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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2014 World Designer Dress: My FAVORITE and "Uh Oh!"

Very Good and Uh OH Gowns: (L to R) Miss Philippines Valerie Weigmann and Miss Switzerland Dijana Cvijetic--"Miss World 2014" Top Model and World Designer Dress Runway Show

The Miss World 2014 beauty pageant activities are happening in London as I type this blog. One of the most "fashionable" ones--the "Miss World 2014 Top Model/ World Designer Dress" fashion show/presentation occurred last week. All the 124 contestants modeled fashions--cocktail and evening gowns--to then be a Finalist in the Miss World Top Model--as well as award the "Best in Gown" award to the Fashion Designer whom the contestant was wearing in the evening gown portion. Out of all the contenders, the Top World Designer Dress prize went to...

Miss India Koyal Rana and her gown, designed by by Falguni and Shane Peacock--She wore a shimmering gold, copper and silver sequined gown which I am sure weighed A TON and looked quite splendid on her.  

Out of the Top 20 Miss World 2014 "Top Model" Finalists, here are the gowns I liked the most:

Miss Australia Courtney Thorpe: Loved this aqua blue column gown featuring sequined shoulder detail and falling chiffon pieces. The gown made quite a statement and it reminded me of a dress one of my favorite style muses, the Sheikha Mozah of Qatar, would wear.

Miss Dominican Republic Dhio Moreno: Great choice for Dhio in this black sequined column gown with illusion/netting insets. She looked very statuesque and very "Red Carpet" ready. I don't think the silver bouffant headpiece/trim was necessary, however; the gown was EVERYTHING.

Miss Mongolia Battsetseg Turbat: A lovely choice for a gown from "Miss World Mongolia". The nude tulle and electric blue applique gown was very impacting and fitted her nicely. If there was any critique, the front may have been about 5 inches too short. But I did love the color and leaf-like applique and waist satin tie.

Miss Namibia Brumhilda Ochs: Yes, kids her name is Brumhilda! And I love her! She is like a Supermodel who should go to Milan as soon as her time in London is done! (in the event she doesn't win the "Miss World 2014" title!). Great gown, FABULOUS pose! Her shoulders are amazing and I love how well this gown fits. Also, normally, I would not think such a big necklace was necessary but Brumhilda makes it work!

Miss Puerto Rico Genesis Davila: Genesis wears a perfectly pretty gown here. It fits her nicely and is both "Pageant Fab" and right for her. I even like the big ol' bouffant with this look. It may not be something one would see at a Paris Haute Couture runway show (the hair style or this gown) but she worked it nonetheless and got my "Great Gown" vote!

Miss Russia Anastasia Kostenko: Anastasia made it into the Top 20 of the "Miss World 2014 Top Model" and I also liked this ivory and silver crystal off-the-shoulder gown of hers. It looked expensive and well done, fit her nicely and she looked quite sweet yet still "unapproachable" in it.

Miss  South Africa Rolene Strauss: The top favorite to win the "Miss World 2014" crown continued her streak of "well done" by wearing this gorgeous ivory scooped neck gown with scroll-like detail. Her side-swept hairstyle was on-point and so was the fact that she didn't overdo it in the accessories department. I also love that the gown length is PERFECT. The long sleeves still play into the whole "Miss World" winners must be sweet and nice--she's the Wife NOT the Mistress, of International Beauty Pageants.

Miss Turkey Amine Gulse: I thought Amine's halter neck white and silver gown was a nice silhouette and style for her. The shimmery color worked very well against her skin and hair. I also loved that she styled it with a center-parted slicked modern hairstyle as well.

Miss Haiti Carolyn Desert: Out of the 20 "Top Model" finalists, Miss World Haiti was my last favorite--in terms of the gowns they wore. I thought this was a very creative design that didn't go toward the "National Costume" direction. One would normally think that light-wash denim, tartan plaid and lace applique would NOT under any circumstances work...but here it is all proved wrong. I really liked this gown and I guess, it helped that it was being worn by the super stunning shaved-head "Miss World Haiti".

Here are some of my other FAVORITE Gown designs from contestants who did not make the Top Model--as well as the "World Designer Dress"--cut:
Miss Philippines Valerie Weigmann: Valerie wore a creme and lemon yellow ball gown that was exquisite. It was very Couture and very 1950s Old Hollywood Glamour. Her slicked back hair and classic makeup finished to perfection the entire overall look. How Valerie--or this beautiful gown-- didn't make the cut is beyond me.

