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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Met Gala 2015: Fan Bingbing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chloe Sevigny

Fan Bingbing in Christopher Bu--Now this is how you GIVE it!!! At the Met Gala 2015. Actress--and Fashion Diva--Fan Bingbing is always known to give 110% when it comes to the red carpet, and tonight's Met Gala was no exception. She wore a gold and copper sequined gown with a multicolored coat. I know the theme was "Asiana-inspired Diva" (or that's what I deem it to be!), but Bingbing is somehow vibing a bit of Nefertiti and Cleopatra with this AMAAAZING coat. 

Sarah Jessica Parker in H & M and Philip Treacy--How do I say this politely? Ummm, no. Now, let me begin: I love me some SJP and I know that she has become known for her fab/over the top Philip Treacy headdresses at the Met Galas but...I do like this headdress style, I'm just not a fan of this H & M one shoulder gown. The dress seems like something a fashion school student would have created. No offense to the fashion school student; more of diss on the H & M design team. Oh, and should I even discuss the ripply seams??? Maybe not.

Chloe Sevigny in J W Anderson--I kinda love this strapless look on Chloe. She's very 1920s/1930's-Indiana-Jones-Lady-Friend in this ensemble. 

Georgia May Jagger in Gucci--OK, first of all, I do like this dress--it's very Chinoiserie Chic and therefore fits the bill for the theme of the night. I also appreciate the strappy shoe design that is also inspired by traditional Chinese flats. I just wish she would put on a smile. You're the trust funder model daughter of Rock Legend Mick Jagger and Fashion Icon Jerry Hall, you should smile darling.

Karolina Kurkova in Tommy Hilfiger--I think this is a Met Gala Red Carpet No! I get that it's Karolia Kurkova and she's got LEGS that go on for DAYS!!!! And I do LOVE those shoes! (Sooooo Fab!), but...this Tommy Hilfilger (we all know HE didn't really design this...PUHLEEASE!), makes her look like she works at the bar of a Las Vegas Casino. I know that sounds harsh but seriously!!??

Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi--I'm kinda loving this look on Zendaya. It's very "Versace Vintage circa 1992". For that alone, I'm giving both Zendaya and designer Fausto Puglisi points!

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