this black full skirted with exaggerated shawl collared jacket ensemble. The jacket, the skirt, the kind-of-Chanel-belt, those's all a mess. The only thing that's bueno is her hair.

Jimena Gallego: TV host/personality/singer from Mexico Jimena Gallego at first glance, looked quite nice. I loved her hair and makeup; modern, fresh. And the black and nude gown isn't bad. But then, I looked close and noticed a nude under-SPANX thing that was very noticeable through her gown: what is going on under there? Pobrecita. Fire your stylist Jimena. Now.

Erika Ender: Panama-born singer Erika Ender wore this canary yellow gown. And it wasn't good. She looked like a Mother of The Bride at a tacky 1996. What is with the side swept hair? And the off-the-shoulder look? No, mi amor.

Jackie Guerrido: Puerto Rican weather forecaster and journalist (since when do they invite weather forecasters to the Grammy Awards???) wore this ivory very high side slit one shoulder gown. It's Tacky-Licious. Plain and simple. But I did like her hair and makeup. But the gown was Chonchee. Sorry.

Cristina Eustace: Mexican singer Cristina Eustace was EVERYTHING wrong in this ivory lace gown with black trim. I'm sure she was trying to give a hint of Mexican Mariachi but it looked tacky. And then there's the silhouette: the illusion "cut-out's", the side front slit, the black heels...No. This gown looked a bit cheap. And so did the styling.

Jenni Lopez: Not sure who Jenni Lopez is, but...WOW! First: she's gorgeous. But...then there's her fashion sense. Let's start with that gold dress. What. Is. That? The fabric looks luxe but the dress is a mess. And then, she finds it necessary to add a tacky-looking ivory fascinator with a red rose. I just do not understand. She looks like a "Miss Italy" at the Miss World contest evening gown 1992.

Marcia Jones: Colombian actress/model Marcia Jones wore this crushed velvet gown with side hi-lo and top sequined applique was an absolute MESS! This dress was a Figure Skating Ice Dance look that was rejected ten years ago. It's Chonchee and Tacky-licious. And where did the blue purse and nude heels come from? Ayyy Mija!

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