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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps: Episode ONE--The Premiere!

Tim, Heidi and the Season 14 designers--Project Runway Season 14, Lifetime

Project Runway is BAAAACK!!! Yes, kids, it's Season 14--Fourteen seasons and over 10 years later and "Project Runway" is still going strong. And I am happy to also be back...RECAPPING the episodes for Lifetime Network and the website and "Project Runway Blog". I'm honored to have been doing it for EVERY SEASON since mine (Season 2) of course! This new season brings 16 designers, lots of drama, crying and oh, I almost forgot...FASHION!

Emmy-award nominated hosts, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn--Project Runway Season 14, Lifetime

In the Premiere episode, the designers met up with Tim and Heidi at Madison Square Garden where they were introduced to their first challenge: create a look that best shows who they are as a designer, in one day...
Here are "bullet points" on the Highlights and Lowlights of the Premiere Episode:
No, this is NOT my original FIDM tool box, in case you're asking ;)

* THREE of the designers DID NOT bring their tool boxes!! WHAT THE H%#@ !!!??? I cannot  for the life of me understand this. Other than: AMATEUR HOUR! They all had some useless excuses which didn't help.
* It's only the first challenge and there was crying (Ashley Nell Tipton) 
* A designer who has applied EVERY SEASON on the show and has not gotten in...until now (Edmond Newton)
* An obnoxious "Chatty Cathy" designer who would not stop talking and/or singing (Merline Labissiere)
* Fresh out of school young designer who thinks he is "FABULOUS!". Can't wait for Nina to tell him otherwise. Oh wait, I think she did! (Blake Patterson)
* Hoop earring-loving designer from BAHSTON. Wow! Those are some serious Hoop Earrings!! (Kelly Dempsey)
* Fresh out of school designer from New Zealand who tried and failed at Grecian Goddess draping (not so easy kids!).

The Best
Merline Labissiere--modern, chic...outstanding. Merline was made out to look like an obnoxious Chatty Cathy in this first episode, but she ended up creating one of the best looks

Ashley Nell Tipton--LOVED this look, and so did the judges. I liked it's playful elegance, she utilized the FAB print to all its exuberance, and the combo of the paper-bag waisted box pleated skirt with modern cut-out top was perfect; it was the clear winner.

The Oh Dear!
Lindsey Creel--I cannot, for the life of me, understand why you would make a look straight off of the Nasty Gal website...available for $29.99 ??!! It's cute but any girl can find 10,000 variations of this at any store. Isn't "Project Runway" a DESIGN COMPETITION??!! Give me something!

Blake Patterson--Can anyone say Parachute Circus?? The actual dress is not that bad; but it was definitely the wrong fabric for this design.

Hanmiao Yang--Tablecloth, bed sheet, no shape, wrong fabric. I get what she was going for--maybe a little bit of Prada Vintage Grandma Chic didn't work. It was more Grandma than Chic.

Duncan Chambers-Watson--Fresh out of school designer and a native of  New Zealand, Duncan, tried and failed at Grecian Goddess draping. I think he said his forte is menswear (obviously) and I assume that this was his first attempt at draping. It didn't work. people think it's soooo easy to create a Grecian goddess gown and to drape correctly. Not so mucheey...

Here's my RECAP of last week's Premiere Episode of Season 14 "Project Runway"--Hope you enjoy and make sure to leave me your comments on the Lifetime website...
"Let the Fashion Games Begin"
"Project Runway" is BACK! Yes, for the eleventh straight year Heidi, Tim and Nina return again for Season 14; and I’m happy to also be back, here on, to recap the episodes for another season. In this premiere episode, Emmy-nominated hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum assure us that there will be a lot of drama, tears and fashion that “inspires us, excites us and scares us," and oh, Tim will drop the “F-Bomb.” Ready for another season? I am. Let the "Project Runway "Season 14 Fashion Games begin…
Sixteen aspiring designers show up to Madison Square Garden for their first challenge. The Season 14 designers are a diverse crew; consider it a "Project Runway" Benetton ad for 2015. They include Duncan, a fresh-out-of-school 24-year-old from New Zealand; Kelly, a hoop earring-loving Boston gal; Mumbai India-based designer Swaphil; Ashley, a self-described “fun, funky and fat” San Diegan; David, a swarthy-sounding Italian residing in NYC; Hanmiao, originally from China but living blocks away from Madison Square Garden; Savannah Georgia-based Merline, a former architect of Haitian descent; Amanda Perna who got into Season 9 but did not make the “first draft pick” cut; Blake, who thinks of himself as “fabulous”; and Edmond, who has applied to “Project Runway” since THE VERY FIRST SEASON and now, finally made it.
Tim and Heidi await them to introduce the challenge: one day to create a look that shows who they are as a designer. There are swaths of Mood fabrics, scattered throughout the arena. The designers have three minutes to shop, yank and grab--up to four different textiles--to then bring back to the workroom. Post fabric grab session, it’s time to haul the designers back in the vans...

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