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SASHES AND TIARAS.....First Glimpse of Miss World 2014 National Costumes, "Dances of the World"

Hold Up That Skirt Huney: (L to R) Miss South Africa 2014 Rolene Strauss and Debora Menicucci Miss World Venezuela 2014 and their "National Costumes"--Miss World 2014

The Miss World 2014 beauty pageant has begun and all the 124 (yes, you read right, ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR!) contestants are in London for the big final event--which will occur next month on December 14th at the ExCeL London--and exhibitions and conventions center-- in London, United Kingdom. The contestants vying for the title of Miss World 2014 arrived a week ago...

Miss World 2013 Megan Young of the Philippines with the "Miss World 2014" contestants, London England, UK

One of their many activities and pre-final events/contests involve a Dances of the World where contestants are shown during the finals--in their national costumes--displaying a particular dance native to their land. It's kind of an unofficial "National Costume" segment.

Costume Gals: Miss World 2014 contestants get ready for their "Dances of the World" auditions--Miss World 2014

Some of the costumes worn by the contestants have been "leaked" via the internets and, in addition, we have gotten glimpses via the "Miss World" website's "Dances of the World" gallery so here are some highlights:
Miss World South Africa Rolene Strauss: Rolene is one of the top faves to win the crown (according to pageant fanatics). Her costume has caused quite a stir, persuading both excitement and criticism. Some pageant bloggers have said it actually borders on tastelessness. The dress has an image of Nelson Mandela in the centre with a mix of print-on-print on Ndebele and Zulu beading on colorful images. The costume was designed by four students from the Cape Town College of Fashion Design, with an additional 12 helping. This may be a case of "Too many cooks in the kitchen". Understandingly, there's A LOT but my biggest offense are the stacked black platform pumps. Seriously???!!

Miss World Philippines Valerie Weigmann: For the "Miss World 2014" Dances of the World, Valerie chose to wear a Filipino traditional malong. She also "accessorized" this with a T’boli Hegalong guitar, according to the blog
Miss World Venezuela 2014 Debora Menicucci: Debora is wearing a colorful and multi-tiered, applique and sequined "Llanera" costume--a "Ranch Diva" costume. I think she looks fabulous and I love the neck-piece and hair accessory.
Miss World Australia Courtney Thorpe: Courtney Thorpe's costume has also been a source of criticism and polarizing views; her first original costume--a khaki pants suit based on the ANZAC women’s uniform--was not well received but this one has gotten better reviews. The costume pays homage to women who worked in agriculture during World War II to maintain numbers of land and 

fight food shortages and was designed by Julie Sufi of Belluccio. I think she looks great.I especially love the sequined touches to the chiffon shirt's collar and sleeve hems.
Miss World Finland Krista Haapalainen: Krista is wearing a one shoulder blue and white gown that pays tribute to the fact that her country is the land of 1,000 lakes and Finland's national bird is a swan. So...yeah, this a "Swan/Lake" National costume.
o gymnastics, to liven things u
Miss World Fiji Charlene Tafuna'i: The costume for Miss Fiji was designed and made by Andrew Powell and Aisea Konrote. It was inspired by one of Fiji's unique parrot species which is endemic to the islands of Kadavu and Ono in the Kadavu group. The costume's headpiece draws inspiration from the "lakalaka", a traditional dance of the Lau people. The kula bird is the inspiration behind the creation of Miss Fiji’s national costume. 
 Miss World Mongolia Battsetseg Turbat: Here is Miss World Mongolia in her costume during the "Dances of the World" Auditions
Miss World Poland Ada Sztajerowska: Two words--Queen & Swan. I love this. I have no idea what significance this has with Poland but whatever it is, it's pretty FAB!

Miss World Thailand Nonthawan Thongleng: I think this is a very elegant interpretation of a traditional Thai costume; it has elements of a Thai Borom Bhiman dress but that ball gown skirt adds a very theatrical "King and I" touch
Miss World Vietnam Nguyen Thi Loan: According to the Tuoitrenews.ven site,  Miss World Vietnam's costume is a ao dai called “Long Vu Khuc” (The Dance of a Dragon) for the "Miss World 2014" beauty pageant. According to local designer Vo Viet Chung, who created the ao dai, the gown tells a tale of Vietnamese people’s origin, feudal reigns, and the long-cherished grace throughout the country’s 4,000-year history and culture. The costume boasts the dominant colors of red and yellow, which are prominently featured on the Vietnamese national flag.

The costume’s two stylized sleeves feature several layers of cloth which are twisted together the way khan mo qua (a piece of traditional head-wear used by northern Vietnamese women) is made. Chung noted the yellow decorative patterns on the outfit’s front are designed as scales of dragons, which are representative of the kings and their absolute power in the past. Another highlight is the headgear, which is inspired by non quai thau (a large, tray-shaped head-wear item popular among women in the northern province of Bac Ninh). 

Miss World Japan Hikaru Kawai: Hikaru--as seen above--wore a colorful silk Geisha Kimono ensemble accessorized with a beautiful fan--for the "Miss World 2014" Dances of the World audition.

Stay tuned here on my BLOG for more "Miss World 2014" posts!!! 

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Kristoff de Guia said...

Miss Poland costume pays homage to the national seal of her country: a bird with a crown. That is prominently featured on their Polish flags, during the reign of their king.