Miss Thailand Nonthawan Thongleng: Another yellow gown--this time from "Miss World Thailand". I thought that this was a beautiful gown design I loved the side pleated draping on the ball gown skirt, the fabric looked expensive and NOT polyester and the style was classic yet still dramatic and directional. I also liked her chic modern hairstyle.

Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit: I loved Miss United States' dramatic gown. The Watteau-like back was EVERYTHING. I loved the Drama. I guess whoever was judging this presentation did not agree.

Miss Venezuela Debora Menicucci: Debora wore the same strapless sequined gown she wore when she represented "Amazonas" back in the "Miss Venezuela 2013" beauty pageant (photo above), many, many months before she even knew that she would get the crown to represent her country at the Miss World (she did not even make the Top Ten of that year's "Miss Venezuela") . I loved the gown then and I still think it was fabulously impacting now. Bellisima!

Miss Northern Ireland Rebekah Shirley: Rebekah wore a one shoulder-esque gown with light sequin detail. She looked modern, chic and very Angelina Jolie-like. This was subdued fabulousless in terms of an elegant gown. One of my favorites!

Miss Moldova Alexandra Caruntu: Love the sharp blue color and the cut of this flared gown. Alexandra looks gorgeous! Nice gown on a very pretty girl.

Miss Ethiopia Yirgalem Hadish: WORK IT!!! "Miss World Ethiopia" is giving a lesson on how to pose in the photo above. I love everything about it. The one shoulder black and white printed gown is sleek, stunning and impacting. It also fits her to perfection.

Miss Bahamas Rosetta Cartwright: Rosetta wore this very pretty gunmetal gray strapless tulle and crystal sequined ball gown. She was very "Prom Princess" in this but not in a cheesy way; she looked elegant and beautiful. The gown was very "Monique Lhuillier"-like.

Miss Indonesia Maria Sastrayu: Very well done. Loved this gown, the draped cascading overskirt, the horsehair hem trim, the interesting lace was Couture, chic and demure. And once again, the side-slicked and straightened modern hairstyle helped the entire look.

Miss Gabon Jessie Lekery: I thought this silver sequined and nude tulle one shoulder gown design worn by "Miss World Gabon" was a nice choice. She looked very red carpet perfect.

The "Ayyy Mija!" Gown Messes of Miss World 2014 "Word Designer Dress" Presentation/Runway Show:

Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Isidora Borovcanin: Three words--Cha-Cha Queen. The rosette ruffled hi-lo skirt, the "Carmen" figure skating costume design...the tacky black heels; it's just too tacky-licious. She's very pretty and I can understand how she made it into the Top 20 of the "Miss World 2014 Top Model" but...this gown is a tacky hot mess.

Miss Nigeria Iheoma Nnadi: Barbie Madness. The cheap-looking organza, the back tulle detail and the solid-to-sheer gown's just TOO MUJCHEEY. I LOVE this color but I hate when it's used in such an overtly non-edited tacky way.

Miss Kyrgyzstan Aikol Alikzanova: Blue silver rose applique gown with nude mini dress underneath. And a sequined tulle overskirt. No. This is tacky. But a yes to her hair and earrings. But that's it.

Miss South Sudan Awien Kuanyin-Agoth: While I think the fabrication on this dress in interesting, it's WAAAY too short and the styling is completely off. There's no need for that necklace and especially those style of shoes. Those shoes belong to a business outfit not a gown.

Miss Luxembourg Frederique Wolff: Wowsa, that's some fire red on that gown! I like the red applique trim but I don't think red might have been a good choice on the multi-tiered tulle. This looks like a costume/dress that might have been rejected as part of the "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" film.

Miss Latvia Liliana Garkalne: Bland. Bland. Bland. Nude colored top with black messy tulle skirt. This is someone who does not want to be bothered, style-wise; it's sad and depressing.

Miss Switzerland Dijana Cvijetic: Can you say "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"??? This is all things a mess. Let's just begin with the too-short hi-lo strapless sequined bustier and iridescent organza design. There's so much polyester in this that I am really afraid when anyone lights a match near her. And then, there's those awful black platform peep-toe heels. I could see those in a sexy very fitted black pencil-skirted suit a la Kim Kardashian. But here, it's Tacky-Licious.

Miss Martinique Anais Delwaulle: Three words--Bless Her Heart. This pink tulle and sequin hi-lo style dress is a tacky mess. Has this woman seen what actual actresses and models wear to red carpet events? And those gold stripper pumps??? How do say "Huuuuuney???!!!" en Francais?

*Stay Tuned here on my BLOG for more "Miss World 2014" SASHES AND TIARAS fashion blogs!!

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