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WHO WORE WHAT?....2015 Premios Billboard Latin Billboard Awards, the HOMBRES

Los Boys: Which ones are "Muy Bueno" and which ones...not so mucheey???--2015 Latin Billboard Awards Red Carpet, Miami 

In my last post, I wrote about las muchachas (the ladies) of Friday night's 2015 Latin Billboard Awards Red Carpet (or White Carpet), now it's time for the MEN. Let's see who made my Best Dressed List and who was Boy-Chonchee! (in other words, the No-No List). 
I want to begin with Marc Anthony...
Marc Anthony: I'm not a fan of Marc Anthony's style most of the time but here he looks pretty good. I like the white jacket/black pants look but I am soooo not a fan of the sunglasses (soooo 1990's!) Also, those pants are too long; the wrinkle-ing happening at the knee and ankle are signs that he should have hem-ed those pants about 2/3 inches (or at least his stylist' assistants should have done that). #TheyShouldBeFired

Pedro Fernandez: Mexican Latin Grammy Award winning recording artist Pedro Fernandez wore a very nice tuxedo for the Premios Billboard 2015. I think he looked quite dapper and elegant. I would have wished to have seen about 1/2" of the sleeves of his shirt peek through his jacket sleeve and maybe a white pocket hankie. Oh, and yeah, he should have only button ONE button--the top one. But oh well, he got it 75% bien!

Luis Fonsi in Tom Ford: Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi wore a blue "tuxedo"-inspired suit with black satin lapels from Tom Ford. I like the suit but on Luis, the fit and tailoring looks kind of sloppy. The Tom Ford tailors should have overseen this. First off, the jacket could be a teeny bit more fitted at the waist and the sleeves are a bit too long. Speaking of long, just look at that crease on the pants. I would have hemmed it about 3/4"-1" more.

Gabriel Porras: Mexican actor Gabriel Porras wore this midnight blue tuxedo jacket with black tuxedo pants. I love the length and skinny/lean fit of the pants. Muy Bien! And I also liked the shawl collared jacket. Overall, Gabriel did it quite right!

Enrique Usales: Telemundo on-air talent Enrique Usales wore a purple tuxedo suit with black satin lapels. I liked the suit; it's modern, skinny fit and just right for him. The only problem I have is his belt. Now, I love a LOGO designer belt (I own waaay too many Gucci and Hermes ones!) but I think for this look, he should have stuck to a non-logo belt buckle that would have just blended in and not draw attention to that area.

Uh Oh-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Christian Acosta: Connecticut-born Colombian-American singer Christian Acosta wore this white "Dinner Jacket" with black pants ensemble for the 2015 Premios Billboard. I love this look but for some reason, on Christian, it didn't work and I know why: it's the black shirt with black tie. The black-on-black is a bit "Sopranos"-esque and instead, he should have just worn a white shirt with the black skinny tie. Instead of looking like the son of a sketchy Russian arms dealer (which is what he reminds me of in this above), he would have looked elegant and directional and "Mad Men"-inspired (with my suggestion).

Augusto Valverde: Actor/Writer --and according to IMDb voted "Best Event Promoter" (?) by Telemundo--Augusto Valverde wore this purple/blue suit and fuchsia gingham shirt to the 2015 Premios Billboard white carpet. It's a nice look...if you are having a late afternoon dinner al fresco in Sardinia. But not for the Latin Billboard Awards. How do you say #Fail in Spanish?

Rafael Amaya: Mexican actor/singer/model (he's the TRIFECTA!) Rafael Amaya, wore this gray suit with a white unbuttoned shirt, brown belt...and that perfect Crest White Strips smile of his. While no one can deny that he is a total CUTIE (!), this look is a bit too casual. Put on a tie and add a pocket scarf and then we can LIKEY-LIKEY!

Coreon Du: Angolan singer/creative director/producer/entrepreneur wore this printed suit inspired by his native Angola and the fabulous fabrics from that continent. I LOVE that print--the bold red and flamingo-like images are super-fab! And the suit fits very well; I am sure it was custom. But what I din't necessary like was the choice of footwear and shirt. That suit should be THE STAR; don't wear anything else to fight with it.

Jonathan Moly: Venezuelan singer--and son of former Miss Venezuela Ines Maria Calero--wore this look and it was not cute. I like the bright red jacket and black pants but...the gray/silver tie is a bit "mafioso"-tacky and the fact that he didn't even tuck in his shirt: Ayyyyy Dios Mio!

Finally...REALLY NO:
Los Really BAD: I have no idea who these three men are but...I don't even care. These are THREE Red (or White) Carpet Fashion Crimes: Hammer-Time Meets Michael Jackson meets Tropical Hip Hop Bad Meets Croq skin Moto jacket-and-hat D-bag.
A) Please don't dress like this again; 
B) Please don't put your hand near your crotch, and 
C) No gold tassel epaulets on any jacket are acceptable except if you are in a marching band in Pasadena's Rose Parade.

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