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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Met Gala 2015 Red Carpet: MADONNA and Katy Perry

 Spray Painted Queens: Katy Perry and Madonna--both in Moschino by Jeremy Scott, at the 2015 Met Gala

Last night at the 2015 Met Gala, two Music Divas wore Moschino: Madonna and Katy Perry. One was Custom and the other, from the Moschino Fall 2015 runway show. Let's begin with Madonna...
Madonna wore a black silk satin gown with the words Rebel Heart "spray painted" throughout the gown and attached cape. Leave it to Madonna to promote her album "Rebel Heart" at the Met Gala red carpet. I thought it was very "Macy Gray" of her. Remember this:

 Macy Gray's shameless (and tacky-licious!) self-promoting dress at the 2001 VMA's--I think Madonna's 2015 version was a bit, shall we say, Couture and better executed. #JustSaying

Cutie date: Madonna attended last night's Met Gala with her "Rebel Heart" producer, Diplo, who looked very dapper I might add.

Now, time to discuss Katy's look:
Katy Perry wore a strapless mermaid-shaped gown from Moschino Fall 2015 collection, as seen on the right, modeled by Model Superstar Gigi Hadid. Katy accessorized the spray-painted like 80's-inspired creation with a purse modeled after guessed it, spray can. Not sure what this had to do with the Met Gala's Asiana theme but oh well.

Katy's date was Moschino Creative Director/Designer Jeremy Scott (second from left)--Met Gala 2015

Bow and Kiss The Queen: Jeremy Scott and Madonna--Met Gala 2015

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