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ROYAL COUTURE.....RIP Queen Fabiola of Belgium

 Doña Fabiola: Queen Fabiola of Belgium, A Fashion Tribute

Last week, on December 5th, Queen Fabiola of Belgium passed away at the age of 86, after a long illness. She was the wife of King Baudouin of the Belgians. She was the queen consort for 33 years, from her wedding in 1960 until her husband's death in 1993. Since then she was seen as a "Queen Mother" sort of figure for the country of Belgium and beloved by many.

Silver Fox: Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Queen Fabiola and King Baudouin never had children (she was pregnant five times--all ending in miscarriages) so the crown passed on to King Baudouin's younger brother, King Albert II. Fabiola was born Fabiola de Mora y Aragon in Madrid, Spain from Spanish aristocracy. Her father was the 4th Marquess of Casa Riera and 2nd Count of  Mora while her mother was the Marchioness of Casa Torres and Viscountess of Baiguer. And if that isn't enough Haute Spanish aristocracy, Fabiola's godmother was Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain.

Balenciaga Haute Couture Bride: Queen Fabiola and King Bauduoin of the Belgians at their wedding in 1960. The bride wore Balenciaga Haute Couture.

Queen Fabiola was a Fashion Diva. From her 1960 wedding to King Baudouin in which she wore a Haute Couture Cristobal Balenciaga gown to her latter years, she remained always stylish.

 Fur and Jewels: Queen Fabiola and King Baudouin in Mexico City, 1965

 Printed Queen: Queen Fabiola with then-Princess Maxima and Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands at a 2006 gala dinner

Mink and Color-Coordinated Diva: Queen Fabiola visinting the Belgium Parliament Koenigsfest celebrations in 2008

She loved color, coordinated ensembles, tiaras, mink coats and abanicos (fans). The last one probably being her sly homage to her Spanish roots. She was also known for her fabulously styled hair.
Let's take a STYLE Look Back at Queen Fabiola:

The Wedding Gown:
Satin and Mink Fab: Queen Fabiola in her Cristobal Balenciaga Hate Couture custom wedding gown, 1960

Queen Fabiola of Belgium's wedding gown designed by Cristobal Balenciaga

At her 1960 wedding, she wore a custom Balenciaga Haute Couture wedding gown designed by Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga. The silk satin gown featured a Bateau neckline, raglan sleeves and a low waist and "Watteau"-like cape/train trimmed in mink. Yes, kids, mink! To this day, it is considered one of the most iconic wedding gown designs of all time.

Color Queen:
 Pink Couture: Queen Fabiola in a scooped neck pink and silver sequined gown

Blue Diva: Queen Fabiola in a blue and ivory silk organza gown

Teal Queen: Queen Fabiola with then-Princess Sofia of Spain, 1971 celebrations for the 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire, Iran

                          Lilac Suting: Queen Fabiola with then-Princess Mathilde, 2009 International Music Competition of Belgium at the Royal Palace on May 26, 200
 Violet-Blue Fab: Queen Fabiola with then-Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe of Belgium, at a Christmas concert in Belgium 2009

Tiara Queen:
Queen Fabiola received this tiara above as a wedding gift from the Spanish government (lucky her!)

The Wedding Gift tiara

 She also made the tiara smaller

 And used it as a statement making necklace

Silver Hair Queen:
Normally, when you see women of a "certain age" (especially these days!), their hair is dyed...that's the trend. But leave it to Queen Fabiola to not follow trends. She kept her hair color it's true gray for the last decade+. And she looked FABULOUS!

Fan Queen:
 Queen Fabiola loved using an abanico (a fan). I think it was her way of showing her Spanish blood.

RIP Queen Fabiola. And her STYLE.

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Evil Eye Nails said...

What a wonderful retrospective! I'd love to read more features like this :) I knew nothing about Queen Fabiola before finding this article -- what a woman!

Evil Eye Nails said...

What a wonderful retrospective! I'd love to read more features like this :) I had never heard of Queen Fabiola until I found this article -- what a woman!