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WHO WORE WHAT?.....SAG Awards 2015: Julianne Moore in Custom Givenchy

Julianne Moore in Custom Givenchy

Julianne Moore wore this teal green sequined gown from Givenchy. it was Custom. Now, to be honest, I thought I would NEVER type the words "teal" and "Sequined Gown" in the same line as GIVENCHY. I don't know what this has to do with the directional and UBER chic House of Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci but oh well. Call me silly but I don't get when fashion houses such as this do custom gowns for top A-List actresses that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (or at least very little) to do with what these designer's show on the runway; it seems inconsistent with the look and message they are trying to put out. But I digress...back to Julianne: it seems as if she's playing it quite safe this awards season when it comes to her fashion. Maybe since she is so close to winning her first Oscar, she doesn't want to "rock the boat" with her usually more adventurous choices in terms of fashion.

I'm a little bored by it. She looks like a very nice Mother-of-the-Bride at a very fancy expensive wedding. I don't know, I'd rather see her more directional, more of a fashion risk-taker. 
What do you guys think? Is this Julianne Moore Yay or Nay?

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