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RIP.....RIP Carlos Falchi, Brazilian-born Accessories Designer

Nick Verreos and Designer Carlos Falchi in 2012 at a Macy's Brasil event, Macy's Valley Fair Santa Clara

The Man and His Bag--Designer Carlos Falchi

Two Fridays ago, on March 27th designer Carlos Falchi, 70, died in Durham North Carolina, after complications from surgery for glioblastoma, a cancer of the brain according to the NY Times.
Falchi was a Brazilian-born accessories designer known for his brightly colored, bohemian styled bags often in dyed animal skin such as alligator, anaconda, crocodile, anteater, frog, python and water snake, to name a few.

Nick Verreos--Macy's "Brasil" event--Macy's Valley Fair Santa Clara 

I was very sad to read this news especially since three years ago--back in 2012--I had the AMAZING pleasure of meeting Carlos Falchi and he was THE SWEETEST, KINDEST, most GENEROUS person! I had flown into the Bay Area to host a Macy's "Brasil"-themed event at the Macy's Valley Fair in Santa Clara California, near San Jose.

Prior to my event, I was told by the Macy's P.R. gal that THE Carlos Falchi was also in the store for an the SAME TIME! She asked if I would like to meet him and naturally, I said YESSSS!!!!!!!!

Fabulous Falchi and his bags--Macy's Valley Fair Santa Clara "Brasil" campaign event, 2012

Mr. Falchi was there with one of his daughters showcasing his very special FABULOUS accessories designs that were showcased as part of the Macy's "Brasil: A Magical Journey" 2012 campaign.

 Carlos The Design God: Nick Verreos with accessories designer Carlos Falchi--Macy's Valley Fair Santa Clara--Macy's "Brasil" campaign event, 2012

We talked about many things, including how much I admired his designs and colors and of course, his FAB bags. He and his daughter also made my arms hairs stand up when they told me that they were fans of "Project Runway" and me! I also spent a LONG time admiring his UBER cool outfit! (That jacket was EVERYTHING!).

OBRIGADO Mr. Falchi for taking the time to meet little ol' me and for being the epitome of COOL, Class and UBER Fabulousness. Oh and did I mention he was also SUPER nice? I will treasure that meeting in 2012.

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