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FIDM.....FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House RECAP!

Draped Gown Guest: Nick Verreos--flanked with gowns draped by FIDM San Francisco students for a special project/Draping event that was held at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose--FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of flying to the Bay Area to be the Special Guest at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House. FIDM Open House is a way for high school students (or post grad students as well as any one interested in a career in Fashion, Visual Communications, Merchandising, etc.) to come and check out the college and what it has to offer--as well as get the chance to hear me speak and give advice and tell my "story".

It was a big pleasure since I always LOVE going to San Francisco and especially on behalf of my Alma Mater, FIDM. It was not a pleasure when about 5 hours before departing from LAX, I found out my flight to SFO was cancelled and had to re-book an entire new flight/different airline/different airport (Hello Oakland!). It was all due to a big storm and very strong winds that happened to have hit the Bay Area right as I was supposed to be arriving, last Friday. But, I finally made it!

Late Night SF Thai Dinner For One: My dinner at Chabaa Thai Restaurant--Chicken Larb Salad and Chicken Satay (Yum!)

I arrived around midnight the night before my event--just in time to check in my hotel, grab a late night dinner and go to I could be bright eyed and bushy tailed for FIDM San Francisco Open House...

Union Square San Francisco

Naturally the following day--the day of my appearance at the FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House was BEAUTIFUL--semi-clear skies, a bit of sun and actually kind of warm (for San Francisco!). I was ready for the Open House! Here are some photos recap'ing the day. I had a SUPER wonderful time and so THANKFUL for the FIDM SF Open House staff as well as everyone who attended. From what I gather, I think everyone really enjoyed the FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House 2015...

Mirrored Gown Fab: FIDM San Francisco students created this wonderful "Mirrored Gown" as part of an event co-sponsored by Westfield and FIDM. The gown is featured in the lobby of the FIDM San Francisco campus. And I have to say, it is very "Miss Universe" contestant fabulous!

Nature Dresses: Also on display at the FIDM San Francisco campus were these great "Nature Motifs" creations and watercolors by Colleen Quen, an alumna and instructor at FIDM San Francisco. The window displays were designed and executed by FIDM San Francisco Visual Communications students.

My Special Guest Appearance:
Ellen-like Group Selfies: Before I began my "lecture" I had to take a bunch of Group Selfies a la "Ellen at the Oscars" with the attendees, both students and their parents. I'm still learning this whole "group selfie" thang so be gentle with me! #ITried --FIDM San Francisco Spring 2014 Open House

Flower Power Jacket Speaker--Nick Verreos--Speaking to the FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House attendees

Meet-and-Greet Pics: Here are a compilation of fun photos I took with lots of the attendees using a fun "Instagram"-like frame. I thought it was very "Polariod Camera circa 1980's but let's just let the kids think it's actually "Instagram"-like ;)
Nick Verreos--FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House Meet-and-Greet

Signing and Photo Takin'--Nick Verreos at the FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House Meet-and-Greet

Hunka Hunka: Check out my reaction to the muscle-y arms of--what turned out to be--one of the fathers of a student attending the FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House. Yes, can you say #Inappropriate and #OhDear ??!!

Sketching Nick: One of the attendees showed me a photo--on her phone--of a costume/dress she made (along with her mom) so I decided to sketch her design as her mom held up the camera phone photo of her design. I think she was very happy :)--FIDM San Francisco Spring 2015 Open House

FIDM SF Love: Nick Verreos with the FIDM San Francisco Open House Team of Fabulous Ladies including Trudy Noren, Michelle Prior-Alameda Nancy Mcdonald and Gabby Homesley

Thanks FIDM San Francisco and everyone who attended for a VERY FABULOUS Open House!!

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