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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Golden Globes 2015: Keira Knightley in Custom Chanel

Keira Knightley in Custom Chanel (inspired by Chanel Pre-Fall 2015)

Actress Keira Knightley wore this dress at tonight's 2015 Golden Globes. The gown is a custom Chanel dress inspired by a look from the Chanel Pre-Fall 2015 collection. Keira, as you may remember, is after all, a Chanel spokesperson so she is contractually obligated to wear Chanel and mostly ONLY Chanel. The gown features a big ol' doily-like bib, an Empire cut accented by a black satin band, butterfly and fauna sequined appliques and three bottom doily-like tiers (please tell me doilies will NOT be the rage for 2015!). Thank goodness those sleeves from the runway look were taken out for this new version. And I can understand the Empire silhouette since Keira is a mom-to-be and expecting her first child. The gown supposedly took THIRTY people to make it (!) in only a week's time. She accented and styled the look with a butterfly wrist band and black clutch. 

While Keira's hair and makeup look nice, the dress, however, is a mess. I want to know the following: WHO ILL-ADVISED HER TO WEAR THIS??? There's nothing flattering, chic or remotely stylish about this. I can understand it in an episode of "Downton Abbey" in a 1924 Period piece but, in 2015 at the Golden Globes?? The best thing about it all is that butterfly wrist cuff. 
I have two theories on Keira and this choice of gown:
A) She didn't want to offend Karl Lagerfeld and wore it as opposed to creating tension and saying "Nope, I'm not wearing this!" or, 
B) Keira actually DID want to wear this (the Empire-cut/semi baby doll shape for her pregnant body) and somehow thought it was cute! 
If it is the latter, I am scared. What do guys think of this dress on Keira?   

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