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ICE STYLE.....2014 NHK Trophy Figure Skating Costumes: PAIRS, ICE DANCE

Pairs and Ice Dance Fab? (L to R) Germany's Pair team of Mari Vartmann and Aaron Van Cleave and Ice Dance couple of Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje of Canada--2014 NHK Trophy ISU Grad Prix of Figure Skating

In my last blog post, I discussed the LADIES and MEN costumes from last weekend's 2014-2015 NHK Trophy ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating held in Osaka Japan. So now, it's time for the PAIRS and ICE DANCE--lots to talk about, including a newly HOT Ice Dance male partner (Read on):

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford of Canada, Short Program: Canada's PAIR team of Duhamel and Radford skated their Short Program to "Un peu plus haut" by Ginette Reno. In semi-typical PAIRS costume form--the male is just BLAND and wearing a top and black pants, of course. While the female is doing most of the (costume) work. I liked the delicate lilac color and "different" sequin/applique of her costume but it was still a bit of a "MEH!"; not exciting. I also think she could have at the very least, not used a hair clip from Rite Aid to hold her hair down--talk to your costume designer to make you something...ANYTHING! They got the gold medal for their skate at 2014 NHK, so...I'm thinking the costumes did not really matter. 
Now, what does matter, is THIS news about Eric Radford coming out as gay!

Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov of Russia, Short Program: Kavaguti and Smirnov skated their Short Program to "Méditation" from Thaïs by Jules Massenet. I actually liked both of their costumes. Hers was super-fabulous in its intricate sequin and neckline torso detail. I also liked the drape and sheerness and sequins combinations of his top. She looked dangerously pretty and he was SEXY-licious!

Free Skate to Manfred Symphony by Petr I. Tchaikovski: I thought it was a nice contrast to have Yuko wear the delicate pale blue dress and sexy Alexander in black and plunging. However, her costume seemed a bit cheap and dated (I also wasn't a fan of the length of her skirt) and he looked like a Figure Skating Steven Seagal.

Dee Dee Leng and Simon Shnapir of USA, Short Program: Leng and Shnapir skated their Short Program to "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff, performed by Edvin Marton. I really liked both of their black costumes. Simon was dark, brooding and directional while Dee Dee was gorgeous and beautifully sequined--in her plunging neckline long sleeved costume. I noticed that they both had plunging neckline nude illusion panels. His, though, I don't think was so necessary.

Free Skate to "Miss Saigon" by Claude-Michel Schoenberg, performed by Sean Alderking: Cute, appropriate and wait, no red color in any of the costumes?? Kudos for stepping a little bit outside the "Miss Saigon" costume box.

Mari Vartmann and Aaron Van Cleave of Germany, Short Program: Vartmann and Van Cleave skated their Short Program to "Waltz from Petersburg's Secrets" (soundtrack) by Andrey Petrov in the costumes above. These bright pink and black costumes were a bit pop-art funky for my taste and for the program. I think they belong in an Ice Dance program better.

Free Program to "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaquin Rodrigo (yes, Michelle Kwan's music!): I LOVED these deep wine red and gold applique costumes. He was elegant, sexy and very "Sultan of Arabia" hot. She looked gorgeous in this costume. Very good.

Nelli Zhiganshina and Alexander Gazsi of Germany, Short Dance: German Ice Dance pair Zhiganshina and Gazsi skated their Paso Doble and Flamenco Short Dance to "La Maza" by Silvio Rodriguez and "Ameksa" by Taalbi Brothers. I think her costume was very "Happy Hands at Home" and was NOT Flamenco or Paso Doble-ish but his...a white SUPER TIGHT tank top and high-waisted black pants. I know that it's not much of a costume but...WOWSA! He looks like a former Madonna boy-toy.

Free Dance to "Rothbart's Solo", "Then There's Us", "Don't Go" and "Rothbart's Solo" all from "Swan Lake Reloaded" by Frederik Rydmans: Here, they both wore black--she was in a stretch lace costume with a bar top and panties underneath and he was in a very Zara-fashionable look featuring a thin stretch knit top and drop crotch "Carrot" leg style pants. One word: HOT. This was definitely a modern costume version of "Swan Lake". 
Now, may I just take a moment to discuss the newly-found HOTNESS that is...

Alexander Gazsi HOT: Shaved head, light beard, sleek body...Let me remind you of him at the...

SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympics...Yes, kids, that's HIM! Not Hot.

Cathy Reed and Chris Reed of Japan, Short Dance: Brother and sister Ice Dance pair Reed and Reed of Japan skated their Short Dance to "El Cid - Farruca" by Thomas Hickstein and "Elva La Guardia Gato Montes" by Hugo Montenegro wearing these costumes above. While I appreciated the lack of red and black in these "Paso Doble/Flamenco" costumes., they looked a bit tacky Copacabana/Mambo. I did love the Mantilla she was wearing on her hips though.

Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland of United Kingdom, Free Dance: Coomes and Buckland skated their Free Dance to "Exogenesis Part 1" and "Hurricanes and Butterflies" by Muse--I discussed their costumes HERE in my 2014 Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia Costume Blog.

Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker of the USA, Free Dance: Hawayek and Baker skated their Free Dance to "Wedding Vows", "The Cheek of Night Come", "Gentle Night Forbidden Love" --all from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski. I thought the use of ombre shaded lilacs and sweet violet colors were pretty and I also loved the delicate costume references to "Romeo and Juliet"--her softly draped dress and his semi-structured top, in particular. 

Emi Hirai and Marien de la Asuncion of Japan, Short Dance: Hirai and de la Asuncion wore these costumes for their Short Dance to "Garcia Lorca Farrucas" by Pepe Romero. With this pairing, I liked his sexy black look much better than hers; I can see the Flamenco/Toreador influences in his costume. But hers, unfortunately, looked a bit of a mess. While I appreciated the "hint" of a bolero jacket in her red lace top section, the combination of that with the rest of the dress looked cheap.

Free Skate to "Peter Gunn theme", "Riot in the cell block No. 9" , "Shake Your Tail Feather"by The Blues Brothers: These costumes were much better than their Short Dance ones. I loved the graphic black and white quality and enjoyed her silver mirrored "bib" detail.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje of Canada, Free Dance: Ice Dance Gold medalists from Canada Weaver and Poje wore these GREAT costumes for their Free Dance to "Spring", "Summer 1",  "Summer 3", and "Winter" from Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi arranged by Max Richter. I absolutely ADORE her yellow dress and the plant and flower sequin detail. I also liked how Andrew's costume continued the "flora and fauna" theme in his shirt and how the light-wash denim was brought in to make the costumes young, fresh and modern.

Congrats to the Top Three of Ice Dance, 2014 NHK Trophy: (L to R) Ksenia Monko and Kirill Khaliavin of Russia (Silver), Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje of Canada (Gold) and USA's Kaitlin Hawayek and Jean-Luc Baker (Bronze)--2014 NHK Trophy ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Osaka Japan

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